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By Its Cover: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Often called the first Science Fiction novel Frankenstein is a romantic comedy set in the future where humans become enslaved by robot-dog hybrids. The story is at its best when it leans into the exorcism subplot of course.


The Plot

Frankenstein's Monster, otherwise known as heroin, takes up a large portion of the story, as I believe Mary Shelley was driven by her mad obsession with getting heroin. The first 90 pages it seems she was not actually trying to right a story but write a letter to her brother for more heroin. When she realized she still had some and after using it suddenly the letter became a full blown fantasy novel. I do not encourage drug use on my page, but I mean this is considered a classic.

Anyways, The drug fueled plot tends to go a lot of different directions, especially when Marvel superheroes enter the mix. Mostly though I found myself enthralled by the relationship between the doctor, the witch and the wardrobe. *Spoiler alert* The end where you find out you are in the story and suddenly you have to fight your way back out of it was a challenge to get through. Not a challenge to read, but an actual challenge since I learned that if I were to die in the story I would die in real life. So that did consume the 11 years I spent reading this.


As it turned out I had to find the scarab gem of Anubis to escape my prison within the book, which was all the more difficult when I realized that dear Mary herself had possessed the novel and was now hunting me down. Still very much addicted to heroin, the poor girl. Anyways I wont bore you more with all that and say that I believe the themes of the story focused primarily on what happens when we create something that goes beyond the natural world, will it destroy us? I of course am still talking about heroin.

Mary Shelley, mother of science fiction and heroin.

Mary Shelley, mother of science fiction and heroin.

Final thoughts

It has been revealed to me that most of what I wrote in this article was not true and may have been in fact influenced by my love for magic mushrooms and glue. I am thankful to Mary Shelley, my dog and of course lord Satan for informing me of this. Though I do not believe it is worth going back and adjusting my views soberly because looking back is for cowards I will probably add that the heroin thing was unverified. either way Frankenstein is a wonderful read and I would encourage all fans of Sci FI, fantasy and heroin to give it a try. The police are here now so I will end by saying reality is a lie and my face is made of chocolate. Thank you.

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