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Decorating the Redneck Way: Decoration Ideas


Some days we all need a little help with decorating.

Some days the mess is enough to overwhelm anyone.

Some days the mess is enough to overwhelm anyone.

I needed an idea...

I was informed recently by my mother, mljdgulley, that it was time to get back into the saddle again and publish something with a bit of humor. If I was lacking in ideas, I was to go back and read a few of my previous clean humor hubs. (I'm not sure there was much that was clean with a few of them.) There is nothing like being scolded by your mother for not obeying orders. I needed a topic and fast. I swung over to read Mom's hub “Company's Coming! What to do?”

My phone rings! It's my mother...Busted!

She was calling to let me know that she had been featured in another hubbers hub, “Cleaning for Company” by Brett Winn. Awesome! Now I am shooting over to read that hub for some inspiration. Humor is not kicking in, followed by a lack of topics. I am in need of some serious help here. We chat a bit more, before Mom hints that she wants me to “proof” her next upcoming hub. (My grammar sucks, so I don't see how I can be of any help, but I will give it my best shot.) Before long, we hang up and I am still hung up as to what to write. Then I see this weeks inspiration topic...Easy Home Improvement Ideas.

I had a few ideas that came to mind after reading these cleaning hubs.

The cockroach that wouldn't die.

Mice have moved in and the cat won't kill them.

Redneck Remodeling?...Now, that may have some potential.

Big Nam tried to remodel his ceiling fan one night with a pistol. Na, that won't work. Let's see?...

This is going to call for some re-enforcements of coffee and sunflower seeds. Hopefully, my chair can handle the four hundred pounds of bulk I will be putting on to write this. Meatloaf is wailing in the background. A slight distraction, but inspirational anyway. Time to get to work here. No more loafing...

Let's begin with five fabulous ideas for home decorating ideas.

Since I am part redneck, this is an easy one, but I wandered over to my sister, Pie's house, for a few extra added touches. She is a better home decorator than I am. Maybe between the two of us, we can come up with some ideas.

Everyone needs some type of dead animal display

You wouldn't be a redneck if you didn't flash a set of horns on your BBQ.

You wouldn't be a redneck if you didn't flash a set of horns on your BBQ.

Number one: Dead animal displays

Anyone who is part Redneck, is partial to dead animal displays. These trophies are pride and joys of those that have partaken in the many adventures of honing their hunting skills. Pride fills the chest as the trophy is show cased behind glass walls, or hung from hooks, to stare at you as you cross the room.

Not much of a hunter? That is ok, next time you are out hunting, look for any skulls lying around. With a little cleaning and clear paint, they will fit in nicely into your home décor.

A Beer Can Curtain

Ever have a neighbor that loves to look into your windows? Just create a lovely beer can curtain to block their view. Trust me, it will a blinding experience for them.

Ever have a neighbor that loves to look into your windows? Just create a lovely beer can curtain to block their view. Trust me, it will a blinding experience for them.

No shortage here to recycle for your next home improvement

Recycling beer cans into art is becoming a new fad. They can be used to make curtains or ornaments.

Recycling beer cans into art is becoming a new fad. They can be used to make curtains or ornaments.

Number two: A beer can curtain

Do you know how many cans it can take to fill a window, so the neighbor next door can't see in? According to my sister, it took thirty-three cans to fill her kitchen window halfway up. She said the added advantage was that when the noisy neighbor looked out her window to snoop, she was blinded by the array of shiny aluminum.

The beer cans can also be used to make Christmas trees, wind chimes or any kind of decorative ornament. It is all in the hands of your imagination. (If you aren't a beer drinker, just chug a few of your favorite canned beverage.)

Never have to look for your poles again!

Old fishing poles can be used as a form of wall art. Simply hang them from a bamboo pole and fishing line.

Old fishing poles can be used as a form of wall art. Simply hang them from a bamboo pole and fishing line.

