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Rick's Mind-Universes

The Author is an experienced Telecommunications technician teaching ICT at a Polytech Institute.

The Real Dreams of the Night

Are we a simulation of a Mind program?

Are we a simulation of a Mind program?

Realities that Begin From Within the Complex Human Mind

When Quantum Physicist Rick and neuroscientists exploring quantum consciousness discovered that consciousness is self-existent, its source is outside the human mind and has a "will-creating effect" at the subatomic level, Rick reasoned that human consciousness could be evolved, by the will of faith, from the present one, and linked into the collective consciousness of the universal source; and the gateway to find this source is through the world of the mind only accessible via a psy-induced dream. Integrating parapsychology by using a mantra - a program for his subconscious mind to interpret and open an etheric reality realm for him to explore by will - he met Micka, ruler of the dark mind-world. Micka began haunting him in his sleeping and waking hours until one of Rick's enforced unconscious moment - meant to keep him alive - as a telenaut of the world's historic teleport experiment from Earth to the moon. Micka, by his will, intercepted Rick's artificial time-capsule midway, roused and diverted him to the upper light mind-world of the Loids to obtain the secrets of creation he needed to alter his dark mind-world into a light mind-world. Rick's encounters in these two levels of realities in the world of the mind would forever change his view about the three dimensional reality we live in.

The Light Mind-World of the Loids Above the Mandala Dark-Mind World of Mika, Only Accessible by Time Tunnels.


Rick Explores the World of the Untapped Programmable Part of the Human Mind.


To obtain his PhD, Physicist Rick undertook a research project in quantum mechanics. Collaborating with a team of neuroscientists probing quantum consciousness of the human mind at the subatomic level, they uncovered two new discoveries that renders consciousness working mechanism analogous to the television station transmitter or cloud-based technology we have today on the internet.

Consciousness, the domain of self-awareness, is self-existent. It is the energy of live information which has a universal source outside the human mind, like a TV broadcast station or the internet cloud services and it is a default link to the human mind when life comes online during its early embryonic development.

The human body and brain form a host processing circuit of the mind, like a TV receiver or a digital mobile device, to receive that “live-aware” broadcast and access the information provided from it. With all the information that the mind receives from the source, the body and surroundings, this circuit of the mind processes these information collectively to interpret and view reality in this three dimensional world. This “live-aware” broadcast or “information access” is unceasing and always online regardless whether the receiver circuit is physically on (line) or off (line).

An old interpretation too that has been shunned by quantum physics for so long, reared its head back as a proven fact of quantum mechanics:

In the world of sub atoms, reality exists only if a conscious observer perceives it to be. In addition to that observer effect, a post-selection phenomenon also shows that the outcome of an observation always occurs in accordance to the observer’s willed preference. With the fact that from that level, nothing in the universe is solid but all empty space in a cosmic ocean of quantum particles, Rick pondered profound and existential questions:

Is our existence a reality, an illusion or a simulation of a mind-program running at a quantum level? How could subatomic particles’ behavior need a conscious mind to create a reality’s outcome that’s dependent on the observer’s will? How could reality exist only when observed by a conscious mind?

Can these spooky behaviors be an inkling of a reality-creation based on the will of faith and belief? Can humans with free will consciousness evolve it by faith-willing, from the quantum level of the mind, in order to link to the collective consciousness of the universal source for continued conscious existence?

The unavoidable link between quantum mechanics and consciousness compelled Rick to take science beyond the physical. He included parapsychology by using a mystical dream-inducing mantra to explore what he calls the “world of the mind” in dreams in order to find a connection between the seen and unseen, establish a scientific starting point from which both can be related with more clarity, and advance it into a concrete field of scientific study.

One of his reasoning too was that faith-based religions with a hope of an afterlife make sense, and it’s a kind of “will” programming of the mind to evolve and link to a collective consciousness of the universal source. His deduction was in line with new findings from scientists specializing in biological and medical chemistry, and the post-selection phenomenon.

If quantum mechanics has any direction to go to from here, this is it. It has gone paranormal. Rick thought.

But it was from Quantum Mechanics that the sciences of atom-related fields were established in a mathematical context for classical and modern physics, fueling the mainstream sciences to bud a myriad of innovations that altered global space-barriers into one ecosphere of communication, education, commerce, travel, medicine, weaponry and the Space Outreach Mission above earth and beyond.

That Space Outreach Mission to colonize the nearest light-year livable-planet began by a world-led coalition in mid-2040 and after 2043, a new turning point began. The answer for our true individual endless survival was not out there in the cosmos or here on this planet.

That world is within each one of us, a realm we can align ourselves to by free will and conformation to its laws and principles so we can evolve, from our present individual consciousness, to the higher level of collective consciousness – the energy source of our Universal State of Awareness – once thought to be an invented myth since ancient times.

