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10 Great Alternatives to Having Kids


I'm a mother and although I cherish all the precious moments that come with raising my little one, sometimes I want to rip my hair out in frustration. I have many girl friends who don't have kids and they often wonder if they should take the plunge as well.

Before any of you do, consider these 10 alternatives to having kids. It might save you a lot of frustration, and hair, in the future:

(This hub is intended to be *somewhat* humorous. If you're easily offended on the subject of children, please stop reading now!)

1. Get a Cat

Of course, this had to be first on the list. It seems that the automatic thing to do when you've decided not to have children is to get a cat (or a dog, but mostly cats). Before I had my little one I, too, had a cat. Her name was Pussy Poo and I adored her. Cats can really be the solution to feeling loved without a commitment as big as children.

2. Follow Your Career Path

Despite your best efforts, your career will have to be placed on hold while you have kids. Even with all the help of family and friends, your life and career will never be the same again after having kids. It's much easier to climb the career ladder and fulfill your goals when you don't have a little one getting the sneezies before your big meeting.

3. Travel the Globe

Ah, travel is another one of my passions that I so miss. Before having my little one, I globe-trotted around Europe on a shoestring budget. I was even 7 months pregnant when we took a car trip across Europe and ended up staying in Italy for a year. Take it from me, this is not something you want to do with an infant. Take advantage of your singledom and travel the world, wild and free.

4. Create Your Dream Home

Once upon a time, I was a designer, buying luxurious furniture upholstered in impracticable fabrics for wealthy clients. And then I became a mother and everything became slip covered in dark polyester. Beware of designers who tell you that you don't need to design around your children. Most likely, these designers have never had children or yellow poo smeared across their linen. If you don't have children, you can adorn your surfaces with highly fragile ornaments, lots of sharp edges, and silk as far as the eye can see.

5. Have a Fabulous Sex Life

As hard as mothers try, our sex lives will never ever be the same again. If it's not the fatigue or headaches deterring us, it's the outragous hormones that have claimed our sex lives. If you don't have kids, you'll never have to worry about keeping it down during your fits of passion or keeping the top half of your body fully clothed at all times, just in case. And the bedroom? Who needs it! Take advantage of every room in the house.

6. Go Back to School

Think of all the time you can devote to yourself if you don't have kids. One of the best things you can do is go back to school or take a class to learn something new. Maybe you can take a French cooking class at Le Cordon Bleu or learning to paint at the Michelangelo School in Florence. Step out of your comfort zone and try something unexpected.

7. Join a Club

There are many clubs that are available to join with groups of all different interests. allows you to search groups that are closest to you in the world. From social events to language exchanges, there are many clubs to choose from. There is even a group called "It's ok not to have kids".

8. Create a Masterpiece

Have you ever wanted to change the world or create a masterpiece for the world to marvel? Kids are very time consuming and can sometimes challenge your ability to get things done. By not having kids, you'll have all the time in the world to dedicate to your project. It will put you on the map, allowing you to be a master of your craft.

9. Take Up an Extreme Hobby

My parents have suddenly realized that they're empty-nesters and have decided it's time to take part in some extreme hobbies. They bought a Harley Davidson and go white water rafting in their spare time. When you don't have kids to worry about, death is the furthest thing on your mind. Take up an extreme hobby and become the fearless adventurer you've dreamed of being.

10. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister

If you love kids, but just don't want to have any of your own, becoming a big brother or big sister could mean the world to you and a little one who is in need. Becoming a mentor is a big commitment, sometimes just as big as being a parent. You'll need to make sure you can commit, or you'll be letting a lot of people down. Read this checklist to see if you have what it takes to be a big brother or big sister.

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