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No one was more surprised when Emma Watson sat down at his table.
He had seen her here time and time again, it was part of a chain of family restaurants and he couldn’t believe his eyes when he recognized her a few tables over. At first, he thought that it couldn’t possibly be her, it had to be a look alike. He wanted nothing more than to go over and talk to her, but she would probably just brush him off as yet another crazy Harry Potter fan. So he found himself in a familiar routine, getting breakfast here at the same restaurant every morning. He always brought a newspaper along to give himself something to do, a reason to hang around for so long rather than just eat and leave.
He didn’t think it would ever go any further than this, so no one was more surprised than him when she actually came over to his table. He was reading through his newspaper when he heard her voice.
“Excuse me?”
At first, he couldn’t believe his ears, but he looked up and there she was, standing right near his table. At first, he was worried that he had done something wrong, did she think he was stalking her and she was here to tell him off?
“Do you mind if I sit down?” she asked, shyly like she was afraid that he would say no.
“O-of course,” he stammered, and she slid into the chair opposite him.
“Oh thank you so much, can I borrow this?” she pointed to the newspaper.
“Oh, sure,” while it was flattering that she had come over, the thought that she would now leave was a sad one.
But instead, she held up the newspaper like a shield, hiding them both from the rest of the restaurant. It felt beautiful in a way, when he looked at her he could imagine that they were in their own little world.
“Are you okay?” he asked. For a moment he fantasized that she had been trying to work up the courage to talk to him the way he had with her. She ducked closer to him and he found himself staring into her beautiful doe-like eyes.
“There’s a guy over there and I’m pretty sure he’s taking pictures of me,”
“Wow, that’s so creepy,” he tried to squash the part of him that was a bit relieved that she didn’t think he was weird.
“Exactly, I didn’t want to bother you, but I don’t want the paparazzi to realize that I’m here. It’s just…I see you in here every day and I hoped you’d take pity on me,”
“It’s really no trouble at all,” it was all he could say. She smiled at him sweetly and his heart fluttered, he loved the idea of being her knight in shining armor, here to protect her from the creeps of the world. He didn’t want this morning to end and he had an idea as to how he could keep this going.
“Would you like to get out of here?” he asked. “You shouldn’t have to go hungry because of that creep, I know a place down the street,”
“That’s a great idea, I’d love to, how will we get out of here?”
“Yeah, I think they’ll notice if we keep hiding behind this newspaper,”
She laughed, the sound was so pure like a bell and he realized that he was grinning like an idiot.
“What if you wear my hat?” he took off his baseball cap and offered it to her. “It could hide your face,”
She put it on posed for him.
“How does it look?”
“Gorgeous,” the word burst out of him before he could stop it and there was a terrifying moment where he was worried that she would think that he sounded like a dork, but instead she blushed and smiled like she was genuinely flattered.
“I hope this doesn’t sound too weird or anything, but could you put your arm around me?”
They stood up from the table and he put his arm around Emma, making sure to stand between her and the other people in the restaurant. He felt his heart soar and he couldn’t remember the last time he had felt this excited. At first, he assumed that she wanted to pretend they were a couple as a cover to get out of the restaurant, but when they were out the door he felt her snuggle a little closer to him, like she was genuinely happy to be there.
“Hey, I hope this doesn’t sound too forward, but would you like to come back to my place?”
She looked up at him and he quickly reassured her.
“I’ll make you breakfast and we can watch Netflix or something,” it’d be nice to spend some more time with her, and this way they didn’t have to worry about prying eyes.
“I’d like that,” she smiled up at him.

Meeting Emma part 2 He still had his arm wrapped around Emma when he realised that he should introduce himself. “Oh, sorry, I’m David Simmons,” he stuck out the hand that wasn’t wrapped around her shoulders. Part of him wanted to go on and on and on about how he probably knew all about her and she didn’t know the slightest thing about him, but before he said it he realised how creepy it sounded. It would be better to introduce himself like he was meeting anyone else for the first time. After all, deep down he wanted to get to know Emma as a person, not just a celebrity.
“Emma,” she shook it as she looked up at him, smiling. It felt so strange to be shaking her hand like she was a stranger, while his other arm was wrapped around her like she was his girlfriend. Yeah, I wish, he didn’t want to give him hopes, how could Emma Watson of all people possibly consider actually dating him? But maybe that’s what she wanted, someone to treat her as plain old Emma rather than a celebrity actress and he decided that he would like this from now on like she was a pretty girl he wanted to get to know rather than a famous celebrity that he had a major crush on.
“Are you serious about coming back to my place?” he asked.
“As long as you don’t alert the media,” she tried to say it in a joking tone, but he could see in her eyes that she knew that she should be worried, he was a complete stranger after all… “What would be the point?” he told her honestly. “You’d leave and I wouldn’t get to know you. Besides, I know where you have breakfast, or used to,” he corrected himself, there was no way in heck that she would be going back there after that creepy fan had found her there. “If I were interested in selling you out to the media, wouldn’t I have told them where you were already? We’d be surrounded right now,”
“I suppose so, yes,” he could see a flash of raw vulnerability in her eyes and he knew that she desperately wanted to trust him. At that moment he could see what a real burden it was to be this famous, that she couldn’t even make plans to go over to somebody’s house for breakfast without the whole world dying to know the juicy details. He could almost see the conflict stirring inside her like a storm, Emma the celebrity warned her to stay away, to protect herself, but Emma the human being wanted desperately to trust him, to make a personal connection with someone that had nothing to do with her celebrity status. He suddenly felt a strong sense of empathy with her and he realised how isolated she must be, what she needed right now was a true friend, and hopefully, a future boyfriend, not some star-struck fan boy. “I’ll tell you what,” it would mean an incredible sacrifice of dignity, but it would be necessary if he wanted to really get to know her, to make a connection to her as a human being. “If you come to mine and let me cook for you, I’ll tell you about my most embarrassing memory from high school, you can tell whoever you want,”… in case I spill the beans and we end up on the cover of tomorrow’s newspaper… he wanted to say, but he didn’t want that image in her mind anymore than what it already was. “Alright then,” she smiled up at him. He kept his arm around her as they walked, happy beyond belief that she was still wearing his hat. It would protect her from prying eyes and honestly he would be happy if she never took it off. If he was ever unfortunate enough to get it back, he would never wash it. The hat itself seemed to represent his presence, protecting her from unwanted attention even when they weren’t together. They walked together towards his apartment building, every step taking them closer and closer to his home, his haven, a place where they could be alone without the fear and pressure of constant surveillance. He had only a taste of what her world was like, and already he hated it. He could almost understand now, why so many old child stars ended up with drug and alcohol problems, and all he had to do was to keep an eye out for prying eyes on the way back to his apartment.
