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Alone: A Fictional Short

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Alyssa is an avid reader, writer, and coffee enthusiast. She loves sharing thoughts, ideas, and creative writings with the world.


A few years ago, the old gears started turning as interest in at-home DNA tests rose. Everyone wanted to find out more about their ancestors and from where their families hailed. Of course websites like Ancestry had already sparked a curiosity and set the stage to fuel this desire. This wasn't a new concept for me. I spent many childhood summers visiting libraries to hunt through microfilm and walking among gravestones, all in the name of genealogy.

What started as a few sentences has now become a short little story. I hope you enjoy reading it.



I licked the envelope, sealing my hope for answers, and set it gently on the counter. Peeling a stamp, I sighed heavily as I carefully smoothed Old Glory onto the upper right hand corner. This was it.

"Who am I?" I wondered out loud. I could feel the weight of a thousand lifetimes pressing down on my shoulders. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.


I jumped suddenly as my cat brushed up against my leg. The moment was gone. Slowly rising, I headed out the door and made my way down the long, stone driveway. Resolve and purpose fueled me with each step. Years of questions would soon be answered. Lifting the little red flag, I turned to embrace the zephyr's kiss. Closing my eyes and raising my arms, I twirled to the song of viridescent leaves gracefully swaying on branches.

"That's it. Now I wait," I softly whispered to the trees.


3 Months Later...

I woke up with a start, fear washing over every inch of my body and my senses on high alert.


What was that noise? I peered around the dark room, listening carefully. Shadows danced ominously across my wall. Taking a deep breath, I reached up to my nightstand to grab my phone. Staying as quiet as possible, I slowly crawled out of bed and tiptoed to the window. I pressed the side of my body against the wall and moved my curtain ever so slightly to peer outside. Two blacked out SUV's sat in the driveway, one with its nose pointed toward the road. The other had its side pointed in my direction, the back passenger door slightly ajar. A figure stood at either end, each holding a large rifle. Dread twisted through my stomach. I gently let go of the curtain and quickly made my way to the door. Keeping my body in my room, I leaned my head slightly out to look in the hallway. With my right fingertips touching the door frame, I inched out, keeping my body flush with the wall. The cool wood sent shivers up my spine with each careful step. Pausing at the top of the stairs, I held my breath, straining to hear the slightest indication of an intruder. An eerie silence traveled up through the darkness. With no other option, I willed myself to creep down the stairs. If I could just reach the basement...

As I reached the last step, I scanned the living room to my left. Nothing seemed out of place. With a quiet sigh of relief, I quickly headed toward my path of escape. A flash of light illuminated the cherry wood door just as I reached out for the knob. Whipping around, a fiery pain coursed through my body and then everything went black.


A moan escaped my lips as I became aware of my limbs. My body felt like a bag of bricks and a sharp pain pulsed through my brain. Blurred images swam in and out as I forced my eyelids open. Straining to focus, the pieces started to come together and the stark white room took shape. Bright ceiling lights reflected off the marble table in front of me and revealed a darkened mirror to my left. The cold of the steel chair beneath me seeped through my old cotton nightgown, calming the wave of nausea rising up in my throat.

The sound of footsteps caught my attention as the wall to my right slid open. A dark figure loomed, creating a shadow that spanned the length of the floor. Dressed in a black suit, a tall man strode into the room. Stopping in front of me, I noticed he was holding an envelope in one hand, a single piece of paper in the other. A malicious smile grew across his face. As he reached down to place the items on the table, I recognized my handwriting. I looked up to meet his gaze.

"We have a proposition for you."

© 2021 Alyssa

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