Number three: Wall art with fishing poles and hooks

Do you have a large mass of fishing poles growing in the garage? Turn them into wall art by hanging them from fishing line and a bamboo pole hung from the wall. The fishing hooks can be used as an added display, and you never have to worry about nipping a finger next time you dig through the tackle box to find your prized possession.

It is amazing what a little imagination can create.

My sisters, Pie, Bean, and I used Big Nam's fishing gear to decorate his walls of his home. This way he could find his tackle, and still have the place look nice.

My sister, Pie, used a bamboo pole that was secured to the wall. From it she measured out so many feet of fishing line. To secure the fishing poles to the line, she used Big Names large fishing hooks.

Note to self: Use caution when taking down the wall art. The hooks are sharp and the poles unfriendly when falling.

Big Nam's Fishing Hook Wall Art

These are simple ways to show off your tackle and keep from losing the little suckers.

These are simple ways to show off your tackle and keep from losing the little suckers.


Redneck book shelf

These shelves are simple to make with a little leftover wood.

These shelves are simple to make with a little leftover wood.

Number four: Cram as much stuff as you can into one room to make use of the space

For some reason, there are members of my family that need to horde. It may be due to a chemical imbalance, or just plain laziness. I'm not sure which at the moment. I once was hit with this sickness, but after a few unwelcome roommates, I quickly curbed the appetite for certain types of clutter.

(My first photo is a perfect example of a horde clutter.)

Not all Rednecks live in an unclean environment. Mostly it is clutter that is looking to be recycled. Which leads me to number five...

Anything can become a shelf for displaying your items.

A speaker is used to display a collection of beer.

A speaker is used to display a collection of beer.

The many uses of recycling

Milk crates and wood make cheap shelves.

Milk crates and wood make cheap shelves.

Here is an old TV that was turned into a unit for storing toys and Legos.

Here is an old TV that was turned into a unit for storing toys and Legos.

Number five: Recycle, recycle, recycle.

It doesn't matter if it is the collection of beer cans in the yard, or van seats from that favorite vehicle, there are plenty of ways to recycle old stuff to look good. Beer cans can become interesting shelf displays. A van seat can become the new gamers chair. (Just remember that certain weight restrictions hinder one's ability to get up.) Old boards can become that new shelf you needed in the kitchen.

The beer cans (in the picture) on the shelf hold a story of their own. My sister told me that it was a hunting promotional item that beer drinkers could try to obtain. There was one orange beer can per so many cases of beer. The lucky finder of the beer can also received a wall mount as a trophy. What a way to promote hunting season. I bet the Redneck were cheering! I could only imagine how much beer had to be drank to collect this many cans.

Every Redneck house has at least one shelf built out of cinder blocks, 2x4's, milk crates, or plywood. These are handy for displaying books, movies, knickknacks, or what ever else suites their fancy. My sisters, along with myself, have made shelves out of any thing on hand to serve our needs-from a dresser, entertainment center, to a book shelf- it didn't take much of a talent to do it. If you could stack it, it could work. (Pie even turned an old TV into a Lego/toy storage unit for her son.)

In need of a bed? Just dig up a couple of cinder blocks or grab some milk crates. Line them along the floor in shape of a bed frame. (If using both cinder blocks and milk crates, use the cinder block for the inside of the frame. This will give the bed a firm support. Line the milk crates outside the frame, turning them on their sides to where you can use the opening for storage.) Lay a piece of plywood across the blocks or crates, then add the mattress. In no time flat, you have a bed. The storage underneath could be used for clothes, book, or beer.

Creative Redneck Child's Room

In the photo below, my sister created a space for her son with old items on hand. She removed the bottom bunk and re-enforced the legs. She then added a lounge chair, TV on a rolling stand, and shelves next to it. This gave him a secluded feeling and space in which he could play his games. If his sister came to bug him, he would hand up a sheet to create a closed fort.

A quiet space

This is my nephew's war room that his mother helped him to create under his bed.

This is my nephew's war room that his mother helped him to create under his bed.

