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Moin is a student of Humanities (Arts). His hobby is writing Short Stories, Poems and Articles. He lives in India and loves meeting people.


Unforgettable Night

It was a dark and scary night for me. Because, that night I had read a horror book written by Groonz Heffolcho. He is the best-selling horror writer. Name of the book is Anna's Abode. I bought it only yesterday. Let me share my experience.

I am Rick Williams, and I am the chief editor of The Spirit Magazine. I have read many horror stories, but this, Anna's Abode, really got me goosebumps. I-I can't just take my mind off that.


It was Saturday night, and I was alone at home. Usually, my friend, Jake joined me, but that night, he was too busy to come. I was getting bored. So, I started surfing the net. After some time, boredom dominated. My eyes fell on a book. The title read, 'Anna's Abode'. My sister, Helen, had gifted me on my 27th birthday. Sighing, I opened the book. When I started reading, it was 8:16 pm, and by the time I had finished reading it, it was 11:49 pm. I generally read 2 chapters whenever I got leisure time. But, this novel really swallowed my attention. Each line was filled with suspense and horror. You couldn't just skip a line. I am habituated to read under the table lamp.

The last few lines made my heart tremble with fear. Here, I would like to share the lines:
‘Anna's house became a haunted house for the people, but a party house for the ghosts. No one knows about their whereabouts, not even me. They can be in your house, under your bed, in the sink, anywhere. They are on loose. Shhh!’


The curtain flapped. I flinched. I thought maybe it was just a coincidence. I stood up from my study, changed my clothes and got my blanket. When I went to bed and wrapped myself in the blanket, I couldn't sleep. I altered my sleeping position from left to right, then right to left, and then on my back; but to no avail. I tried finally sleeping on stomach, which I find very comfortable, but that didn't work that night. It dawned upon me that everything was okay with my bed, but not with my mind. It was disturbed. I tried to recall methods to fall asleep, and luckily, I recalled Mr Bean counting sheep. I did the same. I installed an image full of sheep. I started counting them. In the middle of my count, I saw a sheep move. I was like what the hell! I confirmed if I had downloaded an image or a GIF. And it certainly was an image. I ignored that and continued. The sheep-method started working. I could feel myself drowsy, my eyes were getting tiry. But then something fell on my face.

I woke up with a start and shrieked, 'Who's there?'

Then did I realise that it was my phone. So silly of me! It happens a lot of time. I put my phone aside.

At midnight, I felt thirsty. Rubbing my eyes, I headed for kitchen.


'Tip! Tip! Tip! Tip!' I heard.

I found the sink making the sound. When I extended my hand to close it tight, I backed away. Red water was dripping. I placed my palm against it to check. To my horror, it was blood.

How on earth can this happen, I thought to myself.

I reached for the refrigerator and drank icy, cool water. It worked as a means of relief. I wondered how could that happen. Blood? Blood?

Heading back to my bedroom, I dared not bump into anything. The house grew creepy with every step. I could hear my own breathing. When I finally reached there, I immediately shut the door. I started breathing heavily. Sweat beaded on my forehead.

The blood was fresh, I thought.


When I climbed my bed, I looked out of my window to think of something else. But just then, I saw a person staring at me. He was so still that you couldn't tell a statue from a man. I stared back in horror. I got up from my bed and moved to the other side. On the other window, I saw the same man, carrying a knife in his hand. He started attacking the window. I stood there aghast; as if I had been paralysed. My muscles resisted to move. His eyes never left mine. His jaw was dripping blood. One of his eyes was popped out. After some time, he moved from the window and disappeared. I felt secured for few moments. Out of nowhere, a laughter filled the air. Nothing can be more dangerous than laughter of a woman in the middle of the night.

'Thump! Thump!' I heard loud footsteps

I fumbled under the bed for my cricket bat. The footsteps grew louder and louder…and silence! There was deadly silence. I switched on the torch, gulped in and headed for the door. I was about to open the door when I noticed blood at the threshold. I didn't move. I felt weak, broken. I gathered courage and rotated the doorknob. As I did, I heard something rolling towards me. When I threw light upon it, I saw a head...head of a woman. She smiled. Darkness overpowered me, I couldn't see anything. The torch fell from my hand, and I could feel nothing. I wasn't sure if I was dead or alive.

When I opened my eyes, I was lying on the floor. The sun had risen up. I got up and got myself ready. Without having a second thought, I dashed to my psychiatrist friend, Elizabeth. When I told her what all happened, she asked me if I had watched a movie or seen similar images. I told her that I hadn't, but read a book. She then explained me that I was mentally disturbed at that time. She also advised me to not read such books at night. She also advised me to read nonfiction, so that I would have other topics to ponder over. She told me the reason for imagining such things. It was overthinking.

From that day onwards, I started balancing my reading list with nonfictions.

© 2020 Moin Khan Muzammil

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