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Dreamland: A Fictional Short

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Alyssa is an avid reader, writer, and coffee enthusiast. She loves sharing thoughts, ideas, and creative writings with the world.


What is it about doing mundane household chores that gets the creative juices flowing? Maybe it's the time to be alone with your thoughts. While I was thinking of Brenda's creative theme prompts, childhood and raindrops, I somehow recalled a memory of a winter evening and a doll. From there, I let my mind wander and the skeleton of a story started to take shape.

This story fulfills the childhood portion, but admittedly, the raindrops are a stretch. However, it's all precipitation, so I say why not?

I'm incredibly grateful for these prompts this month. I set a goal for the year to write six short stories, one every other month. The end of May is quickly approaching and while I have a few ideas, nothing wanted to come to fruition. Brenda saved the day! Thank you for providing us with themes to spark our creative minds!



It was as if we were speeding through the galaxy, the white snowflakes elongated like bright starlight in the surrounding abysmal nothingness, hitting the windshield at odd angles as we wove in and out of the curves. It reminded me of our trip last summer, winding through the treacherous Tennessee mountain roads, the steep cliffs uncomfortably close to my window.

All I could think of was my new doll tucked away in the trunk. I wanted a Dreamland Baby for as long as I could remember and my parents had surprised me with a trip to the mall. I was exuberant as my dad pulled into the parking lot in front of Toys R Us. My seven-year old body shaking with giddiness as we walked into the store, grabbing a cart next to Geoffrey the Giraffe. A lady in blue smiled at me as we passed by and headed into the best place on Earth.

Brightly colored toys, games, and stuffed animals sat patiently on the shelves just waiting to be put in the cart, but I only had eyes for the doll aisle. As we turned the corner, I let go of my mom's hand and ran ahead. Right in the middle of the shelf sat what I wanted most. Pink, blue, purple, or green? Which baby doll would be mine? The blue-eyed, blonde-haired darling in green captured my attention. She looked just like me!

"Mom, can I please have this one?" I asked, turning to look up at her. She nodded her head and I carefully picked up the box, clutching it to my chest. I carried my new baby through the rest of the store, smiling from ear to ear. At the check out, the nice lady placed the box in a bag and handed it to me with a grin.

"Take good care of her," she said as I carefully took the handles.

"I will," I promised, nodding my head.

Dreamland Dolls Ad, 1994

A winter storm had reared its head as we struggled back to the car. I desperately wanted to hold on to my baby doll, but my mom quickly ushered me into the safety of the backseat, taking hold of my treasure to stash in the trunk. Obediently, I buckled my belt and sat back, holding my breath as we pulled out and headed toward home.

"Only 45 minutes." I whispered to myself, snuggling into my puffed jacket to stop shivering. The whir of the heater blasted cold air on my legs, gradually warming as we drove. Gazing out the window, the juxtaposition of the small, white snow beads against the dark, devilish sky was mesmerizing. How could my dad possibly focus on the road ahead when this was fighting for his attention? I lost myself in a trance, dreaming about the adventures I would have with my new doll.

There I was in Dreamland with Nanny Annie, sitting on the soft, cotton candy clouds, bathed in a warm golden light.

"What will you name your Dreamland Baby?" She asked. I didn't have to think hard, I had brainstormed all my favorite names and knew without a doubt that my baby would be named Amber. We would go on walks and sit outside in the sunshine while I read my favorite books to her. On my bed she would sleep in a blanket nest surrounded by laced-trimmed decorative pillows.

A smooth, ethereal guitar pulled me out of my reverie. "Hotel California" was gently playing through the speakers under the hum of my parents' voices. Looking out my window, a quiet sigh escaped my lips. I leaned to the left to get a better view out the front when suddenly the car jerked. A blinding light flashed and then everything went dark.


I woke up with a start. Rich and vibrant crystalline light surrounded me and I could hear faint voices rising and falling in the distance. Tears came to my eyes as the graceful sound embraced me. I turned my head, trying to gather my bearings. Where was I?

Scanning the area, I found myself sitting atop a pearl-like, alabaster floor that stretched beyond the horizon. I could just make out the top of two golden arches in the distance.

But there laying next to me was Amber, dressed in a soft pink onesie with a lace-trimmed white front. I gently picked her up and ran my finger along the pink embroidered thread. Hugging her close, I folded in to lay my head on hers and closed my eyes.

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