It all began in September 16, 2043 when Quantum Physicist, Rick Pilbaine-Rydberg, was teleported from the CERN Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland to the American Lunar Experimental Base, codenamed Alex Base, on the moon. In the teleportation process, a glitch, willed by Micka, the mind manipulator from the dark mind-world he was visiting during his mantra-induced dreams, caused the receiving Telepod synchronizer on Alex Base to momentarily stall Rick’s artificial time capsule midway, warped its portal’s vector at right angle to the teleportal path, and aligning it with a natural time tunnel through which Rick exited to a higher dimension outside the circular bounds of our physical universe.

He emerged into a light mind-world as an ethereal being with an aura of rainbow-colored light, staring into a multitude of light-beings called Loids who knew that Rick, the rainbow-colored one, has just hacked into their ethereal domain. Rick knew he was there in body and soul, and needed the help of the Loids to ward off the greys guarding his time tunnel’s portal that led back to his point of origin. But first, with Micka’s questions embedded in his mind, he needed answers for two secrets of creation Micka wants to advance his dark mind-world into a light mind-world.

During the timeless dialogs with the Loids, a single thought from his wife Sarah back at CERN started a series of events in the physical and ethereal realms to bring Rick back to the CERN Teleport Experimental Base. And a symbol a Loid burned on Rick’s palm to prove that the timeless dimensions he visited were real had Rick concluding that the reality of the mind-world is more enigmatic than what the frail and feeble human mind itself could ever comprehend.

Chapter 1: Rick’s Chronology

If there is one lesson I’ve learnt in lucid dreams, it is that a dream can be a reality in itself, revealing domain-altering secrets of our time and the near to distant futures at no cost of the dreamer’s waking moments. That sums up what I saw and this story, mostly about me and what happened in the world of the mind, is not of the near future. It happened in the past. The years have been changed and dramatized so that the ultimate quantum future can built in the present by highly trained, self-controlled and virtuous minds in total secrecy.

Hi, I am Rick Pilbaine-Rydberg. I am an Australian. My dad is Swiss and mum is an Australian citizen of Scottish descent.

I grew up to my teens in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, when dad was a manager of a stevedoring company, and so I regard myself as a Tolai – the local people of Rabaul. I learnt a bit of their language called Kuanua. But no one there knew that I was a great descendant of Robert Johannes Rydberg, the 19th century Swedish scientist noted for the Rydberg constant.

In my early years of schooling I was not religious but my Catholic-run religious classes lent me no choice so I had to attend them. I read, learned and remembered a lot that had a rhythm of truth tangled with mystery.

Learning about the mystical culture of the Tolai people too left in me a lasting impression that would affect decisions I’d make in later years, especially a dream-inducing mantra that would send me in my sleeping moments to a world where I met people of the past. By altering some symbolic words in the mantra, a sleeper could also explore other realms in the dream.

In the local mystics, this oral chant, recited before sleep, would enable a mystical healer to locate and bring back a sick person’s spirit for a full restoration of health and life. I tried it a few times just for the fun of it. During our research years later, I mentioned it to a Russian colleague who insisted that I use it in our work to explore other realities that begin from within the human mind.

To cut a long story short, I graduated from the Halmstad University in Sweden with a science degree in physics in 2034, and two years later, I attained my master’s degree. I then became an atheist, because as a scientist, I believe in the tried-and-proven scientific methods of investigation.

I took Quantum Mechanics in order to get my PhD at the Kyoto University in Japan in 2037. While working on my thesis on How to Beat The Speed of Light in Electronic Communications, I joined a global team of American, Japanese, British, Chinese and Israeli neuroscientists studying the human mind at a quantum level. It was then that I saw the peculiar behavior of the photon or light particle in two phenomena called post-selection and superposition. It was mind-boggling. At the quantum level, subatomic particles have a contrasting behavior to observations at the physical level. For instance, the path of a particle can be known but its possible positions or states cannot be determined precisely. However, post-selection, the phenomenon by which an observer wishes to see its position or desired effect, worked all the time, causing the particle’s possible cloud of routes to collapse into a single well-defined state. Moreover, the observer must be a conscious one for this phenomenon to occur in quantum mechanics.

This “thought experiment” and spooky behavior of subatomic particles was something new to me but it is one well studied aspect of the “nonlocal properties of quantum particles” which defies the logics we know about space and time, and the principle of cause and effect. The observer effect seems to show that prediction or the creation of our own reality was at play at the quantum level, or were we seeing an effect before its cause? It didn’t make sense but the more questions I had, the more I was enlightened in my own way of the many questions I had since my young days. I then decided to include parapsychology in my mind research by using the dream-inducing mantra, which I understood later as a symbolic mind-program meditation, to travel in dreams and explore other realities of this “world of the mind” and find its scientific link to the physical world we live in.

