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Editorial Policy

Welcome to LetterPile, the online home to a community of creative writers, readers, and word nerds. Whether you're interested in writing essays, original fiction, inspirational articles, or poetry, this is the place to share your work with like-minded enthusiasts who believe in the power of the pen over the sword. For everyone who wants to discover a new poet, or who is inspired to take a crack at writing themselves, this is your safe haven.

To write for LetterPile, authors must comply with the HubPages editorial policy. In addition to these requirements, we have listed below some recommendations and tips on how to craft high-quality articles for this particular site.

What We Like to See:

  • Original Creative Writing: As a new writer, it’s helpful to rely on your personal experiences and/or sense of imagination when crafting a creative piece. The best creative writing should be original and come from a place of genuine interest or inspiration.
  • Creativity: It’s called creative writing for a reason, after all. Our readers are literature lovers, so fiction and poetry should offer them something original and unique, or blow them out of the water by turning an old tale into something new.
  • Top Notch Grammar and Spelling: Because LetterPile is all about writing, the best articles maintain a high standard as it pertains to grammar and spelling. This is an important signal to readers that they can trust you as a writer.
  • Helpful Formatting: The formatting of your text should enhance readability, not hinder it. This means that for poetry, we recommend not using either bold or italics (and certainly not both!). For short stories, breaking up large blocks of text and using correct dialogue tags is helpful.
  • Original or Properly Sourced Photography or Graphics: As writers, we respect the work of other artists. We strongly encourage using photos that are either original work or properly sourced. “Google Images” or “Pinterest” do not count as sources. To learn more, please review the guide to properly sourcing images.

What to Avoid:

  • Avoid Cliches Like the Plague: Writing is best when it is specific and nuanced. Avoid cliches unless you can offer a unique perspective.
  • Unfriendly Self Promotion: Your creative writing should not serve to lead into another work. This means we don’t want the prologue to your novel followed by an Amazon link. Your reader should be able to get enjoyment from your piece without spending any money. If you have external work that you would like to share, such as a blog or an e-book, these links should go on your profile page.

Here are some examples of articles on LetterPile that we would like to showcase. These articles exhibit the type of high-quality work we wish to see on the site:

A quick note: All of our Network Sites are a blending of professional editing and writers like you.

If you are intrigued by our community and would like to write for LetterPile, we’d love to have you! In order to set up an account to begin writing, please sign up on HubPages. Articles are initially written on our parent platform and then, if they are high enough quality, are moved to one of our Network Sites like LetterPile.