Need more room?

With just a little creativity, anything can be turned into something useful. Most of the time, the items are on hand. Next time you are out in your garage, take a look around to see what you could create to use to decorate.

With just a little creativity, anything can be turned into something useful. Most of the time, the items are on hand. Next time you are out in your garage, take a look around to see what you could create to use to decorate.

Storage units help to declutter and organize, they don't have to be expensive to do it.

An unorganized crafting room can become a kill zone if items aren't properly stored. Anyone who has had a sewing needle jammed between their toes, knows what I am talking about. Ever tripped on a pair of knitting needles? Those are no fun either. Yarn loves to wind its way around the toes, ankles, or any other unsuspecting body part until the victim is so tied up, injury is bound to happen. So how does one organize their craft room without braking the bank?

Boxes! Yep, go to the local liquor store. Ask for boxes that have dividers in it. Grab a variety of them. Now you can store your skeins of yarn, knitting needles, and croquet hooks in them.

They can be mounted on the wall, or stacked together. Poke holes in the ones with lids, and pull the yarn out the hole. Now the crafter can knit without being tangled up. Sewing pins and needles can be stored in mint cans. Wine racks and trash cans can be used to store fabric. Before long, the room is back in order...without any fatalities.

Just look around, get creative, and see what old items you could turn into a treasure many will adore.

How are your decorating skills?


Tammy (author) on March 02, 2012:

Thanks jstnadvntr, I also have another hub that gives more tips to decorate, organize, and declutter your home the Redneck way. If you are needing additional ideas to be obnoxious and to annoy your neighbor, let me know. My sis Pie has some interesting tips she uses. Thanks again!

Jstnadvntr on March 02, 2012:

Good hub. A friend and myself are planning a Redneck murder mystery dinner and this has some helpful information for our party! We are so excited and can't wait to be utterly obnoxious! Thanks for the post!

Tammy (author) on March 01, 2012:

Thanks James, I had a blast writing this with the help of my sisters and mother. Since they have joined HP, they are keeping me busy helping them and swapping ideas. My sister Pie was the one that showed me how to do the beer can curtains, along with the kiddy war room. I will have to pass your comment along to them. Thanks again, and sorry it took so long to get back to you.

James A Watkins from Chicago on February 24, 2012:

Hilarious! I love your sense of humor. The Beer Can Display kind of reminds me of a country version of modern pop art. Sort of Jeff Foxworthy meets Andy Warhol.

I dig your nephew's war room. Now that's class! :-)

Thank you for the pleasure and the laughs. This Hub is great!

Tammy (author) on February 20, 2012:

Thanks Teaches, I can't take all the credit here. My siblings had a hand in giving me some terrific ideas. I bet the soda can tables were an interesting conversation piece. My youngest sister, Pie, is always coming up with unique "Redneck" ideas to decorate her place. I never know what she will come up with next...LOL!

Dianna Mendez on February 16, 2012:

I had a good chuckle reading through your hub. When my husband and I were first married we used soda cans to make end tables. It worked well and they were great conversation pieces. I love your bed create idea and I believe it can actually work well. Voted up!

Tammy (author) on January 31, 2012:

Thanks Brett, I am glad to have brightened your day and thanks for passing on the laughs.

Brett C from Asia on January 31, 2012:

Very entertaining, definitely SHARING this to brighten up the day of a few followers and maybe give them some ideas lol

Tammy (author) on January 25, 2012:

Thanks Homesteadpatch, Sorry to took so long to respond. I think bamboo fishing poles make wonderful additions to home decorating. I have a few hanging up too! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)

homesteadpatch from Michigan on January 23, 2012:

We have old bamboo fishing poles on display above our curtain rods. Good stuff!

Tammy (author) on January 23, 2012:

Thanks Tams, I would love to read it if you ever write it. Let me know!