My colleagues helped edit my thesis until its final draft and I achieved my PhD in 2040. My thesis was on practical Instant Universal Communications using Quantum Entanglement that utilized the Pilbaine-Rydberg Principle – a method of modulating the space-time continuum at a quantum level to achieve an instant broadcast of information to anywhere in the cosmos without the factors of space and time.

My thesis was experimentally verified that year and gave a practical communications solution for the budding Space Outreach Colony Movement. Instant Universal Communication was now a reality in the year 2040 in overcoming the barrier of space and time in interstellar communications; and teleportation was my next goal for instant local, universal and inter-dimensional travels.

My PhD was my ticket to any arena of experiments to fulfill my life-dream in research and development, so I started applying to five noted teleportation research establishments around the world. In June 2043, after a two year stint with the Israeli Institute for Advanced Research, I was accepted to join the CERN Teleport Experimental Base in Switzerland which was temporarily integrated with the particle accelerating chamber of the CERN Large Hadron Collider.

It was a dream came true but also tinged my inner core with mixed reservations because they chose me to be teleported from earth to the moon. If I wanted history to remember me, it would be from that September 16, 2043, the day I took that quantum leap from earth to the moon on behalf of my team at CERN, my wife Sarah and the people of planet Earth

Chapter 2: First Encounter

Rick’s teleport training routine ended at 4:35 pm. Four hours of sleep rehearsal with brain-wave monitoring and ionizing effects exposure exhausted him he decided to go to his room to watch a game on TV. He walked out of his office.

“Don’t forget this.” Igor the Russian said and handed him a sheet of paper. “Your mantra must be memorized. Read and re-read it till you sleep tonight.”

Grasping the mantra paper from Igor, Rick headed for his room, three blocks away. As he entered, a pang of loneliness struck him and he thought of his wife Sarah in France. He called her on his cell phone but she was unreachable so he left her a message. Rick then ordered dinner, had his shower and spent the evening alone watching Australian football until Sarah called at 7:23 pm.

“Hey babe, how are you?” Sarah said as Rick answered.

“I am fine, sweetie. I think you should come to see me and this whole teleporting thing.” Rick said.

“But you said I shouldn’t come. Why?” Sarah said.

Rick paused and said, “I first thought it’d be a good idea you are not around, in case something goes wrong. But now I think you should be here with me.”

“O.K, I’ll be there by noon tomorrow.” Sarah said and booked her flight online for Switzerland.

Sitting on the couch Rick started reading the mantra and fell asleep. The TV was on and the volume was midway high. At 11:45 pm a paranormal movie began, its throbbing soundtrack consisted of an odd tone in its midst. Rick didn’t know it as he was now in deep slumber. The soundtrack would come in each suspense scene, and at one point, with weird harmonics, lasted for more than a minute. Rick’s ear, in his sleep, picked it up and his subconscious mind triggered a vivid dream.

Rick was floating above an eerie land, half-dark as the twilight morning. This is funny. There’s a bit of light out there, but where is it coming from? Rick thought and looked around to see if there was a sunrise or clouds in sight. There was none in that dark world. Drifting like an eagle in search of prey, he savored his freedom in flight until before him, standing on a mountain top, was a greyish luminous being. Using his hands like wings of a bird, Rick slowed and landed on a rock near the grey-lit being, whose face had the color of silver. In just an actual minute of dreaming, Rick’s time in the dream had been more than five minutes.

The grey-lit man stood staring into the half-lit horizon. Rick wondered if he’d seen him at all. Rick looked around. The trees with leaves intact that he saw from the sky in the semi-light were actually dry and rocky like the corals of the sea. He also realized that it was a place with no sun so he poised himself to ask the man before him.

“Hey, who are you? And where am I?” Rick said.

“I am Micka, and you are in your own world.” He said and turned to look at Rick. A light from his eyes struck Rick’s eyes as they looked at each other. Rick felt something from the light twitched the muscles on his face and unknowingly, trickled down to his unconscious mind. Rick was about to ask again when the cell phone in his pocket buzzed and vibrated insistently. He woke up and answered it.

“Rick, I took the night flight instead and I’m at the airport. I’d be heading there shortly.” Sarah swiftly said and hung up. I was dreaming, Rick thought but he couldn’t remember his dream. Security was strict, so Rick notified the security gate-keepers on the intercom to expect his wife’s arrival anytime and ordered some food again. When Sarah arrived, they ate that early morning. Setting the alarm for 6:30 am, they slept.

Chapter 3: Manifestation

Everyone in the CERN complex knew Sarah and she had no problem greeting and chatting with anyone she passed as she and Rick walked to his office the next morning.

