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Never Take Revenge

The author enjoys writing stories and sharing with other people.

Forgive and You Will Be Forgiven

Ben had worked in Tujuane company for many years until his contract was terminated abruptly and unceremoniously. When his boss called him to her office to receive his last salary in that company, he was very devastated. Upon receiving it, he was shown the gates, and that marked the genesis of his unending misery.

The following day, he went to several companies, not looking for greener pasture, but looking for any job that would enable him to feed several mouths back at home. All companies he approached either gave him a cold shoulder or told him that they could not employ him at that time. What unlucky man he was!

He called on his former employer at her office one morning. Unfortunately, the boss did not turn up. She called the secretary on phone and informed her to send the reckless man away. There he went. His head hanging low. He remembered how his boss had used sweet words while laying him off. "Ben, I’m not sacking you, but the situations have forced me to do what I hate most. Releasing you to go and have a fabulous moment with your family. I have a lot of employees here and the wage bill is so high. You have to go. I will pay you three months’ salary for having not given you notice. Now go!” That’s how Ben had been sacked. Empty promises. Where was that angel of promises? Had she changed her mind? Maybe she was a mere pretender, or an honest liar if I may put it in other words.

How time flies! Ben was eventually employed in a renowned company. Paid handsomely, he was able to settle huge debts, that had accumulated over several months. He put up a house as grand as a palace. His children were schooling in prestigious and luxurious schools in that country. God is faithful. He will never let you be tempted beyond a point that you cannot bear.

Ben was slowly driving his luxurious brand new Italian Ferrari car down the busy road when he saw a lady begging for money by the road. The face appeared familiar to him. He slowed down and halted. On alighting from the car, he recognized the lady. The lady recognized him too. He wanted to go back in the car but the conscience told him something. “Never revenge." He gave the shabbily dressed lady a one thousand-shilling note. In addition, he had a little talk with ‘his former employer’ for a moment and offered to employ her in the small fruit firm he had started. The lady cried a lot apologising but Ben told her that he had long forgiven her and forgotten everything. He cried too. The bystanders were now flabbergasted by the two strange folks crying. One smartly dressed and the other…..

The following week the lady reported to work in Ben's fruit firm. She was employed and paid handsomely. Ben kept his words, unlike his former boss….He made a solemn vow that he would never mistreat the lady, not only the lady but also all other workers.