Thanks Becky, That is how my sister is. She is always finding ways to re-use boxes, milk crates, and plastic jugs. Some of her ideas were pretty handy. I have done the milk jug one before, for the cloths pins, and forgot to put holes in the bottom. It doesn't take long for the pins to fall apart. I think everyone one has a streak of redneck in them. Some just enjoy admitting it! :)

Thanks Dolores, LOL!! That is hilarious! We are always recycling things through the family. Then the stories begin on who had it first and why it was passed. The beer can curtain has been priceless. My sister still can't believe what a hit it is.

Dolores Monet from East Coast, United States on January 23, 2012:

I burst out laughing when I opened this hub. My husband came to see what I was laughing at and said, "that's not our basement is it?"

My one son had a fishing rod hung up on his wall. When my brother-in-law saw it, he said, "I have one just like that." My son said, "it is yours." Well not exactly. My son stole the fishing pole from my brother-in-law. It had belonged to my father and my b-i-l kept it in a shed, not honoring it. So I told my son to liberate the pole. My brother-in-law laughed. Still don't know if he thought my son was joking.

I love the beer can curtains.

Becky Katz from Hereford, AZ on January 23, 2012:

I actually loved my bed frame made from the milk crates. I put my yarn and material in them. The knitting needles were in plastic laundry detergent bottles with the top cut out leaving the handle.

I made a decorated one of these for my clothes pins. Don't forget to jab holes in the bottom of this clothes pin carrier with an ice pick, for when you forget and leave it on the line when it rains. The clothespins don't do well when they sit in the water for a couple of days and the holes in the bottom help drain them.

Now I am showing how redneck I am.

Tams R from Missouri on January 22, 2012:

No, sadly I do not have a picture. It would be hilarious to write about it though. tissue taken, thanks

Tammy (author) on January 22, 2012:

*Passes the tissues for the tears* Thanks Tams! I agree, I wish there was a hystarical button too. Hmm, I will have to pass that idea off to my sister. Did you ever get a picture? That would be a great hub to write about. How to make a beer can curtain! LOL! Thanks again for stopping by.

Tams R from Missouri on January 22, 2012:

Omygoodness! I can't stop laughing. I wish there were a hysterical button on HP. I actually knew a person who had a beer can curtain between 2 rooms. Great hub for humor and useful too.

Tammy (author) on January 21, 2012:

Thanks Sholland, I am not that much of a Redneck either, but have plenty of family to help me out with ideas. I bet a Bud curtain would be pretty colorful too. I think every man cave needs at least one or two Redneck items. Brings out the manly side...LOL! I am grateful that I could brighten your day. Let me know how the decorating goes. :)

Thanks Sis, I couldn't have done this one without ya! I never thought about the smell from the cans. Glad to know that. Somewhere I think I have a hub on ways a Redneck annoys the neighbor. If not, it may be under a Big Nam series. I will have to dig around and post it with these. At least you had a spare room for the spill over. It could have carried over into the yard like some we know. Now it is your turn to post the Redneck Remodeling...Hint! Hint!

phankinson from middle of nowhere on January 20, 2012:

Just a tip for your decorating with cans of any kind, Remember to rinse them out first, after a couple of days it starts smelling like a distillery(bad spelling).. BTW big sis, after you took that pic of my curtain I noticed later the neighbors finally put up their own curtain, but it's lace... LOL new hub "red-neck ways to piss off the neighbors" also a side note.. the first pic stemmed from companys coming and i didn't know what to do with spillover from cleaning projects i started...

Susan Holland from Southwest Missouri on January 20, 2012:

Tipoague, this is great!! I have some Redneck in me, but I have never decorated like this... Thanks for the tips! LOL Now, my husband has a shop that he has a few of these decorations in, but he is Budweiser guy, not Keystone. LOL I think I have inspiration for decorating his Man Cave even more. I just can't stop laughing!! Voted up and across, except beautiful... sorry, I'm not THAT Redneck!! ;-)

Tammy (author) on January 20, 2012:

Thanks Nell,

I am glad I could brighten your day with a laugh. I am currently working on making myself sick with pop to make a Pepsi display. We will see how it turns out. Thanks again!