Igor finished updating Rick’s mantra with an added English translation. It was an oral mystical incantation in the Kuanua language of the Tolai people of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea. Rick and Sarah walked into his office and Igor handed him the updated mantra. Sarah got the paper and saw the written chant. Bewildered, she asked, “What’s this for?”

Rick knew this was no place for mantras so he quickly lied, “It’s a repetitive chant to calm my nerves just before departure tomorrow.”

“Rick!” Igor called and waved Rick over to his office. Rick turned and told Sarah, “You wait for me at my office, dear.”

“Rick, you may not like it but please memorize it. Just make sure you understand it from its translation.” Igor said, looking sternly into Rick’s eyes. “Tomorrow you’re leaving earth and there’s not much time.”

Rick had read it the night before. He knew that the chant was a universal symbolic instruction program interpretable by the subconscious mind to induce a dream and open a doorway to an ethereal projection into which the reciter can roam by will in the world of the mind. In practice, mystics recite it before sleep prior the psy-receptive hours of 3 am or 3 pm.

Igor said again, “You know that we are tapping into the unknown, Rick. It was your idea so keep your word. It might also enable you to see things along your way to the moon for our documentation.”

“I already got it up here.” Rick said, pointing to his head. “It’s only a short one.” He then left with Igor and Sarah to join their team for the last day briefing.

Rick saw that among the scientists gathered, one was a silver-faced one. He thought he had met him before, but where, he couldn’t remember. He shrugged off the thought and sat in the middle with the French team leader speaking to everyone.

“Tomorrow Rick will be teleported to Alex Base on the moon. As you know, Rick must not be conscious to avoid the jaunt effect where the subject dies if he wakes up during the teleportation process. There must not be any metal in the subject too that will affect the ionization and transformation of Rick’s being-particles into subatomic particles.” He turned to Rick and said, “Rick, you’re sure you have no metal in you?” Rick, stiff-necked and facing the group said, “No sir, no RFID, no teeth fillings and no ring. I am cleared and set to go.” The team leader teased, “Sarah, did you hear that? No more ring.” Everyone laughed.

“Sarah will be here to watch Rick’s teleportation that will take about forty minutes until Rick is completely re-materialized on the Alex Base receiving Telepod,” he said. “Tomorrow at 2.38 pm, the moon will be directly above us, and that’s Rick’s launching time. We’re using that moon-earth alignment to simplify a lot of technical vector issues of the teleportation process.” At this point, Rick saw the silver-faced scientist left. After the speech, Rick left for Igor’s office while Sarah went to their room.

“Igor, who was that man, dressed in white, with a hooked nose and shiny grey face in the meeting today?” Igor looked puzzled forcing Rick to say again. “I saw someone in the group I believe I’ve seen him before. Do you know him?”

Igor shook his head. “I didn’t see such a man you described. You and I know everyone here and no new members joined as far as I know.” Rick paused and thoughtful for a moment, said before leaving, “Never mind, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

That night, as Sarah slept, Rick recited the chant and matching its translation in English below it. He did this over and over until he felt that he was speaking the Kuanua language chant with full knowledge of its mystical meanings until he slept. By 3 am, he was in deep sleep and his subconscious mind began executing the symbolic instructions of the mantra and found himself in his last dream again with the silver-faced Micka. He even realized that he was in that dream, and that Micka was the one he saw at the meeting in the day. How did he manage to appear among us today? Rick thought. He couldn’t find a way to end his dream and wake up so he started asking Micka again.

“What do you mean I’m in my own world, Micka?”

Micka floated closer and hovered above Rick. “Do you have any control over your next destiny?” He replied Rick with a question. Rick knew that Micka was referring to the afterlife.

“No.” Rick said.

“You’ve just previewed your world, a creation of your present mind.” Micka said. “It’s a dark and lonely place.”

“No, it’s a lie! I’m in a dream and you’re not real!” Rick said and kicked hard on a rock. His foot hurt and he woke up clutching it. It was aching. I must have kicked something too here in my sleep, he though and looked around. But there was nothing solid around and Sarah was sound asleep. Contemplating his dream, he limped to the fridge, drank some water and slept again till the alarm woke them up at 6:30 am

Chapter 4: The Launch

Sarah watched Rick as the teleport chamber lab technicians put a thin plastic vestment over him. He entered the Telepod capsule and removed the plastic garment and gave it back to them. Rick looked at Sarah. She was worried and quiet. The entrance door was locked but inside the Teleport Chamber, Micka stood and stared at Rick. Rick’s head swerved backwards in shock when he saw him. He gestured Sarah with his eyes to look at Micka. Sarah saw nothing.

“Rick, are you okay?” Sarah said. Rick didn’t talk. Then he said, “Honey, you can go now and watch with everyone up there.” Sarah waved him a kiss and left.

