Updated on April 29, 2018



When you ask most people what they want in life they’ll say:

A nice house, nice car, a spouse and some children along the way,

You know the American Dream.

Those very same people say “I wish I had more vacation days”, “I wish I can spend more time with my family”, “I wish I wasn’t in so much debt” or “I wish I had a million dollars”.

The average person says that want success, but in reality, they want comfort because if you want anything in life you’ll obsess over it.

And most people aren't obsessed with success which is why so many people aren’t where they want to be in life.

They rather do the “normal” or “cool” thing then follow their instinct and go for what they truly want.

Like what Elenor D Roosevelt said, “small minds discuss people: average minds discuss events; great minds discuss ideas.”


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