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What Things Say

Short Stories

She spoke awkwardly…

“Lori, please make your way down to the office,” my teacher told me. I was a star student, why was I of all people getting called down to the office? Was I in trouble? Will I get detention? My mind was racing. When I was only a few feet away from the door, my eyes started to well up and I could feel my cheeks becoming damp. In a matter of seconds I dashed into the bathroom, checking the mirror and sure enough mascara was streaming down my face, my eyes were bloodshot, and my cheeks were bright red. When I finally did my best to regroup, I swung open the office doors to, “Congratulations, Lori Dunks you have won student of the month!” Everyone in the office shouted and blew their kazoos. “You called me down here this? Oh well, thanks-I guess,” I stuttered as I realized I was completely wrong about this scenario, “God, I’m so stupid, I thought I was like in trouble, so yeah I guess I’m not, haha.” As I smiled for the camera, I knew one of my worst moments was going to be published in the paper to remind me of this forever.

The old man looked lonely…

As I entered the retirement home to visit my dear shriveled granny, an overpowering musty smell floated into my nostrils. I greeted the overly nice person at the desk whose shiny nameplate read Katherine. As I made my way towards room 213, I spotted a man whose back was hunching over a plate of brown rice and shrimp. He was silently reading the paper and his glasses lingered on the edge of his nose. I kept telling myself that everyone was lonely at a retirement home, but for some reason, I couldn’t shake his image from my mind. After having a lovely meeting with my granny, I left her hotel-like room. Making my way out again, I noticed that the man was still there, but this time with an empty plate. I walked up to him to ask him how his day was, but he shouted “Leave me alone! This is like the fifth person this week to walk up to me and ask me if I needed some company! I am perfectly content peacefully reading the paper myself! You millennials are trying to act like you are so social, but all you do is spend time on your Snapgrams and Instachats-” and with that, I walked out. Leaving the old man to read the paper in peace.

He was embarrassed by his house...

I was finally visiting my boyfriend's house for the first time, and as I anxiously drew up the bumpy gravel driveway. I saw Jordan standing on his front porch waiting for me.

“I know its not much, but its home,” he said as his cheeks started to visibly redden. His house was far from a mansion, with a chipped white picket fence. The pale canary yellow of the siding was a pop of color compared to the gray neighboring houses, and the stone chimney that peaked from the roof had smoke billowing out of it. It was a petite cottage that was very welcoming like it was pulling you in for a warm hug. “I love it,” I told Jordan just to ease his nerves, and with that, his shoulders relaxed and his face lit up like a Christmas tree.

My mom was nagging me…

As I stumbled into my house my mom stopped me before I could make it into my room, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? IT'S LIKE THREE HOURS PASSED YOUR CURFEW!” she seemed to announce to the whole house.

“Shh.. Mom caalm dowwnn, I was wifth Riley,” I said slurring my words.

Her face started to glow bright red and she was visibly angry, “You were drinking, with your boyfriend, and out way past your curfew! You have given me too many reasons to ground you, what should your punishment be?” Her face lit up as she pondered all the ways she could punish me, “Oooh I know, a week without your phone, oh wait that isn’t good enough, you can’t leave the house for any reason besides school and no electronics for a month! Now that’s a good one!” She exclaimed and then high fived herself.

“Moom nooo! That’ll bee soo booring, how about we spice it up. I’ll punishh you this time!” I replied, still slurring my words.

Her fiery eyes stared deep into my soul, “Now what would you punish me for, Elaina Jane? Make it quick too, because I should’ve been in bed two hours ago!”

Challenging her I started to talk, “Weell you always are nagggiing at me to be perrffect, but I’m just living my life. Juusst like any other teenaager would, and your puunish me for it! You are especiially not peerfect mom!”

A look of realization floated to her face. “I guess you’re a little right. Now don’t get me wrong you are still punished, but only for a week. Now go to bed and thanks for reminding me to not turn into my mom.” With that, she kissed my cheek, turned off the light, and silently closed my door behind her.

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