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Disheartening and Heart- rending Story of Ken(Teacher)

The author enjoys writing stories and sharing with other people.

Who is To Blame?

Ken, a Kenyan teacher, looked himself in the mirror and saw fine wrinkles on his face. Old age was gradually catching up with him. Discouraging thoughts whirled through his mind. He had been to the hospital and had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. He had few days to live.

What gave him a sleepless night is not a job(he had not been employed by the Teachers' Service Commission) that he had looked for, for over a decade, but his wife and a son who looked up to him.

He had been working in a private school until his contract of employment was terminated unceremoniously. As he carried his son on his shoulders going to withdraw the last money he had in his account, he started sobbing his heart out. "Daddy, you have white hair," his son shouted, oblivious of what his father was going through. On hearing that, he immediately stopped crying and dropped his son off to walk on his own.

He recalled what his late mother told him. That his future would be bright. Was it bright? Toiling and moiling every day, searching in every nook and cranny for a job but his efforts proved futile. Tears trickled freely down his cheeks. How would his family live without him?

Although he was residing in Nairobi City, he was languishing in abject poverty. His mother was a benevolent parent. He recalled a time she sold the last cow in their home to pay his college fees. Now, she was no more. She had had high hopes that her son would be successful.

The hell broke loose one day when TSC advertised some vacancies to be filled in by qualified teachers on June 29, 2021.
He applied but he was NEVER INVITED FOR VERIFICATION OF DOCUMENTS OR EVEN INTERVIEWS conducted in sub-counties. He passed out and never came to.

And that is how Ken, a qualified teacher in Kenya, met his untimely demise. I tried to reach the CEO for the commission(TSC) to inform her about Ken's ordeal and the plight of teachers in general but my calls were never answered... ...



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