7 Fictional Animals I Wish I Could Have As A Pet

Updated on August 18, 2019

There has been some pretty cool creatures in movies and video games over the years. How cool would it be if you could take them one home with you IRL? Yes some of the bigger ones would cost a fortune to feed and if you brought home gizmo you would probably break one of the rules but it is fun to dream. Here are 7 creatures that would make awesome pets.


How cute is Gizmo? I love dogs but man;s best friend should be gizmo. It is small and a great pet to have in the house. Plus it doesn't eat much or make a big mess (well until you break one of the rules). The downside is the high maintenance. You cannot feed him after midnight, expose him to sun or get him wet. The last two rules are almost impossible not to break if you live on Earth. The planet is 70% water. Then you have to deal with Gremlins and I am sure that they make terrible pets. On a side note did you know that Gizmo is voiced by Howie Mandel? So I guess you could just take him home instead.


This is the go to mythical animal for many. And you don't have to be an 8 year old girl to like unicorns, unicorns are cool at any age. It is not my thing but if you want to rock a unicorn shirt as a grown man you do you. If you had one as a pet you can leave a trail of rainbows wherever you go and I am pretty sure their tears having healing powers. It's just science.


Imagine flying to work on a pegasus. Not only would you beat traffic but you would look super cool when you showed up to the office. It wouldn't be perfect as you do not have the trunk space and with the wing span it would take at least two parking spots, but still, think of how jealous your co-workers would be. Oh Suzie got a promotion, good for her, but goes she have a flying horse?


This is my number one pick personally. Imagine a Yoshi in real life with a little red saddle. You could ride him anywhere and eat anyone who is giving you attitude (of course you would spit them out after). If I did own one I would treat him well, unlike Mario who hits his head and jumps off of him in order to get a little boost on his jump. There is the problem of your food bill as Yoshi can eat. There is also the question of what colour Yoshi do you get? I will stick with the green.

What Colour Yoshi Is Your Favourite?

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I want to ride a chocobo and have that music playing in the background. If you ever rode a chocobo in a FF game you know the music I am talking about. It is so upbeat and happy. I know that they cannot fly and they just look like giant chickens you can ride but I have found memories of them. I would want a gold one in real life so I can reach rare materia if I need to. You never know when we might discover materia as a species.


Cut off one head and two grow back. Is this the most important aspect to have in a pet? No. But is it the coolest. Imagine having one of these of your front yard. You would never be robbed or vandalised. You would also never get your mail but it would be worth it. A Hydra would be hard to ride to work and you would need to move to the country to give it room but when it comes to mythical creatures this one is ahead of the game (get it :p)

A Pokemon (Almost Any Of Them)

I don't care it if is squirtle or bulbasaur I just want a pokemon. I will take a legendary bird or even a Magicarp. There is so many to choose from and they would almost all make great pets. Most of them are small so they don't eat much but rare candy has to be very expensive. If I owned one (or several) I would be a much better pet owner than Ash is. Who puts their pet in a ball and makes them battle other pets? Not cool man, not cool.

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