Meeting Emma Part Three

“So,” he kept looking at her out of the corner of his eyes, he still couldn’t believe that it was really her. I could just be a look-alike posing as Emma, though the odds at this point seemed unlikely. But were those odds more or less likely than not only running into the woman herself, but that she would come right up to him and ask him for help in a way that would result in the two of them going away somewhere private. He didn’t want to brag too much, but he wasn’t a bad looking guy, and there was every chance that she was a girl who happened to look like Emma Watson and she was trying to score a date, or simply enjoyed impersonating a celebrity for the attention. While the last thing he wanted to do was to scare her off in case she did turn out to be the real deal, if they spent time together it had to be because they genuinely seemed to enjoy each other’s company, not because she was a celebrity impersonator who was just looking for attention, if that were the case, then he would be left feeling like that he had been wasting his time, he wasn’t the kind of man who enjoyed being lied to. “So, are you really…well, you?” he asked.
“Yes, I am,” she laughed, and he wondered how many times she had heard it, the “oh you couldn’t possibly be Emma Watson because if I gushed over you and you turned out to be someone else by mistake I’d just die of embarrassment,” spiel. Or the kind of people who assumed that celebrities were vampires or some kind of hermit who only left home under the cover of dark with a small army of bodyguards, photographers and assistants.
“I can show you my driver’s licence if you don’t believe me,” she offered with a small laugh, but he could see the worry in her eyes.
“It’s okay, I wasn’t about to go all stalker fanboy on you, I just…” Honestly, there was no way he could say it now, he was worried that he would sound too lame if he said out loud what he had been thinking.
“You just wanted to know if it was really me and I wasn’t some attention seeking look alike?” it was hard to real the expression in her eyes and now she was saying it out loud he started to feel a little embarrassed.
“It’s okay,” she smiled at him reassuringly when she saw the look he had on his face. “It happens more often than you’d think,”
“Really?” he asked, while he was still slightly embarrassed that he had brought it up, but now he was also curious. “It sounds like there’s a story behind that,”
“Well,” she looked down a little embarrassed before she continued. “I did catch a girl trying to pretend to be me trying to get free makeup samples,”
“Seriously?” he asked, not sure what he was feeling more, entertained or just confused. “Why on earth would she do that?”
“It was at Sephora, everything there is usually pretty expensive,” she explained. Normally he didn’t really get makeup, but he understood the gist of what she was saying.
“Can’t imagine she was happy to see you,” he commented and she laughed.
“She was really quite thrilled actually, until she realised that I had heard the whole conversation she had with the sales girl,”
He laughed with her as they stepped in through his front door. He looked around his apartment with an uncomfortable sense of dread. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but he hadn’t taken the garbage out and there were odd things lying around along with some empty beer cans and some laundry. He knew that he should have cleaned up as he was stepping out the door, but he had figured that it could wait until he got back, he hadn’t really intended to bring anyone back.
“I…have you got a bathroom?” she asked.
“Oh yeah, down the hall,” he showed her where it was before running around his apartment frantically. He briefly wondered if she really did need to use his bathroom or if she could see how badly he wanted to clean up and knew that he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable by tidying up right in front of her. He threw the laundry in the machine, any garbage in the bin and did his best to straighten everything up, so he wasn’t too embarrassed when she emerged from the bathroom. She smiled at him and he felt butterflies inside him, he was looking forward to spending the day with her.

Meeting Emma Part 4 He stood back to admire his handiwork, the place wasn't as clean as he would like, but it was at least semi-presentable and he felt a whole lot less embarrassed to let Emma see the place. He heard the sound of footsteps and turned to see Emma standing with her arms folded awkwardly. She was still smiling, but when he looked into her eyes he could see that she looked a little strained.
"Sorry David, I think I'm going to go now,"
"Are you sure?" he asked, it seemed a bit strange, she wouldn't have agreed to come back here if she had somewhere else to be, and she seemed happy enough to be here when she first walked in, mess and all, surely the place didn't look that bad. But she looked uncomfortable for some reason, which was the complete opposite of how she had been around him so far, carefree and completely comfortable with him. What could have changed from the restaurant to the bathroom?
The bathroom...
Oh no, he groaned inwardly. He had completely forgotten, right opposite the bathroom was the cupboard where he kept all of his Harry Potter stuff, his apartment was a small one, so it made sense to keep it all together in one place, unfortunately he had put his Hermione figuring right in the middle so to an outsider it would look like, not just a collection of Harry Potter memorabilia, but some kind of weird shrine to Emma herself.
"Urg no," he looked back on every single embarrassing moment of his life, but nothing compared to this moment right now, this was the mega two-ton bomb of humiliation that blew all other embarrassing moments right out of the water. "No no no, this isn't what it looks like, I'm not some crazy fanboy, I promise,"
"Then why were you in that restaurant?" she asked, looking slightly heartbroken. "I thought I could trust you, I thought-" she cut herself off, obviously trying to hold back tears before continuing. "I thought you really liked me, I thought you were different,"
"I am different and I do like you..." he tried to reassure her before she cut him off.
