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8 Funny Stories That Will Keep You Laughing All Day

We all need laughter to keep our spirits high and create happy memories. Humor is the best medicine for stress, pressure, and fear. It lifts your spirits when you are feeling low. Humor can also improve your overall mental health by reducing stress and anxiety, improving self-confidence, and strengthening social relationships. Want to have a good time? Then read these 10 funny stories that will keep you laughing all day. They are short, quick reads that will brighten your day and make you see the lighter side of life. Let these stories be your source of laughter and zest for life today!

Irony at its best

The irony is often described as a situation where the result is opposite to what is expected. Funny stories with a dash of irony are sure to make you laugh. When you order a veggie pizza and get ham pizza instead, that is irony! When you meet a friend for dinner, but the restaurant is closed, that is irony! When a couple starts dating because of their great love for the same TV show but then breaks up because of their different taste in the same TV show, that is irony! If you can’t stop laughing after reading these, then the irony is at its best!

The most awkward first date ever

In a world where dating apps are becoming more and more common, it is no surprise that people are having dinner on their first date. After all, you get to learn a lot about the person and the chemistry between you both can be gauged right away. Now, imagine that you and your date are having dinner at your place because you don’t want to go out in public. That would be a little awkward, right? But what if you have a dog in your house and the dog is really hungry and loud? That awkward evening would turn into something funny to laugh about later. Be careful when you date at home and keep your dog well-fed!

This is why you should always check your food

There is a restaurant that serves baked rats instead of baked chicken! Imagine you are eating at a restaurant and after a few bites, you realize that what you are eating is not chicken and not even close to it. How would you feel? You would probably be disgusted by the taste and may even vomit. That is what happened to a group of Chinese diners who wanted to eat chicken, but got baked rats instead! You can never know the quality of food when you eat out and you should always check your food before you eat it. Always!

Haters gonna hate, and gamers gonna game

There is an online gaming community called Twitch, where players stream their games and viewers can watch and comment on them while they are playing. Some people post their games online with a delay so that they can talk to their viewers. There is a famous streamer called ‘Chinafreak’, who likes to interact with his viewers. Once, during a game, he said, “Haters gotta hate, gamers gotta game.” Suddenly, his viewers started to repeat “Haters gotta hate, gamers gotta game” in the chat section of the stream. The repetition became a trend and people started to use it in other places as well.

When you are trying to be environmentally friendly, but…

There was a story about a woman who wanted to be environmentally friendly so she bought reusable menstrual pads. She used them for a few months and they were in good condition, so she washed them and then hung them to dry. The next day, she smelled something bad in her house and she couldn’t figure out where the smell was coming from. She then noticed that the menstrual pads had mildewed overnight and all that mildew was being released into the air! She had to throw them away after that. Be careful when you are trying to be environmentally friendly because you never know what could go wrong!

When the stakes are high, but so is your fear of heights

There is a famous YouTuber who loves to do challenges. One such challenge was to jump off a helicopter and land on a target. However, he is afraid of heights, so he wanted to take anti-depressant drugs to get over his fear. He thought that the drugs would make him so relaxed that he wouldn’t feel the fear of falling. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the way he expected. He was so relaxed that he just sipped his drink and stared at the ground! He didn’t jump and he didn’t land on the target either because he was too relaxed to move! When the stakes are high, you feel fear and you know it, but it is best to face your fear and surmount it.

The struggle is real for cat lovers

Cat lovers are very different from dog lovers. While dog lovers are very affectionate and are great at expressing their love, cat lovers have a special kind of love for cats. They just love cats, but they cannot show it! That is why there is a special sign for cat lovers called the “Cat Lady Sign.” Cat lovers can put up signs to tell others around them that they are cat lovers. However, the sign is very cryptic because it contains a Japanese symbol that means “loner, cat lover.” It is a sign of affection for cats, but it is also a sign of loneliness because cat lovers don’t have anyone to share their love for cats with.

A hilarious conversation between two friends in a coffee shop

Have you ever noticed the poster boards in a coffee shop? The boards are put up by the shop staff so that customers can write anything they want. These boards are the best place to go when you want to kill time and you want to feel relaxed. You can write anything you want and share your thoughts with the world! It is an amazing place where you can be silly, creative, and just be yourself! Now, imagine that two friends are sitting in a coffee shop and they see the board. They start to write whatever comes to their minds and they also share their thoughts. This is one hilarious conversation that you would love to read!


These 8 funny stories will keep you laughing all day. They are short, quick reads that will brighten your day and make you see the lighter side of life. Let these stories be your source of laughter and zest for life today! If you like reading funny stories, then you can also read our other articles that have similar content. Now, go ahead and give these stories a read. You won’t be disappointed!


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