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The Tale of the Lurking Footsteps

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My style of writing is one that leaves a lot to the reader's imagination. I hope you enjoy reading the stories.


Noises From Outside

On a cold winter night Edmund decided to have a get together. He invited everyone he knew. Everything seemed to be going well. He began to mingle in with his guests thanking them for coming and saying hello.

Then he noticed something strange. " Mary did you hear that?" he asked. "Hear what?" Mary asked with concern. Edmund went out to the back of his home to see what the strange sound was. Where did they come from and to whom do they belong? Edmund began to think to himself. He heard it again. "Who are you?" he asks. Still no answer. "I can hear you walking behind me tell me who are you?" he said with his heart in his mouth.

As Edmund turned around he saw no one there. He looked again this time he thought he saw a shadow and realized no one was there. Edmund began to ponder about this. As Edmund grew more curious, he wanted to know more. He wanted to investigate further about what he saw on that strange winter night.

Disappearing Footsteps

When Edmund began his investigation he noticed a lot of strange things happening. He saw what looked like foot prints in the snow but as he came closer they began to disappear. What would cause footprints to disappear so quickly? He thought to himself. As Edmund continued to question these strange circumstances, he noticed something else. He could hear someone walking and when he turned around he was astonished. " It can't be possible!" he said in shock.

Mary came outside to see what Edmund was shouting about. "Edmund what's wrong?" she asked. "I can't believe it" he continued "It not possible" Edmund said "What is not possible?" Mary asked. "That" Edmund said pointing at the footsteps he saw in the snow. "Maybe someone lost something and they were trying to find it." Mary said trying to calm Edmund. "Maybe you're right." Edmund said in agreement.

He wanted to know who the footsteps belonged to. He went around his get together and asked everyone there. "Did any of you happen to go in the back outside for any reason?" Edmund charmingly asked. At his surprise no one went to the back for anything. He slowly sat down in disbelief and mumbled "they don't belong to anyone"

The shadow of John who refuses to rest

The shadow of John who refuses to rest

Tall Thin Man?

When Edmund got himself together and gathered his thoughts he continued to look into what was happening. "Hey!" he shouted and began to run after what he thought was a person. Where did he go he thought as he stopped at a corner. He looked around and there were no signs of anyone.

"Excuse me did you happen to see a thin tall man running around here?" Edmund asks a passer by. "No" the passer by responded with a confused look on his face. Why did he look confused? Edmund thought. Am I the only one who saw the thin man? he thought again to himself.

As Edmund began to turn around he heard a deep voice call him and say "Ed the house is mine" the voice continued "revenge is mine". Edmund began to feel frightened. He looked around but no one was there. Where did that voice come from he thought to himself. Another thought came across Edmund's mind it was about what the voice said. What did he mean by revenge he thought.

I must send everyone home before it's to late. I don't want the man to hurt anyone. I better hurry. he thought. Edmund went on his way and began to worry about his wife Mary and how she was going to react to the strange situation.

Daylight shadows

"Mary I have to send everyone home" "Why?" Mary ask "I'll have to explain later" Edmund said with a scared look on his face. "You look concerned about something." Mary continued" Is everything alright Edmund?" " Let me send these people home and I will explain to you exactly what is going in." he explained.

"Alright everyone it's late and I have an early morning ahead of me." Edmund continued " I would like to thank everyone who made it" he continued "Please be careful on your way home it's real icy out there" Edmund sent his guests home and began to explain to Mary what was going on.

"Did you see that" Mary asked Edmund " See what?" Edmund asked in amazement. "The shadows" Mary said "Honey it's still daylight." he said. "The home is well lit." Edmund continued and asked "Where would you see shadows?" Mary answered "On the door of the shed out back."she continued to answer him "All I know is I saw a thin shadow that looked like a man" Edmund was shocked at hearing this "So it's not just me!" he said in surprise. "Mary I have something eerie to show you" Edmund said with his hand on Mary's shoulder.

who walks behind this once occupied home?

who walks behind this once occupied home?


Edmund began by showing Mary the footsteps he saw in the snow. " I noticed these tracks that lead to the shed." he said. When I follow them" Edmund continued to show Mary "see there disappearing" he said. "How are they disappearing and reappearing" asks Mary. "If we dig deeper into the history of this home we should be able to figure out what this thing really is." He said " Maybe it is a who." Edmund suggested.

They went to the archives and found some interesting and terrifying information. "Wow" Edmund said with astonishment . " Our house was owned by John Michaels" Edmund said "he was one of the richest men in this town". "Do you think the footsteps and shadows belong to him?" asks Mary. Edmund scrolled down the archive and saw something "This is horrible" he continued. "It says that John murdered a thief after the thief stole the deed to his home." Edmund said

"The home that we live in" he continued. "John also swore revenge on anyone who lived in his home." Mary asks " Is that why he keeps going to the shed?" Edmund looked at Mary and quietly said "I think your right." She whispered "is John trying to kill us?" "We can figure something out" Edmund said alarmingly.

When they returned home from the archives they discovered more foot prints. This time the footsteps led to the front door of the home. Mary gasped "Who is there?" As she began to listen for an answer "I don't think your going to get an answer." Edmund said. "But someone has to be there." Mary insisted

As they were entering their home Edmund said "Hello" . Mary noticed the door was opened and asks "Is there anyone in here?". They heard footsteps in the back outside. Edmund hurried to catch a glimpse of who it was. He saw the same shadow man again and this time Mary saw it. Every night they still heard the lurking footsteps around the house. They both were startled and decided to move to a newer home with a better history. Edmund wanted to see if the ghost was still there. He went to visit the home and noticed no one was living in it and it had been abandoned. Mary was with him and noticed a slender man standing outside the abandoned home. Edmund was to frightened and headed home

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