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Where He Walks

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On the coldest day of the year a photographer decided to take some photos of the snow and document it. He wanted to show everyone his skills and how bad the cold weather was. Then he felt something strange. He thought it was nothing and just shrugged it off. He looked up at the sky and noticed it turning colors. This was unusual because, he never experienced anything like it in his thirty years of life. He quickly took out his camera and started shooting. He took note of the gold and emerald coloring happening above his head. He looked on and noticed someone else.


Curious, he walked closer but the shadow kept slowly disappearing. It got slimmer and as he got closer it was gone.Scratching his head out confusion he looked back and just realized he had walked over 90 miles out of town. He began to panic. "How did I end up here" he thought to himself. He continued walking and searched for the way back home. He found a path that seemingly led him to his house. So, he walked on the path but it only led him farther away.

Then the snow began to ease up and the sky began to clear. The grass was green and he felt an eerie feeling. He knew he had gone to far. He was in the middle of what looked like a forest suddenly he heard a crash. He was startled but remained calm and tried to decide where to go. He went to investigate what had made that sound. Shaking and scared, he walked towards it. "What...What is that?" he asked himself. It looked like black tar. Suddenly he was being pulled in by an invisible force.

Next he found himself fly through different worlds. He landed in a world that looked so beautiful. He felt serene and calm. The beings he saw were majestic and beautiful. They greeted him in English and said "Welcome we have been studying your planet for many years." This being was tall and slim. It wore a robe and it's hair was long and blonde. It's voice was gentle and warm. They asked him his name. "My name is John." he said in a calm manner. Then the being said "My English name is Raphael." John followed Raphael as they walked along a long path.


The path was lined with what looked like pine trees, fur trees,and blossom trees. John took a mental note of the fruity smell of the air. They then went into a hovering car which was red on top with light blue wheels. John asked "Raphael, why does this hover car have wheels?" Raphael thought deeply of the explanation and answered "About one hundred thousand years ago they were needed." He continued to explain. "Our planet was not as clean and beautiful as it is now." John began to wonder what the planet looked like before. Then Raphael took him to a history museum to show what his planet looked like thousands of years ago. John began to recognize what Raphael's planet looked like. John gasped "It looks like Earth." John said in shock. Raphael looked at him as if he knew what John was thinking. Again the eerie feeling came over John, this time he followed it. He sat down on a patch of what looked like grass and started to meditate. Then he had a vision it was clear and he saw it as real as he could touch it. All of a sudden he noticed a crowd surrounding him. When he opened his eyes he was shocked to see his vision come to life. "My vision is a movie everyone to see?" he was concerned. John didn't want them knowing he missed Earth and was trying to go home.

Now they all knew of his plan and another majestic being told him to follow it. It's name was Marge she wore a crown on her head. All cleared the pathway for her. All knelt before her some paid her homage bringing her incense. Some gave her seeds. She led John to her home. He thought the building that looked like a castle was where she lived, but she told him that that one was a small home. Then they entered a chariot and it led them to a triangle shaped castle and she sat on her throne. She asked. "Where are you from,John?" John asked her how she knew his name. She explained to him and said "My son Raphael told me who your were when you came." She asked again, "John where is home?" John asked, "How do you communicate?" She told John, "We communicate through our hearts" she continued to explain. "Our hearts work like your brain and we can think with them." she continued. "This is how I know you are not from here and your name is John." She said. "Raphael had thought it to me, because everyone must be approved by me before they enter my planet." She asked again. "John where are you from?" He answered. "I'm from earth." Suddenly, an emerald light shined through the room and a pyramid vehicle hovered outside.


John turned and looked at it in amazement. He began to leave the ground he was alarmed as this was happening. All of a sudden he was inside the pyramid and though it looked solid gold from outside, he was able to see clearly through it. Then John looked behind and noticed he was the only being there. He also notice the gold street the vehicle was hovering over. He felt it shake and wobble a bit. He felt nervous. Then he looked at what he thought looked familiar. He got an excited feeling inside. He knew he was coming close to earth.Then he heard voice say welcome home. John was back in the cold and snowy day in front of his home taking photos of the snow. He documented how bad the weather was. As John walked back into his home, he found himself pondering about his unearthly adventure. He sat on his sofa and with a sigh of relief he said "I'm glad I'm home." John knows who's watching .He is now careful of his thoughts.