Rick’s Telepod was upright so he could stand and be strapped, tubed and wired by the technicians. He saw Micka and thought, Micka, what are you doing here? His thought triggered a telepathic conversation between them.

“I came to watch you go to the moon.” Micka’s voice sounded in his head. Realizing that Micka was tele-talking to him, Rick dreaded he might disturb his sleep before departure so he told the technicians. “If I’m not in full sleep in time, induce it again by a more potent injection.”

“You got my sleep program in your head to sleep on time.” Micka said. “But don’t forget, I’ll wake you up at will anytime.”

“Rick! Rick! Are you listening?” The technician attending to him shouted. “Focus, Rick. We’re going through the checklist with you. We need your verbal A to Z verification too, Okay?”

Rick told the technicians to turn the Telepod horizontally so he could be in his lying position and complete the checklist procedure. Rick tele-talked to Micka again. “What do you really want, Micka?”

“In a few hours’ time, you will have knowledge that will change the way you see the world forever. I will not give you that. You can ask that from the Loids, a light-being race you will meet soon. I will send you there later. I’ve put all those questions in your head, for answers I need to advance my world. Don’t ask me how all these will happen, for they will occur at their time of passing. I now leave you alone.” Micka said and disappeared.

Rick wondered if this was a kind of waking dream when his half-trance was interrupted by the technician, “Okay Rick, you may now go into doze mode.”

The technician pulled the Telepod door to close it but Rick, with hands strapped, said, “Please call Sarah on my cell phone, open the speaker and hold it close to me to speak to her.”

“Sarah, can you see me up there?” The whole team was watching him on a large TV display. “Yes I can, Rick.” Sarah was undecided to say good bye so she said, “I love you and do your best there for me.” After a short silence, she hung up.

With the door closed, Rick used an inbuilt injector button to administer the sleeping fluid in his arm’s tube and recited his mantra. He was monitored to be in deep sleep twenty minutes later at 2:28 pm, ten minutes before his launch.

As the teleport team watched Rick’s Telepod, they heard the hum of the Teleport Chamber and the Large Hadron Collider machines intensified their operation into synchronization. Rick would be de-materialized after five minutes, injected into the Large Hadron Collider chamber and circulated till his launch at 2:38 pm. The progress was coordinated in real-time with Alex Base on the moon for Rick’s timely passage and arrival.

Suspense crept over the audience when the control room announced. “Echo One and Echo Two synched and locked. Initiating demat process into artificial time-capsule. Remaining time to launch is five minutes.” An instant response echoed from Alex Base followed by a synthesized voice counting down the last minutes to launch.

Sarah rushed to the bathroom to wash her face. She looked into the mirror and her stomach cramped. She assured herself, “Rick’s going to be fine.” A tear rolled down her eyes and she cried. After she washed and dried her face, she walked out and sighed, “Oh Rick, I miss you so much.”

“One minute, 14 seconds.” The countdown voice said. Sarah sat down and smiled at Igor. Seeing that Sarah was worried, Igor went to her and gave a comforting chat.

The voice was now counting down the seconds, “7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Launch!” All were silent. Only Alex Base could be heard beginning its 40 minutes countdown with an occasional feedback from the control room.

“Forty minutes? I thought it would be instant.” Sarah said to Igor.

“It’s just the beginning. The endgame of it is to be instantaneous. For now, more power is needed to maintain the artificial time domain, which is a path for the time capsule to follow, while at the same time generating, maintaining, clocking and pulsing Rick’s encapsulating time capsule. We are using a duplicate, save and send process of Rick’s particles as a safeguard for his full retrieval should anything goes wrong.” Igor said.

But those forty minutes were also for Micka to ply his plan.

Chapter 5: The Plotter

In Micka’s realm, space and time are no barriers at all. It’s an invisible and subjective world, not an objective one like ours. It’s a world of consciousness where these beings move instantly by will to anywhere they wish within its cosmic mandala framework. By natures default, this invisible mandala matrix engulfs the physical structure of our universe as a co-existing hyper dimensional realm with a dark emanation from the quantum level.

All physical entities such as suns, moons, planets and all else down to sub-atoms, with all the spaces in between, form lines with dots on this framework as a natural periphery for Micka and his subjects’ limitless travels. Another layer of realm above this matrix, separated by a dark sea of skot [some kind of thing] and only accessible via time tunnels, is the world of light with beings called Loids.

A grid-line on the mandala between earth and the moon was green and blinking. It was an auto-call triggered by Micka’s hyper-will for the six grey watchers of this region to report to him.

