Cats and Anarchy

Updated on July 1, 2018

Cats were worshiped by Ancient Egyptians. The reality is their status has not changed. They are put on people's walls on Facebook and other places and held in very high regard. This is where their narcissism starts. Cats are by nature narcissists and anarchists at the exact same time. You try and wean the cat off catnip and it isn't long before he or she goes and finds a new supplier. The cat follows the owner around in an attempt to draw attention to themselves to feed their narcissistic ego of being direct rulers over the Earth. In the mind of the cat, the pet human cleans the litter box, feeds the cat, and makes sure his every need is taken care of while he or she is plotting world domination and anarchy. If the owner starts writing or getting on the computer the cat will therefore sit right in the middle of what he or she is doing declaring its dominance and that the cat thinks he is the number one priority of everyone's lives.

The cat stalks the owner and makes sure that everything is going to his or her plans and the cat plots to take over the world and lets its reign be known. The only thing humans can do is pray and use lasers as a means of distracting the cat from unleashing anarchy onto the world. The cat constantly licks itself in an act of self worship as he or she continues to plan for world domination continue. Sometimes cats live in tribes or colonies of cats and they form gangs and alliances of complete anarchy. They practice their secret ninja moves on dogs using them as targets for their training for dominating the world. They hunt and stay out all night and sleep during the day so that humans are unaware of their plotting.

Cats form street gangs in which they secretly run the streets at night. Often, the cat will just sit there and stare at the pet human waiting for the right time and analyzing how he or she is going to take over the planet. There are celebrity cats like "The Grumpy Cat" that have become even more famous than some movie stars. These cats are ring leaders for other cats to cause anarchy and support their narcissistic self worship. They are being worshiped today the same as they were in the time of the Egyptians. Their goal is to enslave the human race and declare their victory and world dominance. They have a hypnotic purr that calms people and allows them to make their next move so that the human race is constantly trying to please the cat. The cat lays around all day and expects to be petted and if it does not get the attention he or she thinks that they deserve, they will start mewing constantly as a means of training the pet human into direct subordination to their dominance and rule over the planet.

The street gangs that the cats create are very dangerous. One has to be very careful. They stay out all night and hunt rodents in the neighborhood as they collaborate with each other and learn the wisdom of the streets. These thugs are taking over people's neighborhoods. Not even dogs will mess with them. The cats plans for world dominance are getting stronger by the day as they run the streets and take over the lives of the humans. World dominance is on their radar as they pursue celebrity status the same as they did in Ancient Egypt and take over people's towns one by one. Soon, the world will be run by cats.

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