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Windows Are Creepy

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Hi, this is a fictional story made by me way back in 2019, I had no courage to upload it at first so it took me just now (2021) to share it.

Photo taken by Cliff Johnson

Photo taken by Cliff Johnson


My name is Reed. I worked as a journalist for the daily news blog. This is a story not just about the unknown, but it's my story. I do not mind if you believe it or not. I've always been skeptical about people sending me emails, stories about seeing paranormal entities and even opinions or stories about aliens. Silly isn't it? I was wrong.

Working late

On November 22nd, I stayed late at work to finish an article. I finished my work at around 2am, drove back and got home around 2:55am. I wasn't feeling sleepy, so I went straight to my computer. There was one email that caught my eye, no signature or any info of who the sender was. The email address was hard to understand, it was all gibberish. The contents of the email stated:

“Dear Mr. Reed, I truly admire your work and wish that you would read my email, I've been following your blogs for a long time now, and hope that my story gets to be shown on your blog one day.---"

To cut things short, his story was about his cousin who went missing for several days. As I was getting to the good part, I looked up by the window, quite a bit far from my computer desk. I saw a strange looking owl, eyes piercing, looking dead at me. I felt the hairs of the back of my neck raise, shook it off and continued to read. Not long passed and I saw a bright light from a distance, I looked cautiously at the window and the owl was gone. As I approached my window to close the blinds, the light suddenly became brighter than ever, hitting me as if I was blinded by a flash grenade. I did not expect what was going to happen. I lost consciousness.

Internal panic

I woke up on a cold bed-like table. My eyes wanted to open but all I could do was squint from all the bright light. I tried my best to see where I was, then I saw them. Three or five shadowy figures looking down at me, I was terrified… Eyes piercing at my soul with humanoid-like features but disturbing as all hell. I couldn't speak, couldn't move. My limbs were restrained, multiple surgical instruments are displayed on a small table I see at the corner of my eye. I saw a needle being prepared, as I closed my eyes I heard a voice telling me everything’s okay, I won't feel anything. I heard strange metallic sounds clashing together, like keys jiggling. My heart was beating as fast as it could, I kept my eyes closed.

I lost consciousness… again. When I woke up I was confused, on my desk laying on my keyboard as if I fell asleep on it, my body felt stiff and I felt the worst headache. I sat right up and looked at the computer monitor, the email I was previously reading was still in front of me. Not wanting to finish, I marked the email, took a few notes of what happened and turned my computer off. I lay on my bed, swiping my phone to see if there were any messages. For some reason, the battery was at a 100%. I swear I recall my phone being at 47% before I head to my car to drive back home... No signal, the Wi-Fi was off, and there was a strange gray-ish stain mixed with blue and red on the sides of my phone's case. I could not bear my headache any longer, so I wiped it off and tried my best to get some sleep.

What happened

I woke up the next day as if nothing happened, feeling a bit light-headed, I called my boss to rest for the day, and write this story. Whatever that experience was, it was a hell of a horror trip. I wish I could call it something else, but in any shape or form, I could tell that whatever happened to me was definitely an abduction. To those who believe in my story, I wish on every single hair on my head that this does not happen to you.

Keep your windows closed, if you know you'll be late to come home, close your blinds before even leaving the house. I've been paranoid ever since, and hated my window. I'll always keep it closed.

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