Micka’s form, although ethereal, was human-like. The six identical greys he summoned were ethereal too but only three feet tall with skinny bodies, thin arms and legs and bigger heads with hollowed eyes. Only Micka can read their minds and monitor them as he is their source of consciousness. Greys can read each other’s minds, but they could not read Micka’s, an inbuilt safeguard they had when Micka created a countless number of them an eon ago.

The greys, like Micka, are also capable of manifesting into any physical form at will if it’s in accord with Micka’s will. And all greys know everything that happens in their assigned states. They are watchers guarding their world against inter-dimensional travelers.

Micka has two creation-limitations since time immemorial, and needed Rick to ask the Loids for these two secrets of creation – how to perform the ‘voice-will-creating’ light for his dark world, as well as the power of omnipresence in it.

“Lunaries, I now command your obedience!” Micka roared to the assembled greys. In unison they replied. “Ha!” in a kind of salutation. He pointed at four of the greys and motioned his hand to his right side. “Stand here. You are going to guard a time tunnel access-point of a subject of interest.

A grey asked, “Who is the subject?” By then, it was 2:55 pm, 17 minutes after Rick’s launch to the moon.

Micka answered him, “Humans have infiltrated our world of sub-atoms by de-materializing a man, Rick, and sending him to the moon. Rick recited an unconscious mind program to see into our realm. We will divert his path midway and send him to the upper side of light to meet the Loids. He has my questions in his head to ask the Loids for answers I need.”

He looked at the two remaining greys before him. “Your location is Alex Base Telepod Synchronizer. Will a glitch that’ll warp Rick’s path at midway to a right angle, align it with nature’s existing time tunnel so he can be sent out of its access-point onto the Loids’ side above. These four greys will then guard this access-point and wait for Rick’s attempt to re-enter.” They all nodded in unison.

“Remember,” Micka added. “No manifesting. All must remain unseen and watch the grid for directional instructions in color coding. Disperse!”

The dismissed greys instantly took their positions and Micka stood midway between the earth and moon at 2:58 pm. It was exactly 20 minutes after Rick’s launch and his artificial time capsule was midway where Micka was watching. The four greys waiting to redirect Rick’s artificial time capsule were on the other side of Micka, all separated by a cosmic distance. By the witching hour of 3:00 pm, Micka willed his commands to his subjects and the operation to intercept and re-direct Rick all began in an instant.

Chapter 6: Willed Voices

“Rick! Arise!” a voice boomed so loud Rick woke up to a moment of confusion in his dark artificial time-capsule. Trying to make sense of the moment, Rick’s time-capsule turned at a 90 degree angle, stretched and elongated limitlessly until the first glimpse of light appeared in his vision. That was Micka’s voice, he thought.

“Rick, I command you! Go to the side of light!” Rick suddenly found himself tunneling down a wormhole and was birthed out of the time tunnel into an empty space of surreal beauty, full of light beings shape-shifting in colors like flames of fire. Rick, in a faint rainbow-glow of human shape and unaware that he was in a domain of frozen time, couldn’t move in its space. One of the beings floated to him.

“I am Ariel. We are Loids, and who are you?” He said floating around Rick.

“I’m Rick. I don’t know why I’m here. How do I move?” Rick said.

“Move by your will. Just imagine where you want to be and think: ‘I am there’ and you should be where you want to be. A bit clumsy at first but you’ll get used to it. I can see you are human from your faint form. And your rainbow colored light means you breached a protocol of transition into our world in body and mind. How did you do that?” He said.

“Do you know Micka?” Rick asked.

Ariel’s light reddened and said. “Did he send you here? That ancient enemy is at it again! A few millennia ago, he sent sixty humans here from the city of Atlantis who were tinkering with crystal energy and time travel machines. One of their crystal time machines had a fault and spun out of control. It dug colossal trenches causing their city to crumble into the earth for the ocean to engulf it. The sixty poor souls in the time machine were trapped by Micka and sent here. We had no choice but to destroy them. As for you, your rainbow color saved you. You must return to your world.”

“Do you see those greys guarding your time tunnel access point?” He asked Rick, pointing to the four greys guarding the exit of his time tunnel. “They are Micka’s creation. Did Micka tell you something too to ask us for an answer?”

“No.” Rick said.

“Micka has been sending beings of all types in various shapes and sizes here to ask about voice-will-creation so he can create a light source for his universe that would make him omniscient too in his world.” Ariel said.

In Rick’s subconscious mind, Micka’s program was waiting for keywords he’d hear, and “Micka”, “ask”, “voice”, “will” and “create” were enough to trigger it into execution and Rick started talking and asking Ariel questions.

“I was on my way to the moon in an experiment of teleportation. Micka intercepted me somehow and sent me here. He did that, I’m sure, because he said it before I left Earth. I also heard his voice willing me here.” Rick said.