"But you don't know me!" her tone was confrontational. "How can you like someone you've never really met? All this time I thought it was just a coincidence that we both liked to get breakfast from the same place..."
"It is!" he tried to tell her, his voice getting higher to an unflattering, un-masculine pitch in his panic and he tried to bring his voice back down to try and save himself some dignity. "I mean, sure, I started going more often when I saw that you were there, but could you blame me? The first time I was there was a coincidence, it's not like I followed you there,"
Something flashed in her eyes and he realized that that's exactly what she had been thinking, that he was some kind of crazy stalker and he'd followed her to the restaurant from God knows where.
"I didn't follow you from somewhere else, okay? I don't know anything about you..."
"You got that right," she tried to glare at him, but he also saw notes of fear in her expression.
"I don't know where you live, I don't know where you usually like to go, when I started going to that place more often and saw that you like to go there, I just thought it was nice to be around you,"
This last statement seemed to soften her expression a little.
"Well, I suppose you easily could have called the press and you didn't, and I never saw you trying to take any pictures of me or anything,"
"I can understand why you were upset," even though he hadn't done anything wrong, he thought it would be best to at least offer some kind of apology. "I guess I should have said something earlier, but I didn't know how without looking like some kind of crazy fanboy stalker,"
"I guess," she admitted with a small, weak laugh.
"And you're completely right, I might like you, but I don't know you, not really. But I would like the chance to, I want to get to know the real you, if you'll give me the chance, can we at least be friends?"
Though she still did silly things to his heart, if she thought he had romantic feelings for her she might get scared, at least friendship was something, and his mother always told him that the best relationship started with friendships.
"Sure," she looked up at him and smile. "I'd like that,"

Meeting Emma Part 4 version 2
He stood back to admire his handiwork, the place wasn't as clean as he would like, but it was at least semi-presentable and he felt a whole lot less embarrassed to let Emma see the place. He heard the sound of footsteps and turned to see Emma standing in front of him. She was smiling at him with such glare in her eyes like she wanted to tell him that he cleaned up his place really quickly and that she really went to the bathroom just to give him some time.
“Your place looks so nice. It is so comfortable and warm” – she smiled. David understood the catch and he laughed.
“Well, thank you. It usually looks even better than it does now. I was in a hurry these days, so I did not have much time to clean this up and you know…” - Emma interrupted him in the middle of his sentence wanting him to understand that she does not really care whether he cleans his apartment or not and that there was no reason why he should feel ashamed at that moment.
“I really enjoyed having breakfast in the restaurant. It is a great start of the day for me. And I must admit that I was feeling even better when I saw that you are sitting on the opposite table. It felt like I have company. Like there was someone that is into me not into the celebrity. It was just a great feeling that I had”. – At that moment David did not know how to react. He was not sure what would be the right reply to this saying. At that moment, David decided to show her the Harry Potter collection he had kept in his bedroom in order to show her that he admires her work and that he knows how greats she is. His intention was to show her that despite knowing that she is an excellent actress, he wanted to get to know the real Emma Watson, not just Hermione.
He brought the Harry Potter collection in front of her. He thought that she would be surprised, but she stood up from the sofa. Her look was insecure and she became anxious.
“I really think I should go now”. David was confused and did not know what to do.
“Sorry, Emma” – he said “I am a big fan of yours, but I did not bring you here because of that. The first time I saw you at the restaurant was destiny. I did not even know that you were going there. The times after that I went there on purpose because I wanted to meet Emma, not Hermione. I know a lot of things about her, but I do not know Emma. And I will be thrilled if I get the chance to meet you. I just wanted us to get to know each other better” – His voice calmed while he was saying the last words.
Emma was hesitating but he seemed like a good guy who was telling the truth.
“I guess we can grab a cup of coffee sometimes in the restaurant” – she smiled.
David smiled at her. “The pleasure would be mine”!
Meeting emma part 5
David was glad that everything went perfectly regarding the awkward situation when he showed Emma his Harry Potter collection. In fact, that was his biggest fear since he had met her or the very first time in the nearby restaurant. He was glad everything was over, so now he was ready for a brand new start. He was kind of feeling the vibes he was getting from Emma and it seemed like a great sign that Emma was enjoying his company just as much as he did.
“Would you like to have a coffee now? I did not have a coffee this morning because I wanted to go to the restaurant first in order to check whether you will be there.” – It seemed like David spilled the beans with the last few words. He started blushing and in a few seconds, his face was red. The damage was done. He could not do anything about it. He tried to save this situation because he could feel the tension floating in the air. It seemed like Emma was feeling a bit uncomfortable also.
“Or maybe you would like some tea? I have some herbal tea, fruit tea… or if you want some coffee that is fine… - David started stammering because he was feeling even more uncomfortable... – “Yeah, coffee is a good idea” – he tried to come to his senses – “Would you like some sugar or milk in your coffee? – David started moving slowly to the kitchen.
“Yeah, sure, coffee is fine. I am not such a great fan of tea. I prefer coffee.” – Emma replied.
While David was in the kitchen, Emma was looking around David’s living room. She wanted to get to know him better and to realize whether they have something in common so that they can talk about it when he returns to the living room. There was a certificate from the major for his charity work and helping those in need. Also, David wanted to help the pensioners and the single mothers. She felt like her heart was melting because now she was certain that he really as a heart of gold and that he is not just a creepy fan of hers.
“I am sorry, it seems like I run out of coffee, so I made some tea. I hope that is not a problem.” – David felt a bit ashamed because this was the second embarrassing thing this morning – firstly the room was a mess and secondly, he did not have the basic “survival” ingredients in the kitchen.
“No, it is okay. It smells delicious. “– Emma wanted to take the cup in his hands, but she spilled the tea on the carpet because it was too hot.
“I am so sorry. I will clean this up right away.” – Emma was also ashamed.
