Updated on November 14, 2019

Kate was enjoying her breakfast waiting for her husband David to come down stairs his plat of piping hot pancakes sitting right next to her. David always took a long time in the shower especially in the morning and so Kate usually timed her morning routine before him. She smiled at his little quirks that sometimes annoyed her and yet made her love the man all the more. Her unfocused gaze was directed outside the kitchen window which gave her a clear view of the lawn and front of her neighbor Mark’s house.

Mark was a sweet and social person and the couple always felt at ease around him. By now they were both aware of how his odd timings of work and suddenly a question dawned on Kate’s mind, they didn’t know what Mark did for a living or at least she was sure she didn’t know. She frowned at the thought and that was how David found his sitting on the kitchen table with her brows scrunched together.

“What happened Kate? You look deep in thought.” David asked as he sat next to her freshly showered and dressed for work.

“I was just thinking that I don’t know what our neighbor Mike does for a living and found it strange.” Kate replied hoping David might know and put her at ease.

But like Kate, David found himself wondering as well but rather than dwelling at it he told her to let go of it since it didn’t really matter all that much. Kate let it go for the moment but she found herself observing Mike and his outings more and more over the next few days, until she wished she didn’t.

It was one night past midnight that Kate saw something she was not meant to. Kate had woken up that night feeling thirsty and had gone to the kitchen to get a glass of water., by simple habit Kate had looked out the window to see Mile returning to his home but he was completely covered in blood. Thankfully her own kitchen light was not open so she didn’t draw any attention to herself. Kate was terrified yet curious and so for the next few days she kept a watchful eye out exactly when she had seen Mike covered in blood first. And each day on cue Mike returned covered in blood. After a few days taking David into confidence she told him of what she saw. David was shocked beyond words and that night observed the incident with Kate as well.

“David what should we do. That much blood. You know as well as I do there is only one explanation for all this. Mike is a murderer no he is a serial killer.” Kate spoke with a horror stricken face.

David sighed completely agreeing with Kate’s sentiments but he wasn’t going to let his wife or even himself get in harm’s way. This was not like the movies where the main lead goes charging head first to capture the criminal themselves.

“Kate whatever crime he may have committed we cannot go head first in to this. We shouldn’t charge forward.”

Kate nodded and the couple agreed to call the authorities but they did so by sending an anonymous tip so as not to be tied to the incident in anyway. They had to send in a tip for the next whole week before anyone truly responded. That week was filled with fear and dread as the couple clung to each other during the night but one morning it was all over the news. Mike had been responsible for the murder of countless men, women and children and having seemingly no fixed method of killing it had become hard to actually capture him.

Kate couldn’t believe that one simple accidental peak had led to the capture of someone so ruthless.


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