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Molly writes under the pen name M. Allman. If you would like to read more of her work, you can find her books on Amazon Kindle.


Looking at an empty room.
Listening to silence.
Lips utter words unheard.
Longing for companionship.
Lingering thoughts cause your
Loss of control. You contemplate
Life. Is it worth living?


Molly Smith (author) from Indiana on May 24, 2017:

Thank you, Lori. :)

Lori Colbo from Pacific Northwest on May 23, 2017:

I will not say BUT it was dark. It was good and dark. I too had a second of concern for you because I have experienced those things and could have written that a year ago. Job well done.

Molly Smith (author) from Indiana on May 23, 2017:

Thank you, Deepali. :)

Deepali Awasare from Vadodara on May 21, 2017:

Liked the short poem Molly.....a bit dark though.... but well written

Molly Smith (author) from Indiana on May 21, 2017:

No apology necessary, Cleo. It's nice to know there are people out there with concern for others. :)

Cleo Burch from Sunrise, Florida on May 21, 2017:

My apologies if that came off the wrong way! I wanted to make sure things were alright because sometimes you never know if it's just a prompt or if something deeper is going on. I'm glad you're doing well and you can really feel the emotion in your writing. C:

Molly Smith (author) from Indiana on May 21, 2017:

Yes, Cleo. All is fine. I actually wrote this to be dark for a writing contest a few years ago. I am not at all lonely in my life. Thanks for reading and for your concern.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on May 21, 2017:

Nice little poem, Molly. Yes, life is worth living. Loneliness doesn't last forever.

Cleo Burch from Sunrise, Florida on May 21, 2017:

This seems very dark. Is everything okay?