“No, it is okay. I think this means we should go to some coffee shop and buy some coffee. It seems that tea is not a good idea, but coffee is” – David smiled.
“Yes, that would be great. I really need one now. I will grab my jacket.”
David and Emma left David’s home and they were shocked. There were a bunch of people with cameras waiting for them in front of the house. They started taking photos and it became really noisy and loud.
“What is that? How did they find out? Oh, this is a disaster! – Emma was desperate.
“I don’t know. Come here, we will escape through the back door!”

Meeting Emma part 6

David grabbed Emma’s hand and led her to the back door of his home. Emma decided to believe David this time because he had the feeling that he is a really good man with good intentions. Although, she had one small grain of doubt in her soul that David might have been the one who had called the media and told them that she was there in his home. Anyways, she was a famous actress and she had learnt that in a job like hers, a man must be aware of everything. This time, she had no other choice than to believe him that everything will turn out great at the end of this mess.
Emma walked with her eyes closed all the time while they both were going to the back door. It seemed like she was blinded from the flashlight of the cameras. They went downstairs to the basement because David needed the key to the back door. After a while, David managed to find the key and he opened the door. But, something unexpected happened. When David opened the door, several men were waiting outside with the cameras in their hands. Some of them had some microphones with them and started asking a lot of questions. Emma panicked and David was very nervous because he was feeling like he was letting Emma down. It was a terrible moment for both of them.
David tried to calm down and started yelling at the journalists. “This was enough gentlemen, now get out of here immediately this is a private property and you are not allowed to get in here. You have no permission to jump over the fence and come in my yard in front of the door. You have two seconds to leave or I will be calling the police.” – David was very frustrated and even his face turned red. Emma wanted to help David put an end to this misery and decided to step ahead.
“It’s okay David. The gentlemen want to ask me a few questions. Come on gentlemen. Each of you can ask only one question. I have no time.” – Emma tried to look calm and keep a natural look on her face.
“Who is this Emma? Is this your new boyfriend? Tell us more about him.
“Well, I thought you were going to ask something about me, but here you are for a juicy gossip about my friend. – Emma giggled and tried to make this situation less tense. “Well, I am sorry to disappoint you, but this is my friend. I am here to help him in his tough times. He has been doing some charity work and he also helps the retired people. Another one?
“What is his name, why were you hiding him?”
“I am not hiding him, as I said, he needs some help and some good company, that means a little privacy is required in these situations. You do not need his name, or I will give you the challenge to discover it by yourselves” – Emma smiled.
“Are you going to have a cup of coffee with him at the restaurant again?” – The last question made Emma really upset. She did not expect this question and felt a little bit shocked because she thought no one saw her leaving with David from the restaurant. Or, after all, maybe it was David.
“Well, what I question. I don’t know the answer to that question. – Emma laughed again in order to look less tense.
“Okay, you got what you want. Now get out of here.” – David yelled at the journalists.

meeting emma part 7
“This was a really unpleasant situation. I do not know how all of this happened. I just wanted some quiet time with you, just one simple cup of coffee… Look at all of this mess. They are still in the yard. I do not know what to do. I think I should call the police!” – David seemed really upset. He felt like he owed some reasonable explanation to Emma for all of this mess. He felt a little bit guilty.
“No, it will be even worse. The police will question us also. They may report this to the media and it will be even worse. They will make a whole new story, leaving out my previous interview. I am not sure if the press believed my story, but it is better to leave it like this than to make it even worse” – Emma took a really deep breath. She seemed very frustrated. She was walking around the room, biting her nails and trying to come up with a solution.
“Let’s go somewhere. I cannot stay in here any longer. Take your jacket. We are going somewhere where it is less crowded.” – David tried to calm the situation.
“Where are we going? We can go to any public place. There might be someone who may recognize me.” – Emma replied.
“Well, I have a cousin who has a cabin in the woods. Maybe we can go there and have a cup of coffee. It is really quiet there. There is no other cabin near his so I am sure there will be no people. We can get there in an hour”
“Are you sure David?” – Emma gave David a fierce glare.
David seemed a bit confused. “Yes, I am Emma! Why are you asking this?”
“Because so many coincidences happened in the past few hours that I can even process all of the information in my head. On the one hand, you say you just want to get to know me as a person, not just as an actress, but on the other hand, there are a bunch of people in your year with cameras and microphones just at the time when I was at your home? This situation is confusing” – Emma sat down on the sofa.
“I feel so betrayed and abused” she made a pause and continued “you are the same just like everyone out there!”
“Wait, wait, what is this supposed to mean?” – David was confused. “Are you blaming me for all the mess? I am not the one who informed the media that you were here!”
So how do you explain this? These people must have been informed by someone and that someone is you. I should have left at the moment when I saw that Harry Potter collection. I am so stupid.”
“That is insane. I did not do that. I am a fan of yours, but I just wanted to get to know you. This is not my plan. You are so wrong!” – David was desperate.
“I don’t believe you anymore David!”

Meeting Emma Part 8
The weather was cloudy and it started to rain. Emma was sitting quietly on the sofa and David was sitting on the chair in the opposite direction of her. Both of them could hear the raindrops outside because no-one was trying to say something. It was very quiet in the room, but it was not peaceful at all.
“I think I should go now” – these words broke the silence in the room.
“But, wait, where are you going?” – David tried to stop Emma from leaving his house and maybe leaving his life too.
“I don’t know, but I am definitely not staying here in this place where I feel betrayed and used. I do not know what would I do next, but I am not staying here with you David.”
“Well, okay, I understand your feelings and I can only imagine how you feel right now, but could you please listen to me one more time?” – David was very upset.
“No, David, please, I am tired of hearing the same story over and over again from different people. I need some space to think about this mess, about everything that happened lately. I am so tired and confused and stressed...” – Emma was interrupted by David.
“It is okay, Emma, I get it. You can go now. I apologize for everything, but it was not my fault at all. I did not want things to end up like this. I am sorry…” – David tried to hide the disappointment on his face.
It was really dark and cold outside. The rain seemed to become heavier and the trees were shaking like they were scared of the wind. Emma could not think of a place where she could go now. She was just wandering the streets alone. She passed the restaurant where she met David for the first time and she decided to go there for a warm cup of coffee. There were just a few people so she did not need to hide and she could finally relax for a bit.
The waiter approached her and asked “Hello young lady. Can I get you something?”
“Oh, yes a cup of coffee, please. No sugar.” – Emma replied.
“Right away Miss.” – The waiter seemed indecisive as he wanted to ask something. After a few seconds, he asked the question “Sorry, it is none of my business, but you seem like you need some company. Mr. David is not here with you and he is such a great man. He has been coming to this restaurant for 6 months now, he is very generous also. He leaves enormous tips” – The waiter smiled.
“And Miss, I wanted to let you know that some people asked for Mr. David’s home just after you and Mr. David left the restaurant. I know that you are a popular star, so I wanted to let you know, maybe you are in trouble, but it is nothing serious. This is a small place, we are like…” – The waiter seemed like he would talk forever and Emma interrupted him.
“It is okay, I get you. Thanks for telling me this. Here is some money for the coffee, I do not need it and keep the rest as a tip.”
Emma rushed out the restaurant and went straight to David’s house. She was wrong. She had rung the bell and David opened the door.
“I want to talk to you David”

Meeting Emma part 9
At first, David was confused. He did not expect to see Emma again, except on TV. In fact, he was astonished and he could not hide how surprised he was. After a few seconds, he decided to change his look on his face like this situation was not weird for him at all. His heart was pounding and millions of possible scenarios were running through his head. He wondered why Emma was there in front of his door after she left without listening to his explanations.
David decided to play hard to get so he replied “I do not know if there is even something we can discuss about because as I remember you left and said there is nothing we should talk about..” he noticed that Emma was annoyed by his comment, so he decided to control himself a little because at least she had the courage to come back. “Anyway, please come in. It is really cold outside, you are all wet.”
Emma sat on the couch and took off his jacket. “Do you like some tea; you know I still do not have any coffee. – David smiled. He was glad Emma was there on his sofa again.
“Yes, please. I think a cup of tea will be great. I am all wet. I am afraid I will catch a cold.” – Emma sneezed.
“Oh, I am sorry. I can lend you some of my clothes if you want to feel more comfortable. And here is the hairdryer. Your hair is so wet.”
“Oh, no! It is okay. The hair dryer is enough. Do not worry!” – Emma liked the attention she was receiving from David. Now she was certain that the waiter at the restaurant was telling the truth just like David did.
Emma dried her hair. While she was drinking the tea David was preparing snacks for them. When he brought the snacks Emma was nervous because she did not know how David will react to what she wanted to tell him.
“Look, David. I am here to apologize to you. I am sorry for not believing in you, in everything you said. I accused you of calling the media, for being a freak, for wanting to abuse me and… I am sorry. You are a great man who wanted nothing else but my company; you are not just like the other... I am sorry. I am not used to people being nice to me without expecting something in return.
David was excited and very happy because finally, Emma realized that he was a good man.
“It is okay. I understand you. If I were you, I would react the same way. Do not worry. Let’s have a quiet evening. I think we deserve this after all the chaos which happened.

meeting emma part 10
. “I cannot believe we made it” – David was looking at Emma with love sparkles in his eyes.
“I know, I still cannot believe that we survived the media chaos after announcing that we are together now. My eyes still hurt from the flashlight during the last year. The paparazzi have been following us for a year and they finally got all the juicy details about our relationship” – Emma laughed.
“I know. But there is still something our love needs to survive and to be honest, I am a little bit worried about it. In fact, I am very nervous about meeting your parents. They will be here any minute. Does my hair look good?” – David was a bit trembling.
“Don’t worry; everything will be fine you will see. They will like you. In fact, they do not have to like you. You are in a relationship with me with not them. Relax, you look great and everything will be fine.” – Emma tried to console him.
“I know, but for them, I am just… just an ordinary guy. I am not famous, I do not have a lot of money. I do not know. I am afraid they will be against this love.”
“Oh, come on David. Don’t make this situation so dramatic like this is a love between Romeo and Juliet. We survived the worst and now we should enjoy the best and forget about the rest.”
“I don’t know” – It seemed like David did not believe the words that Emma was saying.
“Oh, here they are.” – The bell had rung and Emma opened the door. “Come in! You have arrived finally. I am eager to introduce you to David.
David was sitting on the sofa and when Emma’s parents entered the room, he stood up.
“Madam, sir, nice to meet you. My name is David” – They shook hands.
“Nice to meet you, David. Emma told us so much about you and, I must admit, I could not wait to meet you! - Emma’s mother tried to make this situation more pleasant and comfortable.
“Oh, the pleasure is mine” – David tried to sound polite.
During the lunch Emma’s mother asked a lot of questions about David’s past, his education, his family, his ambitions and his career. It seemed more like an interrogation in a police station rather than a family lunch. David tried to be as polite as possible in order to leave a good first impression. After the lunch, they moved to the living room in order to have a coffee. Emma’s mother seemed like she was not satisfied with the answers.
“Emma, could you come for a moment in the kitchen. I cannot find anything here. I really want a cup of well homemade coffee”
“Yes, mom, I am coming”
When Emma entered the kitchen, her mother seemed angry and looked at her with a glare.
“Wait, what’s wrong” – Emma asked her mother.
“How do you mean Emma? Don’t you see! This man is a gold digger. He is into your money”
“Oh, mom, stop! That is not true. He has a heart of gold”
“No, Emma, that is not true. This man just wants you because of your money.”
“I am not going to listen to this right now.” – Emma left the room.
“Emma, come here! I am talking to you! – Emma’s mother was furious.

Meeting Emma part 11
“Is there something wrong Emma? I heard your mother calling your name” – Emma’s father was a little bit worried about the situation.
“No, dad, everything is fine. You know, I and my mother always have some arguments. Do not worry”.
“Oh, okay. Is she still in the kitchen? I will check on her.”
“Yes, dad. She is there. And please let her know that David and I are waiting for the coffee.”
Emma’s mother and father came into the living room after a minute. Emma’s mother brought the cups of coffee and put them on the table.
“So David, what are you doing for a living?”
“Well, I do some charity work at the moment. I love helping the elderly.”
“So, you want to say that you are unemployed.”
“Well, I got a wage working with the elderly. The authorities in the hospital have provided me with a small wage. I own my house, so I don’t need much”
“Hmm, what about your education? Have you been to university?”
“Well, I haven’t. My parents could not cover the university fees and I applied or a scholarship, but unfortunately, I did not get it.”
“And what about your future? Do you have any plans?”
“Well, not really. I do not like planning everything in advance. I like to go with the flow. I believe in destiny. The most important thing is to be happy.
David seemed a little uncomfortable. He tried to give Emma’s parents a good first impression, but somehow it did not work out. In the beginning, it seemed like everything was going well, but now it seems like Emma’s mother has even more questions for him and David must answer everything correctly in order to accomplish his mission.
“It’s getting late. I really need to go. I have some work to do. “– David took his jacket from the hanger in the hall and it seemed like he was running away from something. He was confused and nervous.
“No David, wait. Do you have some time for a stroll in the park? The weather is sunny and it seems like you really need some fresh air.” – Emma was a little worried. He could only imagine what he was going through.
“No, Emma. You have guests. I know that your parents do not visit you very often, so I think you should spend more time with them. It is okay, I will call you tomorrow. “
“It is okay David. Just one hour. I think my parents will not mind. In fact, they also need a rest. My father was driving the whole morning just to get here. Right, dad?”
“Yes, sure Emma, do not worry. You can go out. Your mother and I will clean the table and after that, I will have a nap. We will wait for both of you for a dinner. There is a lovely restaurant down the street. I really think we should spend some time together. I really enjoyed your company, David. It was nice talking to you.” – David and Emma’s father shook hands.
“It was a pleasure for me too Mr. Watson. Nice talking to you. Please pass my greetings to Mrs. Watson. It was a pleasure to meet you. Emma was talking about you a lot.” – David tried to look calm.
“No problem. See you soon.”
David and Emma left the house. David was anxious and did not know how to react. He tried to give his best to leave a good impression, but he did not manage to. \
“What is wrong? Are you upset about the meeting with my family?” – Emma tried to help David.
“I do not know what I did wrong. I tried my best to look calm and to be as polite as possible. I really wanted to leave a good impression. This is important for me. I know that your parents are very important in your life and I wanted to…” – David was more confused than ever.
“David, you do not know my mother. She has always been suspicious about my boyfriends. That is just the way she is. She is just worried about me and she wants me to be happy. That is all. This is not about you believe me.”
“It did not seem this way. I do not know. I am afraid that your parents will not like and that it will affect your decision to be with me”. – David’s voice sounded really worried.
“No, believe me. Nothing will change my feelings, we survived everything and we will survive this too. Now go home. Relax, take a shower, have a coffee. After that, you can call me. You will feel better then.” – Emma tried to help.
“Okay, it has been a really stressful day. I will go home. Thank you, sweetie. I love you”
Emma went home. Her parents were waiting for her in the living room. Her mother was very nervous.
“Emma, sweetie... “– She began the conversation “you know that we love you the most and that we only want the best for you. I do not want to interfere with your decisions. You are a strong and independent woman and we respect and care about you.” – Emma interrupted her mother.
“Okay, mom. Please go to the main point of your monolog”
“Well, David is not the right for you. He is a gold digger. He only wants you for your money. He is only interested in your millions.”
“Mom, how have you figured it out from a 2-hour lunch? This can’t be possible” – Emma was furious.
“Well, think about this. He wants to meet with us, so he is rushing to get married and own your money. He has no job, no high education. The only thing he has is just ‘a heart of gold’. You are really innocent and naïve Emma. I want to help you.
Emma was confused. What if all of this was true? – This doubt flashed through her mind.
“Emma, where is he now?”
“Home” – Emma replied.
“Why did he run away?”
“Because he was tired and he has something to do” – Emma replied.
“A lie! He went home because he knows that I know his intentions.”
“Please, mom stop! I will go upstairs. I really need to rest”
While she was going to her room, Emma was afraid that her mother was right. she really needed to think about all of this one more time. Her head was in chaos.
meeting emma part 12
Emma did not feel very well. A lot of thoughts were running through her head. In the last 2 hours, a lot of things happened. She thought that it will be a lovely day with her boyfriend and her parents, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. On the one hand, she was certain when it comes to her feelings towards David, but on the other hand, her mother’s words made sense. What if all of that was true? What if her mother was right? What if David really loves her? In that case, she will lose a true love that makes her so happy – happier than ever. She decided to have a nap and hopefully, all of her problems and thoughts would fade when she wakes up. Emma took her soft blanket and her pillow. Now, her bed seemed to be more comfortable than ever. The bed seemed to be the solution to all of her problems. She decided that it is time to relax a bit otherwise she will become insane. She started thinking about some great place where everyone is happy, where everyone has a smile on their faces in a stress – free environment. After a few minutes, she fell asleep.
Meanwhile, David was really anxious. He knew that he had to do something really quickly, but he did not know what. He was wandering around the room trying to come up with a solution for this mess. Now his problem was even bigger than before. Now it was time to convince Emma’s mother that he is in love with her. First, he tried to convince her and now he had to do the same with her mother. He was desperate because he was aware that he could not do anything that will convince Mrs. Watson to believe him. It was getting really late. It was almost midnight, but he could not fall asleep. He was thinking about Emma, about her parents and about the possible solution of the problem. He had the hopes that the next day will be a new beginning for him and for Emma.
