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Good Night Good Morning

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Good Night Good Morning

Good Night Good Morning

Good night? No, I mean good morning since I am having a really hard time going to sleep

It is like my mind and my body is partying while my subconscious self is trying to tell my mind and my body to rest and never fear tomorrow. I feel strained, worn out and stressed to the point of thinking that my hair is about to fall out of my tiny head. At least I think it is going to fall off, God I feel fucking trapped in my own black body and I desperately vying to want to leave this overwhelmingly heap of baggage and dump it at a curbside and go. Go on and soul jump into someone else's body OH! How I would pretty much love to do such a thing and never fear nor care that I would ever have to return. Sad? I know but, that is how much I secretly hate me right now I feel their stares and teeth kisses ingrained in my brain: "Here piggy, piggy, PIGGY! OINK! OINK! Do you want another Fallafel, Chicken, Rice 'n' Peas, or Mac 'n' Cheese?" "Look at you, you should go on a diet for fucksakes." Yeah right, who are you fooling Renée yourself? Finally I feel sleepy thank God for herbal teas they are magic herbs in a teeny tiny colourful packet and can soothe the savage unkind beast that want's to tear down anything that comes in it's way and it's all due to a lack of rest. As I lay my head upon my puffy soft pillows and close my eyes to enjoy a periodic rest I bid you a good night and when the sun rises and my eyes are wide open with astounding glee then to you I will say good morning.

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Renee Daniella Smith (author) from Canada: Brampton,Ontario on May 23, 2019:

Thanks for reading and thank you Jon Hansen for the feedback and I will definitely take your advice for sure.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on May 20, 2019:

I enjoyed reading this Renee. Very descriptive and you certainly got your feelings across in this piece. I hope some of the people it is aimed at actually get to read it.

(just a tip..I would separate the tet into paragraphs to make it more appealing and easier for the readers.) Keep on writing!

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