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Wonder What She Thinks of Me (A Short Story)


Shola sat up on the bed admiring the man sleeping next to her. She traced her finger across his lips repeatedly which eventually brought a smile to his face as he opened his eyes. “Good morning” she said softly. “It’s morning already?” Lanre asked groggily. “Yeah its 6am”. Lanre shot up from the bed which startled Shola momentarily. “I have to go” Lanre said to her apologetically. “But it’s the weekend” she protested. “You said you were going to take me to see that movie” she pouted.

“I know” he said pleadingly, “but I promised my wife I was going to spend the weekend with her and the kids”. “Hmm” was all Shola said as she continued to pout. Lanre sighed and moved closer to her, “You know what, how about we go see it next weekend hm?” he prodded her until she burst out laughing. “Okay, okay” she conceded.

Sitting back, she watched as he got up to use the bathroom. She still found him as attractive as she had, five months ago when she first laid eyes on him at a mutual friend’s birthday party. Twistedly, finding out he was married only increased her desire to have him and a month of strategic seduction eventually got her what she wanted.

She was brought out of her musings by Lanre’s ringing phone. Checking the caller id, she saw that it was his wife calling. She tossed the phone back on the bedside table amused. Out of curiosity, Shola had looked her up and even followed her on instagram. Bisola . Shola prided herself on being a good judge of character, so she knew with all she had seen and heard of Bisola, that she was a very smart woman. So she was sure Bisola knew her husband was cheating on her, which baffled her.

She was baffled that Bisola took no action at all, least of all confront her husband. “Well if she doesn’t think her husband is worth fighting for, the better for me” Shola shrugged. Apart from being obviously meek, she thought Bisola was a wonderful woman.

She wondered what Bisola thought of her. Scratch that, she knew exactly what Bisola thought of her. She laughed out loud at the thought. She felt a bit guilty, knowing a fine woman like Bisola didn’t deserve being cheated on, but as Lanre came back into the room with just a towel tied around his waist; thoughts of Bisola flew out of her mind.

It was finally Friday, and Shola was excited for her date with Lanre the next day. It had been a stressful week for her at work and she was glad that she would be able to relieve the stress with Lanre. As she tried to focus on the task in front of her, her phone buzzed with a text from Lanre. “Same place tomorrow evening. Can’t wait to see you” She smiled at the “cryptic” message. By the same place, he meant the guesthouse they usually frequented. She continued to smile stupidly at the phone until her boss’s footsteps snapped her out of her daze.

Shola walked through the guesthouse hallway thrumming with excitement. She had called Lanre after work the previous day and he had told her he had a surprise for her. He had also sent some money for her to book a room ahead of his arrival. As she inserted the key into the door, her phone buzzed with an incoming message. She entered the room and dropped her bags on the bed before checking the message. It was from Lanre.

She stared at the message for a while, her heart sinking. Fuming, she dialed his number prepared to throw all insults she knew at him. “Hey…” Lanre began, but she cut him off abruptly. “Don’t hey me Lanre, I’ve been looking forward to this all week, and now you’re just going to stand me up??” “Look I’m sorry, it was a last-minute trip, and I would make it up to you when I get back ok?” “That was what you said last time,” Shola said accusingly, trying her best not to scream. “You know what? Do you” she said, hanging up.

Sighing, she looked around dejectedly. There was no point staying here now. She packed her things and proceeded out of the room to check out; all the while picturing horrific things she could do to Lanre. As she walked around the corner, she spotted a woman running in her direction, with what looked like two men hot at her heels. She froze on the spot, watching them come closer, until the woman spotted her and shouted for help.

She turned swiftly and ran towards the room she had just vacated. Hands shaking, she stuffed the key into the lock and opened the door wide, waiting for the woman to catch up and enter, before slamming and locking it. The men had caught up by then; and started banging the door, shouting obscenities. Trembling, she turned to face the woman and froze again. It was Bisola.

“Thank you very much” Bisola whispered, still obviously panic stricken, unaware of the chaos going on in Shola’s head...

© 2021 Sherif Oshinowo

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