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Which Came First? The Chicken or the Egg? - Funny Kid's Answer

 "Gimme Sugar".  2009 Can be found on

"Gimme Sugar". 2009 Can be found on

Mystery Solved !!

This is my true account of how the age old question got answered. (by my seven year old daughter)

When my children were toddlers we asked them questions to teach and test them.

"What color is the sign?"

"What shape is this?

"What letter is this"?

When my children began elementary school they began to bombard ME with questions. Not easy questions, mind you. Ones I really would have to think about.

"How far is the moon?".

"Why is the sky blue?"

"Why do dogs chase cars?"

"Why is a giraffe's neck long?"

Hey, I've seen Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? and I always thought I was pretty good at it. But, MY KIDS? MY KIDS want to ask me riddles ! Sometimes I was just baffled. What I wouldn't give for a, "Mommy, what is two plus two?"

ALAS! I had a plan. Mommy would out smart them and keep them busy with a riddle. (This really is a great game and allows a parent to see things from child's perspective .) It is also HILARIOUS! Their answers seem to involve everything from fairies to ninjas and reminded me of the CheezIts commercials where kids tell how they think 'they got all that cheese in there'. They had an answer for EVERYTHING.

I must confess, I thought if i gave them something to really think about, I might have a moment of silence. So I asked:

"What came first, the Chicken or the Egg?"

Without one single hint of hesitation, my daughter, Erin said, "The Egg!". Dang, I really thought they would think about this some more. So I prodded and asked, "Why do you think it is the egg?" That is when my child solved the mystery. I will never ponder this thought again without remembering these words.

"Duh, Mommy!" "The eggs are for breakfast and the chicken is for supper!"

I hope that you are smiling!

© 2011 Kelly Pittman

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