Flash Fiction From the Beach - 99 Words Per Story

Updated on May 10, 2020
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Tim is a freelance writer, poet, artist and storyteller. He always tries to find and include lessons for everyone in his writing.

Tommy Fawcett
Tommy Fawcett | Source

Welcome to the first Flash Fiction from the Beach. Each of the stories are crafted to have only 99 words each. I am normally a poet but received a challenge from a post on Facebook to write a story of 99 words. I decided to take The challenge and run.

I hope you enjoy the first grouping of these stories. I haven’t decided if there will be more or not. Check back and see. As always enjoy life and stay safe.

The Knight

The knight dismounted his steed. He slowly approached the entrance to the cave. Letting out a deep breath he pulled his sword and entered the cave. He peeked around the corner. The dragon appeared to be asleep. He hefted his blade and slowly approached the dragon.

The dragon opened a single eye just enough to watch the approaching knight. In the back of his throat he let out a soft laugh. The knight thought it a snore. The knight crept closer. The dragon cracked open his mouth to let spit out his hot breath. The knight was no more.

The Nourishment

The creature moved quietly through the dark woods looking for nourishment. Any kind of nourishment. Lately there were fewer of the two legged beings which inhabited this planet to feed on. It’s stomach growled. The creature picked up a promising scent on the breeze.

The creature had only gone another mile or two when it caught sight of a fair skinned two legged. Slowly it approached.
“Come out creature. I know you’re there.”
The creature slowly crept out it’s hiding place. It hungered.
The woman smiled. Drawing something from behind her. The woman charged.
The creature hungered no more.

Meagan Carsience
Meagan Carsience | Source

The Strange Occurance

There I was asleep in my bed while visions of what was to come danced in my head. I dreamed and dreamed of what was to come. Never ending dreams as yet undone.The dreams turned to nightmares night after night. Of strange creatures in the darkness and light.

Till one day I awoke from my dreams. Nothing was as it had once seemed. The streets were quiet and I was alone. Where had all the people gone. The strange occurrence from my mind had come true. Now what on earth was I going to do?

Long Black Train

One minute is life. The next… I remember the flashing lights, pain then...here. Sitting in a train station with about thirty others and a creepy dude in a dark robe.

“Excuse me...creepy dude. Where am I?”
“He doesn’t talk.” Said the bald man across the room. “We tried already.”
“Ok...do you know where we are?”
“We’re dead,” said a middle aged blond woman.
“Dead...how can that be? I mean I know how...but.”
I was interrupted by a long black train pulling into the station.
“All aboard,” said the creepy dude, “for Heaven and Hell.

Mike Von
Mike Von | Source

Long Black Train Part 2

The creepy dude pointed at the long black train. The train to Heaven or Hell. My stomach lurched. I was dead. Which way would I be going? I hopped on the train following the old lady down the isle. I saw an empty seat and sat down. After a few minutes the train lurched and started to move.I looked out the window.

“Hey’d you see that?”
The old woman turned around. “Shhh”
“But it’s my life playing backwards. I saw how I died.”
The creepy dude ambled towards me. “Be quiet. Watch...it is important.”

Man With A Plan

The plan was to introduce myself to the new girl at work. Somewhere it went wrong. Now I’m running for my life through the woods. Up ahead she stops.

“What?” I said.
“Shh...they’ll hear you.”
I look around. I see nothing but darkness.
“They’re close,” she says.

I don’t remember her name. Suddenly she is up and running again. I get up to follow her but something grabs my leg. I’m kicking and kicking but can ease the grip. I look up and see the jaws coming at me. I roll over. Hit the floor. Only a dream.

Some Final Thoughts

There you have my first six flash fiction stories. Each of them is exactly 99 words each. Hope you enjoy them. They are hard but fun to write.

© 2020 T B Whitt


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