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20 Types of People You Meet in a Bar

Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.

Frequent Visitors at a Bar

There are many types of people who look forward to happy hour so they could catch up on the day's events with their fellow comrades.

There are also types of people who want to wet their whistle and not speak to anyone. There are so many types of drunkards that I decided to compile a list to assist in educating you.

Who knows maybe one day you will meet a person in a bar and say, "Hey, I once read about you in an article!"


Wear Your Badge With Honor

1. The Bar Drunk; Come on now, y'all might not want to admit it, but a drunk is a drunk. This is not an insult, this is a friendly gesture to thank you for the entertaining antics you exhibit during the peak of your beer buzz.

2. The Weeper; Oh my, we have all encountered the bar weeper. When she enters the bar all eyes are quickly averted away from her as we hope she doesn't occupy the bar stool nearest to ours. Yet, she does. First she boozes up. Then come the sob stories. Then the sobs. All the while we are plotting an escape. Which eventually happens as she takes a bathroom break.

3. The Critic; The one dude who thinks he is king of the bar and most other patrons are beneath him. He silently judges others, but since he is in a drunken stupor he's not that silent and his critical comments are heard by many. 'If you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.'

4. The Fixer; The caring one who frequents the pubs and actually thinks that they could help fix the broken patrons. Oh heck, it took them awhile but they finally come to the conclusion that bars are filled with broken people who don't want to be fixed. People just want to consume alcohol and drown their sorrows. So now the fixer just sits back and enjoys the show.

5. The Day Drinker; These folks don't require as much maintenance as the night drinkers. These folks enjoy the quiet bar scene as they sip their alcoholic beverages. They usually exit the bar before dusk and go home to sleep it off. Day drinkers don't like the night time drama.


So Many Drinks So Little Time

6. The Night Drinker; These folks are the rowdy crowds. You know when they are in the house! The later they stay, the more they drink and you just never know what's going to happen next. Night drinkers are rebellious and very entertaining.

7. The Bartender; While serving the patrons of their establishment, the bartenders also observe their surroundings. They are excellent multi-taskers. While preparing a cocktail they are also eavesdropping on the fact that Mr. Brown is having an affair with Mrs. White. Yet this news doesn't shock them, they have heard all types of tales. Have you ever placed yourself in the position of a bartender? If not, try might thank me one day.

8. The Control Freak; They think it's their way or the highway. They seek out something or someone to control. They find enjoyment in making things happen that benefit only themselves. If the situation doesn't go their way they whine and complain. Needless to say a control freak is transparent and eventually their plan backfires and they seek out another pub to achieve their goal.

9. The Social Butterfly; This patron knows everyone and is friends with most of them. Many people come to the bar just to chat with them because they can be trusted. They offer advice and assist in upcoming events. Whiskey might make them a bit frisky, but the social butterfly is your best friend or worst enemy - they don't have a gray area.

10. The Observer; Just give them their darn drinks and let them be. They are there only to observe. Why? Because their life might not be perfect, but after a few hours of observing the happenings at a local pub, their lives become perfect.


The More The Merrier

11. The Sports Fan; No matter the sport, no matter the game the sports fanatic is present to cheer on a team. Their voices bellow through the bar as they express their emotions. They yell at the TV when they are displeased as if the TV is gonna answer them. This fan is accountable for many hilarious moments.

12. The Trivia Nut; You often wonder how they always win and are amazed that they have so much useless knowledge in their brains!

13. The Misfits; These patrons seem out of place but yet they want to belong. They haven't quite figured out how to fit in, so they try harder, but that doesn't always work to their benefit...hence they become a misfit.

14. The Pervs; They are just looking for one thing and they display their behavior so pathetically. One could feel sorry for them, or just sit back and watch the show as yet another character takes the stage.

15. The Servers; Y'all ever put yourself in the servers position? Well, if not I suggest that you do. The more y'all drink the more you lose control of your mouth, manners and bodily functions and the servers are the ones who witness it all. Then you get annoyed at them for cutting you off and don't tip them. Show some courtesy to your servers and tip them well.


Y'all Got This

16. The Ghost; One minute they are there, the next minute they are gone. Ghosts disappear when you least expect. Whether you are in the middle of a conversation or nearing the end, the ghost simply walks away and vanishes. Ghosting isn't intended to be rude, they are just done. Done with drinking, done with the conversation or just done with the bar scene. The ghost's exit is quiet and swift.

17. The Lonely Ones; They just can't handle being single. They have to be in a relationship or else they are miserable. They use dating apps to seek their next mate and just keep on swiping left to right or right to left. If the dating sites don't work out they seek their prey via word of mouth. The needy ones are the talk of the town as they parade around one date after another. If only they were able to find other ways to fill their lonely moments.

18. The Owner; This brings us to the most important person you'll meet in the bar. The owner of a pub has taken on a huge responsibility by opening up his establishment to a bunch of patrons who will without a doubt become intoxicated at some point. This could lead to bar brawls...hire a bouncer, don't expect your staff to break up fights. Treat your staff well and in return they will treat the patrons well. Also smile at your patrons since without them you won't have a successful business.

19. The Non-Drinker; While these folks don't drink, they do like to hang out and watch a game, sing karaoke, play trivia or to eat a meal. They view the drunkards through sober eyes and when prompted they recall the events of the evening much better than the drunkards do. The non-drinkers are an important part of the bar scene since they could assist the tipsy ones, but not all tipsy ones want to be assisted, so proceed with caution.

20. The Entertainer; These folks like to have fun and entertain the patrons. Not all patrons want to be entertained so they exit the building.

The entertainer:

  • Plans events
  • Gets the party started
  • Keeps the party going
  • Motivates patrons to get involved
  • Takes one for the team to show others that they should face their fear

This concludes my list of people you meet in a bar. I'm sure there are many more types of people...feel free to add your people in the comment section below. Thanks!

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