“Ariel, tell me, are we real? Or are we a simulation of a program running at a quantum level? And I mean of the three realities I’ve seen: My world, the dark world of Micka and now your world of light. They all seem relational and real to this moment.”

“I’ll answer your question about reality later. Micka can access your mind, even to retrieve all that you remember from what you see and hear here. We cannot. It was auto-locked from us when your ancestors, Atum and his wife, disobeyed the Divine Will of the Immutable Source, whom we serve. Their rebellion altered their consciousness to lose sight of their astral world and found themselves staring into the three dimensional world you are now in. Atum’s ancestors like you Rick, are in that world, existing within the invisible framework of Micka’s realm. You are under his invisible dominion and your mind is open to his access and influence. Only those who will against this evil influence can be immune to Micka’s mind-manipulation. We, however, can access and direct yours for authorized purposes if it’s by the will of the Immutable Source.”

“Where is the Immutable Source?” Rick asked.

“No one has seen Him, and no one can. We cannot even see Him face to face. Can you see the sun in your world with your naked eyes, or can you unite with the sun as one?”

Rick didn’t answer but eyed Ariel attentively.

“If you want to unite with the sun, your being has to be like that of the sun to unite harmoniously with it or else you’ll burn to nothing. It’s the same with the Immutable Source. He is the absolute reality and above all other realms below Him. You and I are part of His myriad of creation to extend creation and fulfill His Divine will.” Ariel said.

“How would Micka be omniscient in his dark universe if he knows the secret of voice-will-creation?

Ariel replied, “Micka needs to know how to give a voice command, with a will to activate sub atoms in his dark mind-world into luminance, and when these sub atoms lights up his world, they would be his conscious eyes in his realm making him the all-seeing and all-knowing.”

Chapter 7: Timeless Drama

Fifteen minutes had passed since Rick’s particles faded from detection. The auto-recall for Rick’s backup particles to re-materialize him failed and in desperation, Control and Alex Base were coordinating a recapture method in the last ten minutes.

“Alpha Bravo, update Control on recapture crack, over.” CERN control room radioed Alex Base.

“Control, Rick’s time-capsule detected, misaligned at 90 degrees to the artificial time-domain alignment and leaking out. Subject still not detected.”

“Roger that. Synch with me for a 10 minutes rerun, Alpha Bravo. Switch on secondary time-domain pulsar and intensify for correct alignment and recapture, over.”

Alex base echoed back, “Roger and on my count: 3, 2, 1, synch!”

A teary-eyed distraught Sarah paced up and down the hall, hands clutching her chest. Igor could do nothing to settle her so he neared her and said, “Sarah, please, go to your room and rest. I’ll buzz you any update on Rick. All is going to be okay.”

In their room, Sarah got Rick’s shirt, smelled the perfume and held it to her chest. Falling onto the bed, she then let herself into a series of uncontainable sobs. A few minutes later she collected herself and faced the ceiling. There is hope. Lord, if you can hear me up there, please, I need my Rick’s safe return! She thought and drifted off to asleep.

Rick asked again, “Ariel, do me a favor. Just demonstrate the Voice-Will-Creation so I can hear it. Unknowingly, this was Micka’s chief question, so Rick could hear and remember for him.

“Wait.” Ariel said and paused. “I have received a message from the Immutable Source. Your wife is in distress and has asked Him for your safe return. We’ll guide you back to where you came from.”

“But how did she talk to Him? You’ve just said that no one can see Him.” Rick said.

“She willed her words to the Immutable Source and He willed that message to me now. Prepare Rick, I’ll call twelve Loids to expel the four greys now from your time tunnel portal.”

As Ariel was about to will a command to summon twelve Loids, Rick said, “Ariel, the Voice-Will-Creation?”

“Rick, we are all created beings for different worlds, limited to our own realms either by destiny or rebellion of the Divine Will. That applies to you, Micka and us Loids. I have my limitations. I cannot demonstrate the Voice with Will-Creation effect. It’s forbidden and besides, it is to be used to end creation. Only the Commander-in-Chief of all Loids can do the Voice and Will-Creation effect. It is a special voice command with a will that would result in a shrill, technically, it’s a frequency with forty-eight harmonics, to recall all humans’ subatomic-evolved consciousness of the past to that present moment, and evaluate if they have evolved enough to be one with the collective consciousness meant for a harmonious existent future in another realm, where they can live again under the divine will since the fall of Atum. No demo of the Voice-Will-Create effect, Rick. Even if I just try it, it would alter the current state of things.”

“Is it possible to create a new realm from the quantum level?” Rick said.

“Yes you can but depending on the willing-mind, it can have its own limitations and imperfections. I will embed in your mind all the data you need to build a new quantum future for humankind. That time will come soon when you will use quantum machines in the future to do unimaginable feats and creations your world has never seen. Computers using quantum processors in particular, will be able to will-tap into and display other realms like the one we are now in for real, and will be interactive with the human consciousness in real-time.” As Ariel paused, his light went radiant green and said, “In your world, computers use programs, so what does a program mostly mean to you?”