Nell Rose from England on January 19, 2012:

Hi, you do make me laugh! ha ha! love the beer cans, never knew they could be so versatile, better get drinking!

Tammy (author) on January 19, 2012:

Thanks Marie, I bet that will make for a colorful curtain. Too bad the bottles didn't work. That sounded like such a great idea.

Marie Gail Stratford from Kansas City, MO on January 19, 2012:

Sadly, bottles don't work as well as a curtain as cans do, but I think I have enough grape soda cans to try again.

Tammy (author) on January 19, 2012:

Thanks Millionaire, I am dreading cleaning and re-organizing my downstairs room. It looks like a tornado hit it. I think everyone in my family has at least one room that looks like the first picture. We call it our catch all room. Mine sure catches a lot of stuff. Thanks again for the comment. :)

Tammy (author) on January 19, 2012:

Thanks Veronica, The wine bottles sound like a fabulous idea. I will have to pass that one on to my son. He loves to collect bottles. I have glad you liked it! :)

Shasta Matova from USA on January 19, 2012:

Lots of great ideas - I especially like the TV stand turned bookshelf. I like how you use wine racks, liquor stores, and beer cans to their full advantage. I was going to be offended by the first picture, but then I remembered that my sewing room didn't have that color wall, the last time I saw it.

Veronica Roberts from Ohio, USA on January 19, 2012:

This is hilarious. I especially like the beer can curtain. That may just go with my Italian décor. ;) Maybe I could use wine bottles! hehe

Funny and interesting for sure! (Voted up, useful, funny, and interesting)

Tammy (author) on January 19, 2012:

Thanks Movie!

If you aren't into the beer drinking thing, pop cans work great too. I am glad you liked it! :)

Movie Master from United Kingdom on January 19, 2012:

A beer can curtain, now that's classy!! just need to drink a few beers first....

Loved the hub and voting up!

Tammy (author) on January 19, 2012:

I nearly forgot...

Wild Bill= my father-in-law

Mrs. Bill= my mother-in-law

Uncle Chuck= my mom's uncle

Auntie M= my mom's aunt and wife to Uncle Chuck

Occationally we will call my little bro Tae after a character he use to play.

Tammy (author) on January 19, 2012:

Thanks Cardisa,

Yes, Pie is my sister. She is the baby of us fabulous five Mom writes about. I have been trying for months to get her to post her writing, but she is still a little shy. My daughter and niece are also on here, but they are not as active as my mom and I. We decided that we would use our nicknames for each other when talking about one another. It gets a bit confusing for our readers, but we have fun all the same.

So, to clear a bit of confusion, here is the list of names we use. (I am the oldest of the clan, so I will list us in birth order.)

Big Nam= my dad

mjldgulley354= my mom

gabbyone/tlpoague= me

Rooster= my oldest brother

Bean/Beaner= my middle sister

Little Man= my youngest brother

Pie/Pie Face/phankinson= my little sis

Mr. P= my hubby

Myty= my son (I don't use his name often. Usually it is just my son...LOL!)

Pokey/bmxchick= my daughter

There are 11 grandchildren at the moment, so we are still working on a few nicknames for them. Along with all the spouses. (I had to log all these in a notebook so I could remember them all.)

There it is...Big Nam's Clan...and Mom's!

Thanks again my new sis! :)

Carolee Samuda from Jamaica on January 19, 2012:

Gabby, you didn't tell me your sister was here on HP too. How could you not tell me. I see a comment about stacking bear cans and falling and then you say thanks to Pie. Is that your sister?

Tammy (author) on January 19, 2012:

Thanks Susan, My family had a great time pitching in their redneck decorating tips. I still have a few more to add, but am currently working on getting pictures to go with it. Here's to a fun and cheerful day!

