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Stumble-A short story


A very beautiful young lady lived in a village. All the young men of the village dreamed of carrying this young lady in their arms. But that young lady did not care about anyone. When she passed through the bazaar, all the young people would be left speechless. Even old people would stare at this beautiful young lady.

Many young men even offered to marry her, but she flatly refused. The girl's father loved her so much that he did not want to marry her against his daughter's wishes. The girl's parents were in no hurry to marry their daughter because she was only twenty years old.

The parents of this young lady had come to this village some time before she was born. No one knew who they were and where they came from but they were very rich and their attitude towards all the people in the village was very good. It was good that they became part of this village.

One day a fair was held in the village and people came from far and wide to see the fair. A beautiful young man from a distant village came to see the fair with his friends. The beautiful young lady also went to see the fair with her friends.

She collided with the young man in the bazaar. The two fell in love at first sight. The young man started coming to see her and their love began to grow. The eyes of the whole village were already on this young lady. The news spread like wildfire throughout the village.

The villagers informed the girl's father about how a young man used to visit his daughter and the village was being discredited. The girl's father was very angry, but he thought that the villagers might be lying, so he asked his daughter about it. The young lady, who was in love, said that the villagers had told the truth.

Since the girl's father loved the daughter very much, he agreed to meet the young man. The young lady told the young man that her father wanted to meet him. The young man went to her home with the young lady. The girl's father talked to the young man in a separate room. When he came out he declared that he could not marry his daughter to the young man. The young man left in a rage, but his daughter was also in great grief. She did not believe that her father would make that decision. The girl’s father told her wife that the young man was from their former village and he didn’t want to keep any relation with that village.

A few days later, the young lady decided to run away from home with the young man and get married. On the appointed night, the young lady took from the house all the ornaments that her father had made for her wedding and left the house. The young man was waiting for her on his horse. The young man mounted the young lady with him and the horse sped away.

The horse might have gone only a mile when the horse stumbled and both riders fell to the ground. After recovering, the young lady started laughing. The young man wondered why the young lady was laughing like that. When asked, the young lady said that once her mother had told her that when her father was driving her mother away from home, her father’s horse had stumbled and fallen a mile away. When the young lady had finished speaking, the young man rode the young lady back on the horse and began to gallop.

Shortly afterwards, the young man stopped the horse and got down. The young lady was very surprised to see that she was standing in front of her own house. The young lady looked at the young man questioningly then the young man said, "When your father ran your mother away from home, his horse stumbled and fell. And today when I was taking you, my horse also stumbled. I don't want my daughter to make the same mistake in future. That's why I brought you back. "

© 2021 Muhammad Rizwan

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