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The Snakes of our Time.

They're all plugged in. I remembered my mother's words. But they called me foolish. I saw them bawl. I saw them drift. I saw them caught up in those glamorous wires. The future. They are the evolved. The enlightened ones. I remembered my mothers words.

I felt them in me and forgot her words. They say this is all you need. I bawled. I drifted. I forgot and closed my eyes. I died and then almost died forever. But my mothers words came back formlessly from God knows, where and I stayed. Confused but still dead.

A warm voice grew out of nothingness. Said,"Little one, look at me." The dead cannot see.

Years went by. That formless hope took shape from the outside and I fell in love with the eternal.

The tangles took half of me, part of me severed. But left the sliver that could still grow, part of me saved.

I feared to look back but I did. Born again an ingrate. Born again a coward.

Someone gently turned my face toward a harsh light. I looked. But the dead cannot see.

I saw them living in the wires. Throwing diamonds at the devils. I watched them bawl and drift. And I cried for they loved the glamorous wires. The snakes of our time. Natures allowance aimed at our testing. Besting all my people.

They call me foolish. And point me to the alluring, blurring burrows of their master. Monster!

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