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She is a Business woman, martial artist (Karate 2nd Dan Black Belt), Indian Classical Dancer (Bharatanatyam) and a song writer.

Together Forever


Stay ( A Story Of Love, Heartbreak and Happiness)

Once you love...

Once you Live...

For it may stay...

Stay Forever...

Once you lost..

Forever you are scared..

To take a chance..

To love once more..

For it may not stay..

Stay forever...

Just One time..

You survive a heartbreak..

You are never ever the same..

The way you were before..

Making you more stronger..


With all the little pieces..

You dare to love again..

With a thought and fear..

Of getting hurt again..

Then One day..

You find someone one..

So loyal.., So caring..

For it wil heal..,

All of your wounds,

Your broken Heart...

Filling your life with Joy and Happiness..

And it will stay..

Stay Forever..!!!

© 2017 Yeseung


Salman on September 21, 2017:

Dear Dipal it is nice to see your artical on Hubpage

Salim on September 21, 2017: