David and Kate Part 2

Updated on November 18, 2019

There was a certain chill in the air, with the trees and plants covered in rust, orange, brown hues, leaves scattered on the ground covering the walking tracks, fragrances of freshly made crepes and pumpkin spiced lattes filled the air giving the perfect picture of the Autumn season. Kate sighed dreamily, with one of her arm entwined with David’s as she leaned on him. The couple was decked in boots and jackets as the enjoyed there walk in the park. It was a fantastic weather to be out and enjoying the atmosphere just the two of them. It was a rare day with both of them off work basking in each other’s company.

“We need more days like these.” David thought.

The couple loved each other just as much as they did when they first started dating but their busy jobs only left them the passionate nights they spent together or these rare off days they had. But one thing always relieved them both that there romance and love hadn’t died even with the lives they led.

It was during this walk that Kate suddenly disentangled herself from David and ran towards an old man sketching portraits. For some reason such activities always fascinated her, she was crouched down next to the man by now in an animated conversation with him when the worst happened.

The was a huge blasting noise and as if in a split second Kate keeled over screaming. David looked horrified as he ran towards his wife, a small pool of blood by now forming around her. David turned white as a sheet moving on pure instinct as he dialed 911, one of his hand putting pressure on the wound near the lower side of her stomach to stop the blood from flowing out.

He couldn’t believe what was happening as nurses and doctors pushed him out of the way a flurry of activity around him all focused on Kate. His wife had been shot and he did not know why. Flashes of her smiling and laughing passed his mind and he prayed that she would be alright. But all David could really do was pace back a d forth outside the operation room.

The couple of hours that Kate was in surgery were like pure hell to David as he could not understand whether his wife was alright or not and asking any nurses going in or out proved futile. The man only let relief flood him when he saw Kate being wheeled into the observation room. Pushing through the crowd of nurses David found his way next to his wife holding her hand gently, giving it a light squeeze as reassurance. One of the Doctors signaled everyone to clear the room leaving the husband wife together, he believed they would better cope with the news when the woman is conscious.

Kate’s eyes fluttered open a few hours later as the anesthesia wore of her eyes groggy and a dull pain in her lower abdomen. David almost cried in relief as he saw her radiant hazel eyes open. But their reunion was short lived as the head surgeon walked in as if on cue.

“Don’t worry yourself too much Ms. Kate. You are fine we removed the bullet just in time. But I am afraid we couldn’t save the baby.”

The couple looked confused and realization dawned on the surgeon who figured the couple didn’t know. He went on to explain that Kate had been eight weeks pregnant and due to the incident had lost the baby. The anguish on the couple’s face was clear but they were not prepared or the next part of the news. Kate could never have a child again. The bullet had pierced through a very sensitive place and the damage had been severe.

The doctor left after a delivering the news, leaving the couple to tend to their emotional wounds which were going to take longer to heal than the physical wound.


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