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6 Funny Songs for Moms

VirginiaLynne is a mother of five. She writes about parenting, crafts, games for children, family fun, and Christian ministry ideas.

Make Mom Laugh!

Looking for a way to cheer up your mom? Maybe you want to give her a laugh for mother's day or her birthday. Show her a few of the videos below. You are sure to have a great time together.

Believe me, I know. I have five kids. Like most women, I thought I had it all together before motherhood. However, that myth was busted the first time I left my house with my baby and a diaper bag without any diapers or bottle! Even though it can be the most rewarding job I've ever had, being a mom is also the toughest. Maybe that is why my friends and I love to tell stories of our wildest mom moments and disasters. Below are some of our favorite songs, including a couple I've written myself.


(sung to Supercalifrajalisticexpialadocious)

by VirginiaLynne

I’ve cleaned the floor,
And made the beds,
I’ve done the dishes too.
A dinner’s in the crockpot,
Cause tonight we’re having stew.
My teeth are brushed,
My hair is combed,
My makeup is in place.
My shoes and purse co-ordinate
I’m ready for the race.

Oh, Supermom's a goal of mine all through it is precocious,
And I know the sound of it is something quite ferocious,
If you say it loud enough it always can engross us,
Supermom's a goal of mine although it is atrocious!

bridge: Oh, I've-got-ta-be-one, I've-got-ta-be-one, I've-got-ta-be-one, I've-got-ta-be-one

Verse 2

My bathroom is immaculate,
The floors and counters shine.
Look into my cupboards,
You’ll see nothing out of line.
My furniture is dusted,
My windows are all clean.
They're coming to take pictures
For Magnolia Magazine.

(chorus and bridge)

Verse 3

My children all get A’s in school,
They are the teacher’s pets.
At home, they are so quiet,
I’ve not raised my voice yet,
I’m all the moms you’ve never known,
But always have admired.
You’ve watched me from a distance now,
And hope to get inspired!

(chorus and bridge)

Verse 4

I’m supermom, I’m supermom,
Don’t you wish you were too?
My kids don’t argue, don’t get sick,
No throw-up, blood, or goo.
Thank goodness they are plastic,
Or I don’t know what I’d do.
Just call this toll-free number,
And you can have some too!

Some moments make it all worth it!

Some moments make it all worth it!

Updated Motherhood Song

I love the way Anita Renfro incorporates all of the things we were told motherhood would be like in her parody rap, adding in all of the T.V. images of moms we knew growing up.

Bohemian Rhapsody Parody

I found this wonderful parody of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. The lyrics are posted on the YouTube website. Great video production too!

Go Fish Guys

I've seen the Go Fish Guys in concert four times and love the fact that they appreciate mothers and write kids songs that I actually enjoy listening to in my car. However, I can't play this song too often because the lyrics go through my head all day. The one that revolves around the most, "the boss, the driver, the ultimate survivor!" and "if you work all day yet never get paid... you're a mom!"

A Mother's Invisible Work

I call what mom's do "invisible work" because if you do it, people don't see it. The dishes are put away; the laundry isn't in the basket; there isn't dirt on the floor; the kids are quietly playing. However, if you don't do the work, that's when people notice!

My Retreat

This song idea came to me one day after hearing my kids yelling for me while I was secluded in that very private place, the bathroom. I have to admit that sometimes I DO hide in there. When the Charmin toilet paper company had a contest, I considered altering the lyrics to include Charmin and submitting it as a video, but I wasn't sure it suited my dignity as a professor of English.

I Am the Mother of 5 Children

(the tune of this one is sort of like that old song "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, here I am at Camp Granada)


I am the mother,
Of five children.
Where they are now,
I am not certain.

I am hiding,
In the bathroom.
And I don’t think I am coming out
Too very soon.

Verse 1

I have snacks here,
M & Ms and Cheetos.
And I grabbed the very last bag
Of Doritos.

I have sodas,
A coffee maker,
a microwave,

and refrigerator.


Verse 2

I have my laptop
Makeup and comb.
Bible, Scrapbook tote,
And my iPhone.

I am relaxing,
It’s very quiet.
I may just take a nap
You ought to try it.


Verse 3

I think I hear them.
Calling to me
Calling “Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom?

But I have earplugs,
I think I’ll use them,
And so I will avoid their

Ending Chorus
I am the mother,
Of five children.
Where they are now,
I am quite certain.

So I am hiding,
In the bathroom,
And I don’t think I am coming out
Too very soon.

Take a picture, quick!

Take a picture, quick!

The Challenge of a Lifetime

Really, in spite of my tendency to hide in the bathroom sometimes (where the kids really do try to find me by "echo-locution" as my husband says--yelling, "mom....Mom....MOM....MOMOMOM"). I love this job, and I'm very proud of all five of my kids. In fact, nothing in any career is more exciting or frightening than being a mother. Although in my professional life, I've been a teacher, written grants, given speeches and published papers, nothing compares to the challenge of motherhood.

In what other job can you be answering, "Why does that person have purple hair?" to one person, while discussing "Does God let animals into heaven?" with another. Then stop everything (including the dinner you were cooking while you were talking) to run into the living room to clean up the various bodily fluids that did not end up where they were supposed to go. Crazy, fabulous, exhausting, and all-consuming. That's motherhood.

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