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The Lazy Dragon: A Flash Fiction Story

Tim is a freelance writer, poet, artist and storyteller. He always tries to find and include lessons for everyone in his writing.



I wrote this piece as an extended version of a past micro fiction Story. I just felt there needed to be more of an interaction. I hope you like the extended Flash fiction story.

Leroy was the scorn of the other dragons. While they were off killing the humans he was kicking back in the cave until one fateful day.

Leroy was hanging in the cave as per usual when a human wandered in by accident. Percy looked at the human. The human looked back.

“Aren’t you afraid of me?”

“No,” said the human…”should I be?”

Leroy thought about it. “Yes,” said Leroy. “I could eat you.”

“Possibly...if I let you.”

Leroy was confused. He never met a defiant human before. In fact he’d never met a human at all, not once.”

Leroy watched the human with one eye closed. He hated his nap time to be disturbed.

The Human looked back at Leroy. He had no sword, no armor so for all intents and purposes no way to defend himself should the dragon get angry. The human watched the dragon’s movement

Leroy cracked open one eye. “Begone humaaan I’m trying to sleep.”

“Named Reginald...Reginald the great.” Truth is Reginald was not great at anything except bragging.”

“Well Reginald the Great, you’ve interrupted my sleep. The hours of sleep I get are when my brothers are away raving townsfolk. Once they get back it is I burned the city or I ravaged this caravan, or I had beef for dinner. So begone.”

“I can’t...I’ve told the local patrons at the inn how I bravely slew a dragon. They said to prove it. So here I am. I need your head to take back.”

Leroy laughed so hard fire spurted from his nostrils.

“You mean for me to let you take my head. I haven’t heard anything so humorous in years. I guess since the other knight was here. He only lasted a few seconds and poof he was gone. My answer to Reginald the Great or dare I say, Reginald the Least. Now begone. “

Leroy stretched out his paw and swatted Reginald away.

Reginald found himself lying outside the cave. To his dismay he looked up to see another dragon looking down at him. He figured his time was up.

“Who are you humaaan?” The other dragon spat.

I am Reginald...Reginald the.,..” he thought for a second. I’m Reginald the Least.

“Least...I would think so. You’re not even worth eating. Now begone before I change my mind. Can you tell me your name?”

Michael Ico

Michael Ico

“My name is Lucy, sister to Leroy. Now tell me why can’t you be gone from here? Do you not fear death? Lucy looked at Reginald as if seeing a tiny speck through a microscope.

“Of course I fear death. I am not stupid but my mouth has gotten me into affix. I have bragged to others of my bravery and skill. I have told tales of wonder, the worst of these tales about how I killed one of your kind. Now my friends seeks proof of my lie.”

Lucy looked at him. “So what is that to me humaaan? I have no part in your folly.”


“No! Bellowed Lucy. The sound echoed into the cave. “Be on your way before I change my mind about eating such a puny morsel.”

Leroy waddled to the cave entrance. “Hey sis, can you keep it down out here I’m trying to sleep…” Leroy spotted the humaaan next to his sister. “What is he still doing here? I swatted him out of the cave long ago.”

“He says he will not leave until he gets a dragon’s head.”

“Oh bother, what are we to do with him?”

Lucy looked down at Reginald. “I guess we divide him up and eat him.”

“He is so puny. I don’t think there is enough for the two of us.”

Reginald looked up at the two dragons. “Excuse me. Do I get a say in whether you eat me? I mean it is my life we’re talking about.”

“No, you do not.” Lucy replied as she reached for him. “Well dear brother if you do not want your share I will take him as a snack.”

Reginald ducked under her hand, “My reputation is not worth getting eaten. He rushed into the woods near the cave and was gone from site.

“I thought we’d never be rid of him.” Leroy laughed.

“Yeah, poor guy didn't even check to see if we even ate meat.”

“You know sis we’re probably two of the only dragons who are vegetarians.”

They both bellowed in laughter.

Off in the woods somewhere Reginald increased his gait as he feared the dragons were after him.

© 2020 Timothy Whitt

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