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The Story of Adonis

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Adonis' Mother Is Laid to Rest

" Stupid boy! What are you doing here?" Minger asked. Adonis could not answer for he was still in a sombre mood. His mother, Teresa, had met her untimely demise. Minger, his stepsister, was rather a bully. She had come to inform him that the burial ceremony had commenced. He lifted his weight and walked to the place where mourners sat.

The compound was a beehive of activities. Some men were taking a local brew while others roasting meat. As a custom, some women were supposed to be moaning while others prepared food for the bereaved. People of all walks of life had turned up for the function. Some women formed a circle and started singing a dirge. Adonis could not curb the tears that trickled down his cheeks. He knew very well that his mother had left a gap in his life no one could fill. He tried to imagine how life would be without his mother. She had been a benevolent mother.

The session that Adonis hated came. The priest stood up and sauntered towards the coffin. He preached for some minutes about the human race before he uttered his final words that made Adonis tremble with fear. " And whatever came from the soil shall..." He could not wait anymore. As he was going to his hut, he passed out. Before he came to, the function was over. He just hoped that his father, Benito, would keep his word. He had promised that he would take care of him until he was of age.

Adonis' Hut


Adonis Escapes Mysteriously

His father was loving and caring. Despite the fact that his stepmother hated him, she kept it a secret. She did not want to annoy his husband who was a man of a few words. Being a farmer, Benito would sell eggs at the nearby market. On his way home, he would buy his only son some gifts. This angered Minger. She was green with envy. She decided to have a discussion with her mother on how to stop this.

There was a meeting between the mother and her daughter. They had their own resolutions. To punish Adonis.

One day, when everyone was fast asleep, Minger and her mother decided to execute their plan. It was easier to sedate father than his son. Since they shared one bed (Minger's mother and father) she just took three minutes to accomplish her mission.

Minger on her end tiptoed to Adonis' cube. Before she could do anything, he was up. He abruptly grabbed the knife and strangled the evil girl. Her mother was just there in time to save her daughter.

On realizing that he could not handle two gigantic ladies, he pushed them, picked up a belt and hit his stepmother on her face. She lay still on the floor. He pushed the girl, took his schoolbag and walked outside.

No sooner had he reached outside than he realized that he had left his shoes. Since he was in a hurry to escape, he did not go back.

He entered the thick forest and left home oblivious of what was ahead.

In the Forest

It was now the wee hours of the night and still, Adonis kept on moving.

The night was still. He could hear the hooting of an owl. According to their traditions, that would suggest a bad omen. But he did not want to be superstitious. He trudged up the small hill and crossed a river. But where was he going? He was determined to go far, far beyond where his people knew nothing about. Life at home had become unbearable.

Morning came. The dew on the grass shone brightly like many pieces of glass exposed to light. The sun rose and gave the day life.

As soon as he reached a deserted village, he came across a girl whose name was Waif. They exchanged greetings and they were in a deep conversation. After a while, they started walking together towards a waterfall. He learned that the girl had been abandoned by her parents when she was still ten. Therefore, she lived alone a few metres from the forest. She promised to put him up for the time he would be there.

Adonis pitied the girl. His life was better. For more than three years, they stayed together. They did everything together. They would gather wild fruits, play hide and seek games and eat together.

It came a time when Adonis wanted to leave. Waif pleaded with him not to but he told her that he was yet to reach his destination. Before he left, he opened his bag to find out whether he had packed all his property. To his utter surprise, he found several notes of American dollars. He was held captive by thoughts that were crisscrossing through his mind.

"Minger must have done this," he thought. He knew his stepsister had once promised to teach him a lesson. Maybe she had taken his father's money and kept it there to set a trap for him.

Anyway, she gave Waif one dollar. She received it reluctantly. Now he was ready to leave. They embraced and kissed. She was not happy at all. She had got a companion whom she had enjoyed his company.

He had walked a few metres when he turned back. She was crying. He told her that he would call on her again once he was through with his mission. He left while crying.

The Waterfall


New Home

Hardly had he left when he reached a small town. He rented a house since he had some money. Now, he was no longer a boy, so he had to look for a job.

It was not long before he realized that the money he had was enough to buy a mansion. Probably, it was a blessing in disguise because whoever had kept it there had bad motives after all.

He purchased a house and started a business. He was flabbergasted for the customers were flowing in every minute. He was now a well-to-do person.

After a few years, he decided to visit his village. He had been missing his father. He didn't know about his fate for the night he left, he did not get time to talk to him

One day, he made up his mind to go and find out whether his father was still alive and kicking.

The New Home



As soon as he reached his village, he found people talking in small groups. Since they seemed not to recognize him, he approached them. He introduced himself and they were all flabbergasted. They couldn't believe whether a son of a peasant could drive a luxurious car.

It was after that that they broke the sad news to him. His father was ailing from a mysterious disease. He was told to hurry or find his dad dead. That news shocked him

When he entered his home, women were wailing. He entered his father's hut and he found it flocked with people. He pushed them eager to get the last word from his father. When he reached where he was, he called him and introduced himself. He opened his eyes to see who it was. To people's amazement, he smiled. He cleared his throat noisily and said," Son, thank you--- you for coming, lift my head and the pillow and pick up your title deed. You have my blessings, my son." He closed his eyes never to open again. Adonis did what his father had instructed and kissed his father for the last time.

He walked outside crying. He was sad that his father had not lived to enjoy his son's wealth but was happy that he had been given very important documents.

As he stood there with fellow mourners, he saw a lady make her way to their home carrying a handbag. She was as beautiful as a gazelle. When she drew nearer, she was astounded to find out that it was Waif. They hagged and kissed once again. People were surprised at first but after Adonis introduced her, they calmed down.

The two ( Adonis and Waif) entered the house where his father lay. She sobbed on learning that the man was no more. Apparently, the man had been poisoned by Minger and her mother. They were after the title deeds.

Waif explained how she had known the directions to Adonis' home. She also told him how she felt lonely when he left her. Now she wanted to settle and have kids with a handsome man. Adonis.

After the burial, Minger and her mother were summoned to appear before the council of elders. They were found guilty of poisoning Benito. They were excommunicated from the village for good. Adonis and Waif walked down the aisle and lived together happily.


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