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Finding Your Purpose in Life

Your Dream and Your Purpose

Your Purpose, Your Dream, and Your Goal

How many times did your teachers, relatives, friends and family asked you this question…“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Looking back it seemed our teachers, coaches, parents, and friends all wanted to know what our answer was. No doubt the answer we shared with them was close to our heart. Let’s not forget, back then we were so excited and ready to share why we wanted to be like what we wanted to be (our idols).

The truth is, they had it all, right? I mean, at a young age, who didn’t daydream about being someone with something that is great and reliable…it may be being someone with lots of knowledge, money, screaming fans, and freedom to do anything they want. Truth is, now that we are all grown up, many of us still carry those similar dreams, even if we talk about them a lot less.

May be we don’t want to be famous athlete, a rock star, or an astronaut but we surely wouldn’t mind the life style that comes along with those personas. There was, times when I surveyed my audience (my Facebook fans), asking them a simple question…”What do you hope to achieve by creating your own business?”

Inevitably the answer comes down to the desire to increase freedom and standard of living. Problem is, most people aren’t willing to learn how to achieve this goal. They blame their circumstances, their background “not having enough time or money”.

A man cannot directly choose his circumstances, but he can choose his thoughts, and so indirectly, yet surely, shape his circumstances.” James Allen

Want to change your circumstances? Then change the way you view them. It’s something you will always have 100% control of. Do this, and you are on your way to learning how to influence the direction your life is taking.

But let’s get back to the main point, what is your purpose in life?

I got be honest with you, I am not a psychology or anything like that but I surely know something and that is that your purpose is only decided by you and nobody else.

A lot of people asked me what I wanna to achieve in life.

My answer is to live life freely and to help others live the same kind. Of course, that is if they want ;). But not in such a way that is offensive.

This days, most people’s goal is to be rich, and get fame but they are missing something that is huge and most important. It is….a true vision. If you want to be rich. Then, be so, by doing the right thing. Not by doing some crap and corruptive or offensive things.

Trust me, you will probably reach no-where by doing something that is not good. Instead you will end up in a bad situation. If you chose a path which you call a shortcut. Don’t do it because you may end up going on a long way.

Moreover, make sure to surround yourself with peoples who have good intention and vision. However, if you fail to do this. You will end up on the wrong spot and you don’t want that to happen. Trust me. If you make a million dollars someone close to you right now is ready to trick you and steal it from you. It might be a family member…might be a supposed friend. But one thing you should always note to yourself is that as you rise up you will be misunderstood.

There is a quote that goes like this…. “First they will ignore you, then they will laugh at you, then they will hate you.” And only if you have the strength to preserve, will you get to the final step. That is when they will love you.

They will love you for your strength and for your good heart. However, when you oppose the system that most people have already believes in, you will be called a liar, a fool, a rip-off.

You will see, as you will learn when you rise up, the jealous morons always lurk nearby ready to pick apart any perceived flaw in your success. That is the bad news for what you have to expect in your life. But I have a good news too. The best news is that out of the seemingly forgotten place will come a whole group of amazing people who support your vision for the world and will contribute to your goals.

So, I say all this for one reason. Continue working towards your plan, even when those closest to you betray you or let you down. Don’t be afraid to change.

Change isn’t your enemy. Change is progress. Become a learning machine. Finish what you have started. Do what you learnt. Stop procrastination. Stop being overly fearful.

This way you will surely find your purpose in life! Remember you have to stay active, you need to be open for whatever is coming unto you…and you need to be ready to do the things you wish to do before you actually do them.

© 2017 Biruk-Sew Beriso