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Immortal Games Poem

The Midnight Muse enjoys writing about a variety of subjects including satirical comedy, dark fantasy, folklore, history, and religion.


Immortal Games

A young man stands in the promised land,
caught in the palm of a demon's hand.
Lost in the thought of a better day,
he stares at the wall and begins to pray.

Reality is not as it seems,
it's the product of a dead man's dreams.
The darkness that swells within his mind,
are the thoughts that live within all mankind.

Born from an act of a mortal sin,
she was abandoned by her own kin.
The demon child who laughs in the night,
is only a lonely girl scared with fright.

As the years passed she found the young lad,
who stood in the room looking so sad.
She knew at once what she had to do,
and so she set out for his soul to woo.

Soft lips of sanguine and eyes of coal,
caressed the young lad and his heart she stole.
Her pale fresh glistening in the moonlight,
passion rising in the heat of the night.

Their bodies entwined in love and bliss,
to him she gave but a simple kiss.
Igniting the flames of their desire,
together they lighted a sacred fire.

But love to a demon is child's play,
and vanishes with the coming of day.
Suddenly like a dream she was gone,
returning to earth to escape the dawn.

The young man stands as he did before,
but now this time the landscape drips with gore.
The truth of his life is the dream within,
for it is the consequence of his sin.

© 2016 Midnight Muse