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Separated Head From Body

Nazmun loves writing and watching movie and reading books. Now she wants to take a break and write for Hubpages.

A small house far away from the village.It would be wrong to call it a village. It is said to be a secluded hill station.Winter is almost here. When snow fall starts, the mountains will be covered with ice, and you will see mountains as big white monsters. No one wants to live in such a secluded area. There were many houses here before, right now, there is one house. At night, the lights of Philip's house are always on.

Cold air cannot enter because the windows are closed. A thick piece of wood burns in the chimney, and Philip sits in a wooden chair in front of it, designing something. This design is like a machine. He is designing by scratching the paper with a pencil and trying to erase it using rubber if he makes a mistake. Philip's thick woollen sheet is covered on his body. He goes to another room and turns on the light. In this modern age, Philip lives as if he is in the nineteenth century. He uses the electricity in the house for other purposes. Philip wants to make a device that will make him much stronger. Philip chose this abandoned hill country so that no one would interfere with his work.


Sitting at home day and night, Philip's only job is to do research. Philip has no worries about money or food because his father died leaving a lot of money for him. And no one knows where Philip's mother is. Philip's mother left him when he was young. Before his dad died, Philip's dad brought him to this place, but he did not live long. Philip has lived alone ever since. Philip's days were going well with that money left over. But how long will it last? So Philip wants to make a device that will bring the whole world under his control. After being alone, Philip became like a mental patient. He does not seem to understand what is bad and what is good. Philip really made a device. He also has a medium-sized robot in his house. Philip himself made this robot. This robot does all the work for Philip. Philip finished all his work tonight and slept in a small bed. The robot inserts a sharp needle into Philip's neck as he gestures to his robot. That sharp needle was no ordinary needle. It is computer-driven and penetrates Philip's throat and exits through the neck. Philip muttered a little lightly in pain. The robot stuck that needle into Philip's neck with another machine. This caused bleeding on Philip's neck. Philip frowned at that. The robot breaks all the ligaments in Philip's body one by one. The ligaments of the hands, the ligaments of the legs, are all broken, the robot attaches the mechanical ligament made by Philip to that broken ligament of Philip. The robot detaches the head from Philip's body, but Philip is still alive. Because the needle on Philip's neck looked like a needle, but it was a computer chip, because of this chip, Philip's head remained connected to the body even after being separated from the body. All the unknown information in the world on this chip is connected to Philip's brain, making his brain an extraordinary supercomputer.


Philip now becomes the most powerful half human in the world. Philip woke up. The whole time Philip was unconscious. He thinks he will never die. This time he will show the whole world his terrible face. Philip sits at home and controls the world's databases with his super brain. Controls TV channels, starting with all podcasts. The TV is automatically turned on in the homes of those who kept their TV off. He introduces himself to the world. Many do not want to believe it. Philip attacks the information centre sitting at home to show his power. The foundation of the world's largest data centre is shaken. Bombed big companies. Conducts nuclear energy. Seeing all this, everyone gets scared of Philip. Philip wants people to think of him as God. Let everyone think of him as the king of this world.


He will kill those who do not obey him. One after another people are being killed for trivial reasons by him. The police can't do anything about it. He can't be bombed. Nothing is happening to Philip in the shooting either. Destruction continues in the world. At one point no one wants to go against Philip and die. Everyone thought they would accept Philip as God. In a few days there was so much damage in the world. If Philip's wish is not fulfilled now, Philip will do more harm than good. By hacking bank information, Philip has already taken the money of all the people of the world. Those who are rich became poor in one day. At least to get their money back, Philip must be accepted as God. Philip was rejoicing and drinking wine that day. He is now the king of this world. Imagine that! King of such a large planet. After a while he will make other planets his own. The people of this planet have to suffer a lot before. At that moment, a small fly began to whisper in Philip's ear. This annoys Philip. But he can't catch the fly. Philip tries to kill the fly, but he still fails. This made Philip very angry. He has made the whole world his own but he cannot catch a fly! He kept on blabbering on and on But ridiculously fails again and again. Philip's robot wonders, "Can't you kill this little bug?"

Philip gets angry. The fly finally sat on the chip stuck to Philip's neck. And Philip breaks the chip just to hit there. He didn't know the chip would break. Immediately the connection of the head with his body is closed. As a result, Philip had to face death with great difficulty.

The End

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