Susan Zutautas from Ontario, Canada on January 19, 2012:

Wow, This was fun! I love the beer can curtain idea. I think I have enough can saved to do a few windows :) I'm off to read cleaning the redneck way.

Up, awesome and of course FUNNY!

Tammy (author) on January 18, 2012:

Terrific! I am glad this could help any bachelors out there looking for decorating tips. I am currently working on a Redneck cleaning hub, and will be adding more tips to this hub as soon as I can find the rest of my pictures. Stay tooned for more!

Jean Bakula from New Jersey on January 18, 2012:

Hi tipoague,

I have a neighbor one house away on our little, one lane road, who has been in a fit of redecorating lately. He let a friend who was going through a nasty divorce stay with him for what was supposed to be 2 wks, and ended up being 2 years! He's so happy to have his house back, he's cleaning up (house looks like your first pic) and now that he's painted and carpeted, he is definitely ready for some of your inspirational art ideas. He loves beer and fishing, so your ideas are just a starting point for his potential abilities...

Tammy (author) on January 18, 2012:

Thanks Cardisa, Even if you don't drink beer, any kind of can will do. My sister was just stacking them till they fell. I couldn't help but laugh. It is amazing how many things one can create out of cans.

Thanks Pie, I still wish I had a picture of that to go with this hub!

Thanks Lesastone, I am glad I could brighten your day with a laugh.

Thanks Always, Your son sounds like my family. I claim to have a bit of Redneck in me, but I'm not as creative when it comes to home decorating like my sisters are. I do enjoy a few trophies though...LOL!

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on January 18, 2012:

This is a fun hub. Reminds me of my son's room filled with mounted Deer heads and Bass fish..The next time i visit, i expect to see a stuffed Bear next to his prized gun collection..A red neck..I 'ain't....Hee

lesastone on January 18, 2012:

Loved the Red Neck décor, put a smile on my face on a bad day.

phankinson from middle of nowhere on January 18, 2012:

I did the beer can curtain to upset my neighbor, we can look out the kitchen window into their kitchen. So one night while drinking beer I started stacking the cans in my window, once they got so high though they started falling.

Carolee Samuda from Jamaica on January 18, 2012:

I like the fish hook idea. We don't drink a lot of beer, but then again our neighbours aren't close. I guess you could also string the cans together to make a hanging curtain. There are so many things to make from the cans.

Tammy (author) on January 17, 2012:

Thanks Cliff, I am still working on the Redneck cleaning one. Hopefully will have it finished soon.

Thanks drbj, I will have to keep the various road kill trophies in mind. It never fails that when I come across one, I don't have my camera handy. I will have to work on that. Thanks again for stopping by!

Thanks Quill, Haha, my brother-in-law has a set mounted under his grill. I will have to remember to ask him how many cans his fish last fish was. Thanks for the laugh! I am glad you liked it.

Rolly A Chabot from Alberta Canada on January 17, 2012:

A true Redneck measures the length of his fish he has just caught with beer cans, most places a 9 canner is a good catch.

Here on the prairies of Alberta Canada a real Redneck has a set of horns mounted on his barbecue.

Great hub and love the pictures...

Blessings and Hugs

drbj and sherry from south Florida on January 17, 2012:

Charming and unique décor. Thank you for these ingenious tips. The only thing missing is a collage of various road kill trophies. Then your redneck redecorating will be perfect. :)

Cliff Mendrez from Philippines on January 17, 2012:

Funny hub! I love the pictures! Looking forward to reading the redneck method of cleaning!

Tammy (author) on January 17, 2012:

Thanks Mom, I had some help from Bean and Pie. I am still digging around for the pictures from Big Nam's place. We took some before and after shots. I can't seem to find the before shots. Oh well...I'll have to hit up the girls.

Thanks Shelly, I have never tried that myself. I am not much of a drinker, but have plenty of family that gave me ideas to use with the left over cans. Some of them were pretty creative.

Thanks Barry! I am glad you liked it.

