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The Talking Cat


It was an August afternoon. There was a party at the Cruz house. Several friends of the town were there. Well, not all were friends. Mr. Pérez was also at the party. He was new in town. No one knew what his job was. Mr. Cruz had heard very well about him. Therefore, he had invited him. Mr. Cruz expected him to be a fascinating person. But it was time for tea. And so far, Mr. Pérez did not seem to be very interesting. He was not good at telling stories. He was also not good at playing cards. He was not handsome, either. As we know, when a man is handsome, others don't care much if he is interesting or not.

Suddenly, Mr. Pérez said:

"Gentlemen, my job is in science. And I have to give you very important news. This week science has taken a big step. A more significant level than when the man came to the moon. I have taught to speak to an animal. Sam, the cat, can now speak our language."

Mr. Cruz, the owner of the house, said:
- "So you teach English to animals? And you say our dear Sam can speak now? Mr. Pérez, are you sure of what you are saying?"

Mr. Pérez explained:

- "I have been working on this for twenty years. But only in recent months have I had any success. I have tested thousands of animals. Lately, I have only done tests with cats. As we know, the cat is a brilliant animal. A week ago, I met Sam. I could immediately see that Sam was a very superior cat. He had had little success with other animals. With Sam, I have finally achieved my goal. "

Mr. Pérez spoke as if he were a great scientist.

Rosa asked: "So Sam can say mom and dad?"

Mr. Pérez said: "Dear Rosa, that's for children. Sam is very, very smart. Sam can speak perfect English."

No one could believe what Mr. Pérez was saying.

Martin was straightforward. He said: "That's a story!"

Mr. Cruz couldn't believe it either. But he didn't say anything out of respect for Mr. Pérez. Finally, Mrs. Cruz said:

- "Hey, how about we make Sam come? That way, we can all see if it's true or not."

Mr. Cruz went to look for his cat. Everyone believed that Mr. Pérez was only going to do a simple trick. After a minute, Mr. Cruz returned to the living room. His face was white. He said:

"I can't believe it! It's true! I found him in my room. I told him to come for milk. He looked at me and said to me in perfect English that he will come when he wants to. He almost gave me a heart attack!"

No one had wanted to believe Mr. Pérez. But now everyone believed Mr. Cruz. Mr. Pérez was now sitting in his chair, saying nothing. He had a big smile on his face. The smile of success.

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