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Judas Kiss


Fallen from the peaks of height the earth provided.
The same soil it is that I trample,
The same air it is I breath,
But that sweetness is turned dank.
In this pit
Heaven provides me shelter from itself,
In this dark
Where foliage clouds my sight,
And I turn my eyes to what I've found but I can't seem to give a fuck.
Deprived of thee nothing can I want.
I cloak myself in shame and shy away
Hide away from thy warmest touch
In the clefts of the rock.
The same loves perverted to senseless presences.
Just is my despair. No comfort can console me.
My beloved is mine, but am I his?

What reparation is there for such expert crookedness?
If only a bauble can steal my mind from thee
Not once, not twice, but everyday.
I am mine own bane,
Deceitful is my sincerity.
Still you blame the foxes.
The little foxes I could've bested
With a mustard seed had I but dained to ask thee.
Just is my despair. No comfort can console me.

© 2017 Marianne Hingert

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