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Hunk Walks Down the Aisle

Jeremiah is a writer of short stories. His stories are always captivating.


Born in a well-to-do family, Hunk got the best care one can get from the benevolent parents. He was a tall man with a dark complexion. As opposed to the most men from rich families, Hunk was engaged to Charlotte, a lass from a humble background. There were many girls who longed to be married by him but he did not give them a chance. He had in many occasions turned down their marriage requests for the reasons best known to him. Now he was ready to walk down the aisle with his love—Charlotte.

On the Eve of the Wedding

"Sometimes men make mistakes! Mistakes that can be amended in life! But this one! This is a grave mistake. Of all ladies, Charlotte who is as ugly as a warthog can be Hunk's choice. Apparently, water and oil are immiscible. They don't match in any aspects," concluded Betty. She was full of acrimony as she had thought she would be Hunk's favourite when it comes to marriage. But all of a sudden, he had preferred another lady to her.

She and other village girls were roaming along a deserted road that cut through the forest. They were envious of Charlotte. They talked, shouted and murmured ill of her oblivious of Charlie who was eavesdropping on their conversation.

No sooner had they reached the nearby market than they saw Charlotte in a company of a few beautiful girls, supposedly her maids. Certainly, they were from hair salon. Her hair had been done with beautiful braids. The make-ups on her face made her elegant.

"My ladies, forgive me! I didn't mean to offend you by engaging to Hunk." Charlotte said. "But why do you hate her with a passion?" One of her maids provoked.

They were all baffled. Unable to utter any single word, they saw an ugly and shabbily dressed man approach them. It was Charlie, the man they all hated. He glared at them and laughed provokingly."Next time, be careful. Don't gossip about people, especially innocent ones! Walls have ears!" Charlie said as he walked away from them.

Now, they had known who had reported them.

Hunk had his hair shaved. All in all, he was ready for the big function just like Charlotte.

The Wedding Day

Hunk woke up at crack of dawn. Except for a few noises from the bleating goats, the morning was calm. The ticking of a clock that hung on a beautiful wall with all sorts of decor reminded him that he was behind time. He rushed to the bathroom and had a cold shower. Upon reaching his room, he dressed to kill. He gobbled down the scrumptious breakfast and now he was ready to leave. He boarded his Mercedes Benz car then, his chauffeur started the engine. They left home for the church in a supersonic speed.

On the other side, Charlotte prepared herself by putting on a magnificent wedding gown. It was white with shiny bottons that made her as beautiful as a gazelle.

Her maids escorted her to the place where she would meet her would-be husband— Hunk.

A Wedding Gown


Wedding Venue

This was not going to be an ordinary wedding. When I reached the church, I was astounded to see many people from all walks of life. As a close relative to Hunk, I couldn't miss this great day. I had arrived early enough to witness all the episodes chronologically.

Hardly had I sat under a tree adjacent to the church when I heard hooting and engine revving. There was a lot of dust in the air. Suddenly, a convoy of cars sneaked into the compound. From one of the cars, a stout man with a protuberant stomach alighted. He seemed familiar. To my utter surprise, he was our president! Imagine our president had attended this wedding!

On the spur of the moment, the bride and the bridegroom arrived. The flower girls led the procession to the church. Hunk, my cousin, wore a beautiful smile as he walked between his best men.

The maids followed the flower girls swaying their hips side to side vigorously. Bachelors, I inclusive, could not help gazing at them. I comforted myself that one day it would be my turn. And unmarried men would behave the same way!

Anyway, I found a seat next to an old man. He was badly stinking. The foul smell made some folks around avoid the back seats.

Looking at him keenly, I found that it was Charlie. "Young man, I know you are flummoxed as to why I'm here. I have come here for two reasons. To witness my daughter say goodbye to spinsterhood and most importantly, to stop the evil village girls from interfering with this function. I know their wicked plans. I once overheard what they said. They hate my daughter." Charlie whispered to me.

I had never been discombobulated like this before. So, this man, whom people treated with contempt was Charlotte's father!

Wonders will never end!

The Wall of the Church


During the Wedding

Peter, the priest, walked majestically to the pulpit. He started the function with a powerful prayer.

For about an hour he preached about marriage. He explained to the congregation that the first marriage was conducted by God. His voice was loud enough to awaken the dead. He had been the priest of that church for over two decades. The Ancient Church as it was called had a long history.

It is believed it had been constructed by people from a foreign country. Since their departure, Peter had been running the church affairs. He was now old. The wrinkles on his face proved this.

Anyway, Peter read many verses and concluded with a verse from a book of Mark chapter ten verse nine."Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate." He then requested the bride and the bridegroom to stand.

The bride and the bridegroom were about to make vows and the priest was ready to guide them on what to do. " Hunk,say this words after me. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health...." Before he could finish, a middle aged lady with a stunning beauty strolled to the church through the back door.

What made the priest to stop the oath session was that the lady was walking to pulpit instead of joining the congregation. Everyone in the church was befuddled. Charlie could not condone this. He stood and immediately walked to the alter." Hey madam! What are you up to?" Charlie shouted at the strange lady.

She gave him a cold shoulder and proceeded to where the bride and the bridegroom stood. By then, the bride was trembling terribly With fear. Were it not for the bridegroom who held her by his chest, she would have fallen and passed out.

There was unusual silence in the church when the lady took the microphone from the priest and cleared her throat noisily. Questions crisscrossed through my mind. I was perplexed on how the lady had managed to reach the pulpit and yet there was enough security in the church. Even the president was disturbed.

The president's security details was ready to act when the lady's soft voice broke the silence.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Amalia. I work for Royal Aviation Company. Hunk, the bridegroom, is my workmate. I'm here on behalf of the company to congratulate him and present this present to him. I'm sorry I arrived late but it is said that better late than never. I'm sorry the session for presents has not yet reached but I'm in a hurry to leave due to some commitments." Amalia concluded as she presented a small green envelope to Hunk. Hunk looked at her keenly and finally recognized her. She had been employed in that company two weeks before this big day.

People were baffled. She left the church leaving it in a total confusion.

The priest did not know what to do. After sometime,the wedding continued. But what was in the envelope? Was it something harmful?

Everything went on very fast and the session I had been waiting for with so much zeal reached. Before we could saunter to the alter to present our presents, the priest requested me to open the envelope. I wanted to turn down on his request but I remembered that he was a man of God. Maybe, I would be punished by God if I failed to respect him

A Wedding Ring


Inside the Green Envelope

I courageously walked to the pulpit. On reaching, I took the envelope and started opening it. There was a grey metallic substance. I touched it with my fingers and realized it was a key.

There was another silence. "That's a bomb!" Someone shouted. "Let's run." Another one added.

The president's bodyguards were helping him vacate the church safely. I threw the envelope to the bridegroom. I was about to run when I saw a small piece of a paper fall off the envelope. I gathered some courage and picked it up. I scanned it while trembling.My legs were wobbling.

It was after reading it when I realized it had information about a car. Hunk and Charlotte had been given a car by his company. There was information that it had been parked outside the church.

When everyone had heard that, there was normalcy. We all went outside and found a brand new Rolls Roys Phantom car. Hunk entered the car and started it. The engine roared!

We were all exhilarated that Amalia hadn't cheated us. The alter boys packed all the presents in the car and the priest said the last prayer. Despite the fact that Hunk had his own car, this one was more expensive.

It was a wedding full of drama. Hunk was happy for after many years of bachelorhood, he had acquired a wife. It was a wedding I will never forget.


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