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To the One That Has Her Heart

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My style of writing is one that leaves a lot to the reader's imagination. I hope you enjoy reading the stories.

The One

This story is about a man who shows his strength by proving to be a charming gentleman. He shows her his strength through various ways. The woman of the narrative is waiting to see if the man can be her soulmate. She is still deciding on whether she should give her heart to him. Eventually she realizes they were destined to be together. While he is showing his whole heart he tries to capture hers.


Delicate heart

As she sits and gazes at the sky thinking about her love. She wonders if he is thinking about her. She walks into her home and hears a phone ring. "It's him." she says excitedly. She hurries over to pick up the phone and hears a voice that says

"My love I dream of you every night/ I want to see your face under the moonlight/ I love to listen to you speak/ For the words you say come from deep within your heart/ My heart shall always have a place for your heart to stay."

She interrupts him and asks " When will you come to visit me?" She continues, "I have been waiting for you to come by." He tells her "I will come by your place soon my love." He then tells her "There is something I would like to tell you." Again she interrupts him and asks "Shall we continue this conversation in person?" He delightfully accepts and answers" Yes we shall."


The difficult decision

They meet in person and she is uncertain how she feels about him. He tells her that he is in love with her. She tells him "I don't know what to say." She continues and tells him how she feels.

"Oh my love long have I waited for you/ You whose heart has a strong hold on mine/ It is you my love I am falling for/ I cannot control my heart any longer/ You must rescue me/ For I do not know how long this delicate heart of mine can wait/ Shall I have patience?/ Oh my love what shall I do?/ "

As he is listening to her looking deeply into her eyes. He thoughtfully answers her.

"My sweetheart it is not my place to make that decision/ For although my heart has you in it's vision/ This is one decision only you can make/ I cannot speak for your delicate heart./ For the voice of your love is calling to me/ It speaks to my soul and longs for love alone/ It is not for me to decide whether you should give me your heart/ For I am a fool in love but my mind is smart/ I will only rescue your heart if you give it to me/"

Final Decision

She answers him "I shall follow my heart/ For it knows without any knowledge/ It does not question things I choose/ I have followed it before and I trust it/ I have a wonderful feeling about you/ Oh how I want to control it/ My mind and heart are in disagreement/ For when was my heart ever wrong?" She stopped to think.

There was time she started to remember when her heart was broken. She remembered how awful it made her feel. She quickly changed her mind and thought about Charles. That guy was different she thought to herself. He was not a charming gentleman like Charles. As she was pondering about what she told Charles she heard something. "Rose" she heard someone call her name.

When she looked she saw Charles and was surprised. She gasped and smiled. She noticed Charles holding roses and serenading her with a love song. He sang "My love is true/ Especially for you/ You have my heart/ You can have my life to."He continued to play the piano and ended the song with a kiss on her cheek. She smiled a said, "Wow that sounded so beautiful. "He smiled and said "Thank you my love." And standing up he said, "I must go now I have something to take care of."

As Charles was just leaving Rose asked "What is it my love?" Charles turned and said "Oh I can't tell you yet." She insisted "I must know". Charles then took her into his arms "Some things are meant for later." he said, winking his eye.


Eternal love

Charles then told her how he felt about them being together. "I have something to ask you" he said. "What is it Charles?" Rose asked. Charles began by saying how he felt. He took out a piece of paper and read from it.

"I have been waiting for you to make a special decision" "You have asked me to help you with it" he said. "After a long thought about it I have decided this would help." He continued "The answer to this question could make or break our hearts. I am well prepared for both outcomes." "Before I ask I will tell you how I feel" Charles continued "To my love/ /I promise you / I will be loyal and true/ I will remain with you all my life/ I will not cause any trouble or strife/ My heart is intertwined with yours/ Your heart is my life/ Of all the flowers I have seen, you are the most beautiful." Then at this moment Charles got on his knee and pulled out a ring and asked "My lovely Rose will you be my wife?"

She stood in front of Charles with amazement and She answered him "Charles you are the one My heart longs for/ It is you who makes my heart sing/ When the sun rises I look forward to seeing your eyes/ When the sun sets it is you who makes me feel blessed/ It is you who has had my heart the whole time/ With you my heart forever remains/ In your heart it shall stay/ I accept your hearts invitation" She happily put the beautiful ring on her ring finger and answered him saying "Yes, I shall be you wife in life and in eternity."