Thanks Arlene, I have a room downstairs that looks like the first picture, only because both of my children recently moved out and those where their leftovers. I am planning on turning it into my quiet reading and writing room. I love to do my own crafts, so I have a feeling I will have plenty of stuff to clutter it up with.

Thanks Stephhicks, I thought so at first. My dad was a hunter and it would creep me out when he hung his trophies up. I use to think they were watching me. It took awhile to get over the feeling. Sharks and snakes still freak me out though.

Thanks Green, I thought my sister was nuts at first, but after we had them hung up it wasn't so bad. It took us a week to organize our dad's place and him two days to leave his mark. We had hung up all the fishing poles and tackle that he uses on a daily bases.

Thanks Suzzycue, I am glad I could pass along the laughs. It was fun to write!

Thanks Rachelrenae, I will have to ask my sister Pie, her hubby is the one that drank them one day and kept the cans. I never thought about them being used for a Denver Bronco curtain...I will have to pass that along. Thanks!

Thanks K9, Thanks for the hub hug! My sisters are very creative when it comes to Redneck living. Thanks again!

India Arnold from Northern, California on January 17, 2012:

Really fun! I love the beer can collection and fishing pole wall!



rachelrenae from Colorado on January 17, 2012:

I love it! Um, btw, where on earth did you find orange Keystone cans? Every one that I've seen is blue. Can we say hello Denver Bronco curtain?!

Susan Britton from Ontario, Canada on January 17, 2012:

Great hub and you kept up with the redneck theme the whole way through. A good read and a good laugh.

Laura Ross on January 17, 2012:

To FUNNY!! Great ideas using everyday objects. Lures and fishing poles as wall art. I say why not? Great Hub!

Stephanie Marshall from Bend, Oregon on January 17, 2012:

Too funny! Thanks for the laugh. I always thought there was something creepy about taxidermy, BTW... :)

Arlene V. Poma on January 17, 2012:

Hey! I'm in California. That first photograph looks familiar if you substitute spinning and weaving equipment. And the clear plastic boxes of roving needing to be spun. Then the balls of yarn and knitting needles for the time when I finally understand knitting instructions. When's that? Voted up and everything else for bustin' my gut laughing!!!

Barry Rutherford from Queensland Australia on January 17, 2012:

Nice !

Shelly McRae from Phoenix, Arizona on January 17, 2012:

Love the beer can curtain. Have had a few of those myself. Very entertaining hub.

mljdgulley354 on January 17, 2012:

You did well daughter. It was hilarious. Looking forward to more. Love mom

Tammy (author) on January 17, 2012:

Thanks Simone, I had more to add to it, but due to loading issues, I had a hard time upload links, photo, and texts. Hopefully sometime today I can freshen it up. I am still digging around for more pictures to add to it. Glad you liked it!

Simone Haruko Smith from San Francisco on January 17, 2012:

Hahaa, this is awesome! Redneck chic, this! Who woulda thunk that beer cans could make for such fashionable flourishes? Love this. The photos, the tips... love this. Hehehee!

Tammy (author) on January 17, 2012:

Thanks Rebeccamealey,

I was hoping it would come together where everyone would enjoy reading it. I was having problems all night getting HP to load. As I get more pictures to go with the decorating tips, I will continue to add them to this hub.

Thanks Kris,

I shouldn't let my secret out, but I am a fan of dead animals. It hit me one day shopping in a taxidermy shop with my hubby. I seen a few glass cases that had some interesting displays, but the one that caught my eye was a rattlesnake one. I HATE snakes, but this one was nearly hypnotic. The man that created the display was really talented. Everything he "stuffed" looked so real it was amazing. After that, I was hooked!

Kris Heeter from Indiana on January 17, 2012:

Fun hub - I've seen some very similar décor around "my neck of the woods"... dead animal displays can be big around here:)

Rebecca Mealey from Northeastern Georgia, USA on January 17, 2012:

Cute Hub!Very entertaining. Love the van seat for a Gamer's chair!

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