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"Who Are You?"

The way you cried for the first time. The way you wobbled whenever you walked. Look at you now. You're so beautiful! Walking down that isle I can't help but feel sad for you. Will you ever be safe and happy? But, I am always right beside you. I have always been.

You just had your fist child. Please, never forget me. I will never forget you. I hear you. I have always heard you. The way you screamed. I miss us. Don't you? I miss our late nights. But now, you have forgotten about me.

Do not worry though, I will watch over your little one. He reminds me of you when you were that tiny. Tiny and fragile.

No need for crying the little one is now safe and will always stay safe.

What are those men here to do? The little one is happy. He is happy and safe where he is. Why are the men moving him? You could never allow this! Why now do you look at me like this? Why do you scream? Isn't today the most joyous day ever? Everyone here is safe and happy now. But yet you still scream. Its almost like you forgot about us? No- that could never happen. You could never forget about the playdates, tea parties, and space missions.

"Who are you?" you screamed, "What have you done? What did you do? Why are you here?" you sobbed.

Why cry and make yourself sick when you can be happy and safe? I have always had a hatred for people crying, and you know that better than anyone else. But now. Now you can be happy and safe!

Everyone can now be happy and safe! They can stay happy and safe forever!

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