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Regret—A Feeling of Sadness

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I write with passion and try to connect the situations in meaningful ways.

The Background

Our fellow author Brenda Arledge has provided us a word prompt challenge. We have the choice to write poetry or a short story on this word prompt challenge. I have given it a shot and tried to write something creative. The word is 'Regret'. Regret is a feeling of sadness and disappointment. Psychologists define regret: "an aversive sensitive state elicited by a discrepancy in the outcome values of chosen vs. unchosen actions".

Here, I have shared poems and a short story related to the word 'regret'. The story is about a girl who was regretful about trusting someone. The one who didn't deserve her at all, but she loved him wholeheartedly.


Regret Is Useless

killer of the soul

lives freely...

With no regret,

but for how long?

The voice of conscience

shakes from within.

When the oppressor becomes oppressed.

And time says "it's your turn".

The echo of sighs and sobs

can be heard far and wide.

And it's too late because,

regret is useless.


He had to go

He will regret,

for leaving me helpless,

He said he has to go.

That happened what I feared.

losing him was never an option,

but he had to go.

This feeling was terrifying,

But what I could do.

A quivering voice came from within.

Crying is for those who are not in destiny.

Were they ever yours?

And moaning is worthless.

Those who left deliberately,

Were never yours.

Shedding tears for hypocrites is futile.

Moving on is always an option.

I don't spend time thinking about what I should have done in the past. That, to me, is a complete waste of time. I deal with the present, what I can change now, and I deal with the future tomorrow. It works well for me.

—Bill Holland

Regret to Trust—a Short Story

Walking along the shore, the fearless waves of the sea were touching her feet. She felt that the waves were taking her heart with them. Inside was a storm of regrets that were flowing from her eyes as tears. Will she ever be able to trust anyone again? Probably not. She was broken from within.


The scene from a week ago revolved before her eyes. She was happily running towards her mother.

"Mom, I need to tell you something." She spoke with squint eyes and a meaningful smile was covering her beautiful face. Mrs. Maria looked at her from inside her glasses.

"Is everything alright, dear? What do you want to say? I hope you are not just babbling, and there is something important to tell."

"Mom, please, I am serious and you have to listen to me before speculating anything." She was feeling grumpy.

" sweet daughter, I am with you always, but one thing that I want to clear. If you have messed up things, then deal with them by yourself. I will not be a 'punching bag' for you this time." Her mother said this by raising both of her hands.

"You are not listening to me, mom." Now she was protesting.

"Okay, go on, I am listening." Her mother took a serious mode.

"I wanted to tell you that there is someone in my life, and I am very serious about him. You know he is an architect and wants to meet you. You will definitely like him. After all, he was the most genius man of our university." She said everything at once and was waiting for her mother's reaction.

Her mother saw her joyful smile and approached her. "You are my treasure, dear. I never want to see you with regrets. Don't settle for second best and spend your life with the one who loves you as I do."

"Mom, you are the best." She shouted with joy.

"My angel, l want you to do some important work of mine. I need you to drop some files to the house of my office colleague. I hope you wouldn't mind." Her mother requested her.

"Of course, Mom. I am always here for you. I need the address, and I will be there within minutes." She replied to her Mom.

Her mother knew that in a few moments, her daughter would shatter. But to save her from future regrets, she had to face the reality. Sara was getting ready. She wore a black gown with light make-up. Her brown hair with loose waves was enchanting her personality. She took files and left home with a captivating smile.

"Monday night I feel so low, I count the hours,

but they go so slow

I know the sound of your voice

can save my soul

City lights, and streets of gold"

She was humming with joy and singing. She wondered how she could tell Joseph that they would be one. She turned the car to where she was supposed to deliver the files. She stopped near the house and rang the doorbell. She was shocked to see the man standing in front of her. "Who is on the door, Honey? I told you, I won't let you go anywhere today." A female voice came from behind him.

Hearing this voice, Sara's steps faltered. She was drowning in a sea of ​​shock. Sara! A man's hoarse voice hit her ears. But she couldn't believe her ears. Everything she saw was a nightmare. Her eyes were filled with tears. She leaned back and ran to the car. A smart and beautiful girl standing in the back was watching the whole scene. She was a colleague of her mother. She had met her once or twice. She understood why her mother had sent her here.

Sara, listen to me. I am going to tell you something. Joseph ran after Sara and tried to hold her hand. But Sarah backed away with a click and sat in the car. She turned the car towards the shore where she wanted to express her grief to the waves of the sea.

She looked at her face in the mirror—there was regret.

Regret to trust someone...

Regret for wanting the wrong person...

Regret for being deceived...

Regret of loseing...

She ran towards the shore. "Why me"... A loud scream rose in the air—a scream of regret.

© 2021 EK Jadoon