“A program is many things. It is a building of thought, a piece of text typed by a programmer, a looped graphical program to display and maintain a graphical user interface, even a genetic code, a complex chemical formula that composes the biological components of living things or as I believe, a virtuous and unwavering mind willing all these creation-programs at a quantum level to generate its output of reality.”

“You gave your answers. You have the idea and all other answers to any questions you may have are in it. With the data I’m giving you, Rick, you will initiate a new beginning for your people. The willing-minds to be the power behind quantum machines for creation must be trained to the highest level of moral, physical, spiritual and mental standards to generate the perfect outputs of their mind-creation. And may the creation of their minds be a blessing to mankind and not a curse.”

Chapter 8: Final Return

“Alpha Base, raise pulsar magnetic flux by 100. Control ready to recapture Rick, over.”

“Roger that, control. We realign time capsule, you capture it. Affirm that, over?”

“Affirmative, Alpha Base. Maintain all settings levels for five minutes, over.”

As Rick’s artificial time capsule realignment was about to begin, it was also in synch with Ariel’s command to attack the greys.

Ariel had to feed the data of a future world into Rick’s mind either by touching his head or looking into his eyes.

“Rick, look me in the eye.” As Rick did, a flash of light from Ariel’s eyes lit into his vision briefly.

“Now give me your hand.” Ariel said again.

A red-blue light from Ariel’s eyes lit onto the palm of Rick’s faint rainbow-colored hand and burnt a symbol on it. Then he willed his command for twelve of the Loids to expel the greys from Rick’s time tunnel access point.

As the Loids neared the greys, an auto-repulsion took place and forced the four greys into the cosmic sea of skot bordering the two worlds. They sank in in a trail of burning time tunnels and disappeared into oblivion.

Ariel said, “Rick, go into your time tunnel so we can close it and put you to sleep with a sequence of coded light.”

“Should I will: head first? Or legs first?” Rick asked.

“It doesn’t matter. Hey Rick, before you go. When you have your first quantum computer, you hyper-will me so we can chat cross-dimensionally then. For now, your wife is waiting for you. Go!”

As Rick entered, a flash of varied colored light dazed him to sleep and closed the time tunnel portal. His artificial time capsule shrunk and aligned itself with the set teleport artificial moon-earth time domain.

“Alex Base, maintain magnetic flux density. Subject’s detected and time capsule realigned. Stand by. Initiating reverse recapture, over.”

“Roger that, control. Proceed now, over.”

As Rick’s time capsule was recaptured, the Large Hadron Collider and Teleport Chamber machines, still roaring, were put into inverse mode to re-form Rick’s being sub atoms.

“Control is now recreating Rick. Progress is 10%.”

There was a roar of cheerful applause and chatter here and there. Igor had to wait till the 75% level before calling Sarah.

“Progress is 55%.” Control updated.

Igor lifted an intercom receiver and buzzed Sarah. “Sarah, you should come now. It’s good news!”

The Control automated voice continued,

“Progress is 87%, 90%, 95%, 100% and complete!”

As the first technician completed his assorted tasks, his last one was to open Rick’s telepod. He felt the side first with the back of his hand. His hand went through invisible Micka standing there waiting for Rick. He pressed a few switches first on the side and pressed the main switch. Then he pulled the telepod door open. He saw that Rick was in full form but still unconscious.

“Rick?” He whispered, but Rick was not moving.

“Rick! Arise!” An audible loud voice thundered in Rick’s head. Rick woke up. As he opened his eyes, Micka’s eyes lit into his eyes. Rick froze. The light subsided and he saw Micka staring at him. “Thank you, Rick. I got what I need. I’ll see you again later.” Micka said and left.

“How are you, Rick?” The technician asked him.

“I think I’m fine.” Rick said as he was unstrapped and clothed. As Sarah walked in, Rick stood and clumsily hopped to hug and kiss her. With jubilant tears, Sarah walked out hand in hand with Rick to meet the teleport team. She felt the mark on the palm of his hand. Lifting his hand, she saw the Infinity symbol. It appeared to be a thick interlaced red-blue birth mark.

“What’s this, Rick? I never saw this before!”

“It’s a long story, Sarah.” Rick paused and thought. Did Micka also retrieve the data Ariel gave me?

Gesturing a curious look, she interrupted Rick’s thoughtful pose, “Will you tell me all about it?”

Rick stared at her. Smiling, he said. “I will tell yah for sure but I am not sure you’ll believe every word I’d say, ‘coz I know that you don’t believe in fairy tales.”

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