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The house across the street

My friends decided that we should go investigate the mysterious house across the street that no one even had the courage to go close to after what happened to my classmate alex . he was very brave that he wanted to go there, so things didn't go well for him, he disappeared and was never found even the police searched the place and didn't find anything not even a single clue. That is one of the reasons we want to go there to resolve this mystery and find my classmate.

the next night

we packed our bags me, jack, mick and nathan, we started from there we were standing in front of the gate when we suddenly heard a strange voice i got a little scared but that didn't stop us jack was the lead he opened the gate and went in, the atmosphere was very foggy and for some reason it started raining and there was also thunder so we decided to fast get in.

it was pitch black when we entered the house i used my flashlight the place felt very strange we heard noises coming from the room on the right side so we opened the door without hesitating, i saw it with me eyes a tall dark shadow with red eyes it freaked me out but my friends didn't see it and i thought it was very weird. but while searching something appeared and we all saw it we ran as fast as we could upstairs.

our flashlights started flickering and it started getting colder and colder it was not just one there were five of them but then they suddenly disappeared i heard a familiar voice calling for help it was coming from the room on the left i rushed into that room looking around i saw the closet shaking i stepped into the room and the door closed and i heard a whisper in my ear that made the chills run down my spine it said your going to regret this my body froze in this spot but slowly started to realize what was happening i moved across to the closet but when i opened it i regretted it seeing his dead body made me cry and i didn't know what to do. i didn't expect this to happen.

i saw the blood all over the floor and the walls but how could this happen these ghosts they planned all of this they were waiting for their next prey to make him suffer just like they did to us i ran out of the room looking for my friends before something happens to them too. when i came back i only found nathan and mick they told that they saw that red eyed shadow pulling jack right in front of them and he killed him his blood was everywhere. i told that we should leave right now or else they will kill us too just like they killed jack .

they understood that we have to leave even if we don't want to so while trying to escape something fell down and it hit mick and he died we tried everything we could to help him his last words were: i will never forget you guys you were there for me through hardship thank you for everything and i love you, i will never forget about you. we will never forget you mick we both said i was about to open the door.

then i saw the ghost of alex he said that he knows everything and he will not leave us alone after we escape and that all of the ghosts in this house are evil spirits and that they will haunt us till death i had no idea he was a bad person i replied with goodbye alex i hope we never meet again you or your weird red eyed black shadows.then i opened the door.

after all this i finally saw the sunlight from this dark house i closed the door behind me and nathan and walked away and never looked back. i don't really know if alex will really haunt us after this or if we will die but i know that life hurts more than death.

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