The next morning David went to Emma’s home. He was exhausted. He could not sleep all night long. So, he decided that it was time to have an honest conversation with Mrs. Watson and clear it up. He rang on the doorbell.
“Oh, good morning David. Honestly, I did not expect to see you here. What a surprise! – David could feel the tone of irony in Mrs. Watson’s voice. He decided to stay calm and talk to her.
“Good morning Mrs. Watson. I am glad you are still here. I just wanted to s….” – David was interrupted by Mrs. Watson.
“If you want to talk to Emma, I just want to let you know what she is not here and probably would not come back until lunch, so I am sorry that you wasted your time. I am sure you had something else to do today.” – Mrs. Watson smiled.
“Good. I do not come for Emma. I am here because I want to talk to you about something important.” – David was persistent.
“I am not sure that we have some pending conversation David. With all my respect, I kindly ask you to leave now, because I am so busy right now”
“Who is that mom? – Emma asked from the living room.
“No one, sweetie.” – replied Mrs. Watson.
“It is me, Emma. Please let me in” – David sounded desperate.
Emma came in the hall - “David, what are you doing here”?
“We need to talk” – David answered.
At that moment something unbelievable happened. The sky turned gray and the wind turned into a tornado. There was a terrible storm. Everyone was in a panic. People were running, trying to find a place where to hide. It was really dangerous.
“David, mom, Dad come here in the basement. We need to survive this. It is an apocalypse. Hurry up!” – They all were in a panic.
It was really horrible. A lot of people died. There was an earthquake a tornado and a terrible storm. Everything was ruined. Just for a couple of hours, everything was ruined. There was nothing felt. No humans, no infrastructure, no animals – nothing. It was an apocalypse. Emma was right. They found out about all of this when they got out of the basement. They were terrified. They were crying because of the situation, but on the other side, they were aware how lucky they were to be alive and to be the only four people to survive this chaos.
Mrs. Watson was crying. “I am sorry David. I was very cruel to you. All of this should have happened in order to understand how wonderful man you are. You saved me. You dragged me to the basement and saved my life. I am so glad my daughter was right. I really would like you to be our son-in-law.”
meeting emma part 13
The truth was that David was feeling relieved because this whole situation with Emma’s mother was finally over. But on the other hand, there was nothing around them. They were the only 4 survived humans on the planet. Emma’s house was not in a really bad condition and that was a miracle. The roof was a little damaged, but everything else was in perfect conditions, except her front and backyard. There was no front door and some of the windows were broken. Despite all, they were happy that they were alive, everything else could be fixed. Luckily, there was some coffee left in the kitchen and that was a ‘the survival juice’ for Emma and David. All four of them poured some coffee into their cups and sat on the sofa in the living room in silence.
It was a really complicated situation for all of them. A lot of things happened in the past 24 hours so all of them really needed to think carefully and to come up with a solution on how to continue living their lives because this was a disaster.
“I cannot believe this!” – Emma broke the silence.
“Me neither” – David continued. “I must admit that in the last 24 hours my life has been really stressful and a lot of things happened to me. I was worried about the meeting with you Mr. and Mrs. Watson, because I swear I did not have any other hidden intentions with your daughter. Emma is the love of my life. I am so glad that we managed to solve this misunderstanding, but... I think this is so over the line... I mean…. I cannot believe we are the last 4 humans on this planet. This is a disaster. I think that I might be homeless now. I could only imagine what happened to my house. I have been saving my whole life in order to buy my house and now it is gone…. I can’t believe it...

David was confused just like all of the other people in the room. They wanted to console him, but they could not find the words to do it because they were in a similar situation. Emma was the only one who had a house for now.
“I understand David” – Emma’s father tried to say something in order to contribute to David’s miserable monologue. “My wife and I seem to be in the same situation. I have no idea what is happening in our neighborhood with our home. I cannot believe we ended up all alone. There are no more people. I feel such sadness for all of our friends and relatives. Now, Emma and you are the only thing we have left. I am so glad you and my wife finally compromised and solved your issue… This is so terrible!
“I can only imagine Mr. Watson” – David stood up from the sofa.
“I am sorry, I will leave now. It seems a bit dangerous now outside, but I want to see my house. I can’t sit here forever wondering what might have happened to my home.
“No, David, wait.” – Emma was socked. “I understand, but you can’t go alone. Something might happen to you. I can’t leave you like this. I will come with you.”
“Emma, David himself said that it is so dangerous. I will come with you. In fact, we can all go together. What else can we do here? We will all go. Just a second, I will be right back.” – Emma’s dad went upstairs to take something and came down.
After an hour of walking they managed to come in front of David’s house. It was ruined. Everything was demolished. David was crying. It was a terrible moment. Everything was ruined around them - all the buildings, the gardens, and the road. It was just like a different universe. David was crying and crying.
“Oh my God, what a terrible dream! David woke up. It was almost midnight. He was so tired because of the situation with Emma’s parents that he fell asleep while thinking how to solve the misunderstanding. On the one hand, he was glad that it was just a dream. We have his house now and everything is just like usual. There were other houses and people, but also there is the problem with Emma’s parents. What if Emma changes her mind? And there he was at the beginning again. At least his nightmare was over, but now he had to think how to convince Emma’s mother that he loved EmmOne more day passed and as the days were passing by, David was more and more nervous about this whole situation with Emma’s mother. He was feeling like he has no longer control over the situation and like Emma was slipping from his hands. He was so in love with her and after everything they had been through he could not let this become just one more relationship in the past. He struggled a lot with his inner self to convince Emma how madly he is in love with her. He was so afraid that she would not accept him with all of his positive sides and his flaws. Just because of this simple reason, he decided to keep his secret to himself and he did not tell Emma the whole truth about who he really is. Emma’s mother now is pushing him in a way to tell Emma the truth, even though she was not aware of it. She had the ability to recognize that David was hiding something from Emma, but she could not interpret what it actually was. In order to solve this misunderstanding, David had only one option at his disposal and it was very simple – he had to tell Emma and her parents the truth about his past and also his present.
He wore a white nice shirt in a combination with black pants. He combed his hair nicely and put on some perfume and lotion. He wanted to feel good and look good in order to increase his self – esteem. He locked the door of his house and went straight to Emma’s house. While he was walking towards the place, he noticed that Emma rang several times in the morning. He did not want to return her calls because he knew that she would notice that something was happening and he did not want to sound nervous on the phone. She rang one more time, but he denied the call and decided to hurry up.
He was finally there. He rang the doorbell twice and was waiting for someone to open the door. He was hoping that it would be Emma and not someone else. Unfortunately, it was Emma’s mother.
“Good morning, Mrs. Watson. Nice to see you again. Is Emma home?” – David tried his best to sound as usual.
“Hmm, good morning David. I did not expect that you will come again at least while we are staying here, but okay I guess Emma would like to see you one more time, you know just to clear some things up” – She put a fake smile on her face.
David entered the living room. There were Emma and her father sitting on the sofa. Emma seemed pretty surprised when she saw him.
“David!? I did not expect you here as you did not return any of my calls. I think we need talk in private now” – Emma was a bit worried.
“No, Emma. We all need to talk. I am glad your parents are also here because they also need to hear this.”
“No, this is between you. Darling, let’s go for a walk and leave them alone” – Mr. Watson tried to be polite.
“No Mr. Watson, please stay here. I would like you to be here” – David replied.
“Yes, I would not miss this for nothing in the world” – added Mrs. Watson.
David began “You were right Mrs. Watson. I am hiding something from Emma and from all of you. With your motherly instinct, you noticed that I was trying to hide something, but it is not what you think it is.” – David paused a moment.
“Go on David. We are listening” – replied Mrs. Watson with pride in her voice.
“I have my own money Mrs. Watson do not worry about me wanting to enjoy Emma’s money. I am a lawyer and I defend criminals in the court. I defend people who had done some very terrible and nasty things. I have a degree and I have a job and I have my money, I am not into Emma’s money. I love her without any other intention.” – David finished.
They were all shocked and could not say a word, especially Emma. They sat in silence for a minute. Emma tried to get up from the sofa, but she could not.
“I am not feeling well” – Emma fainted. a more than anything.

“Emmaaa!” – They all screamed at the same time.
“Oh, honey, please react! Emma, please respond” – Mr. Watson was trying to lift her from the ground and put her on the sofa. He checked her pulse and everything was fine.
“Oh, dear God. I will call 911. My only daughter, oh, I cannot believe this! This was a huge shock for her.”- Mrs. Watson was panicking. She did not know how to react, but she knew that she must do something in order to save her daughter. Her husband seemed to know how to handle the situation because at least it looked like he was aware of what he was doing.
Mrs. Watson splashed her with water on her face and started shaking her. Mr. Watson was massaging her feet and was praying for her to wake up. David was feeling guilty ad he did not know what to do. He was just standing in the middle of the room trying to figure out what has just happened because he did not expect this scenario at all. He imagined a lot of possible scenarios in his head, but he did not think about this at all. He was just staring at Emma and hoping that she will wake up at any moment and after a few seconds she finally opened her eyes.
“Emma, thank God! Oh sweetie, we were so worried about you. How are you feeling? Are you feeling good? Do you want some water or something? – Emma’s mother seemed relieved but she was still in a panic, hoping that Emma will say something that will calm her pounding heart.
“I feel dizzy, I feel a terrible pain in my head, please stop talking” – Emma looked exhausted and fragile.
“Yes, sweetie, we will not say anything, but please let us know whether you feel good. In case you don’t feel well we can take you to the hospital, so that the doctor will see whether everything is okay. What do you say about that?” – Mr. Watson explained how worried he was, but it seemed like Emma was not listening.
“I just want to sleep” – That was the only reply of Emma.
“Yes, sure sweetie, I will cover you with your blanket.” – Emma’s mother went upstairs to take Emma’s blanket from her bedroom.
“Excuse me Mr. Watson, I will go home. I think you do not need me here anymore. In this situation, I think that I am the last person that Emma would like to see at the moment. I will talk to you as soon as she feels better” – David sounded worried.
“Yes, young man. You need to go home now. There is a long conversation waiting for you and Emma. But now, you must go. Emma does not need to be more upset.” – Emma’s father was talking without looking at him in order to show him that now he was also mad at him just like his wife and Emma.
David left Emma’s house. He could not remember how many times he had left this house with the feeling of guilt, regret, worry and anxiety. He was feeling like he was sinking more and more and there was no one and nothing that could save him. He decided to have a long walk in order to clear his mind and his thoughts. He was wandering the streets with his hands in his pockets trying to figure out what went wrong. After hours and hours of walking he realized that only because he was scared at the beginning to tell her the truth, now he has to deal with the consequences. The fault was hidden in David’s thoughts. He was afraid from the very beginning to tell her who he really was. He had millions of chances, but he still could not do it. He was feeling like all of this was his fault. Even though he gave his best, this relationship did not work. He was still in love with Emma, even more than before, but he was disillusioned because every time he tried to fix things it turned out to be worse even more than before.
He took off his shoes and went straight to bed. He was feeling tired, but more mentally than physically. He was feeling guilty and the guilt did not let him sleep. He kept thinking and thinking, when all of the sudden his phone rang. His vision was blurred, but when he tried to see better in the screen he realizes it was Emma. It seemed this night will be one more long night for him.
To be continued


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