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The awakening

The wind plays a sad melody in the castle of the whisper, where a princess sleeps its lethargy, tied with chains to a pedestal covered with flowers and red ribbons that adorn the whole room. Suddenly an explosion breaks the silence announcing the arrival of enemies that attack the castle.

After the battle the guards defend the castle as they can, but their efforts are not enough. The commotion of the battle was awakening the young princess, when a general opens the doors of the room to save the princess, and sees that the chains that bind her are vibrating and begin to break. surprised can only watch what is happening.

The princess gets up, opens her eyes and looks at the general saying, "Who are you?" He kneels bowing and says "I am General Himura Saburo, to serve him!" The princess stands up and with a firm tone says

- Who dares to attack my castle, and interrupt my lethargy? - Saburo gets up and worried responds - is the army of the black dragon! I do not think we're going to resist for long!

The princess leaves the room saying "the black dragon, huh?" Saburo quickly says, "Princess must not leave, it's dangerous!" The princess says smiling, "do not worry, I'll be fine!" When they get to where they are fighting, the princess screams very annoyed - who the hell do you think they are to come here and destroy my castle?! - Everyone looks at her, and the castle guards are amazed they say - the princess woke up! -

one of the invading men exclaims - we are the army of the black dragon and we came to take this castle by orders of Mr. Ryuusen, chief of the black dragon clan! -

Then the princess lets out a macabre laugh, and her hair begins to change, turning like silver threads as she says -having come here was a mistake, because Garen the immortal awoke, that's why ... everyone will die! - And without previous warning began to kill all the enemy soldiers using his hair, after killing everyone, left a single soldier telling him with determination in his voice - go and tell your boss that if he sets foot in my lands again, I cut off his head myself! "Then the soldier ran away in terror. All the castle guards are very amazed by what they just saw, then complaining Garen comes close to saburo saying - I'm all covered in blood! What kind of awakening is this? I need a good bath! - Saburo reacts and answers - it's okay! - After that, they are taking a bath, when he tries to get out of the bathtub he feels dizzy and his body collapses, then he calls to saburo to Help her, when he comes in and sees her stretched out on the floor she immediately helps her get up and a little sorry because Garen was naked, what she did was turn around and say-is she okay? - But Garen does not she can stand up and almost fall again, saburo holds her by mistakenly placing her hand on Garen's chest. Then Garen looks at him without blinking and Saburo blushes saying with nervous voice

- Excuse me! - Garen sighs and says - do not worry, I do not feel my body! Can you take me to my room? "Then Saburo loaded her into his arms and carried her into the room. Garen says to him -I'm asking too much but ... could you help me to dress? - To which he responds -this good! It's an honor to serve you! - When Saburo is putting the clothes on Garen, Karma enters in an alarming way. When he sees them, he says, "What the hell is going on here?" - Saburo hurriedly answers - no .. it's not what what is he thinking about!-

Karma very angry approaches and saying - I do not care what they were doing! But what the hell happened to the castle ?! I'm barely leaving for a while and they're already making a mess and on top of that you're having fun while the castle is half falling! - Saburo gets up saying "my apologies, lady!" - Garen says something annoyingly, "Sabouro, you do not have because I apologize, it is she who should do it by entering without warning! - Karma is even more upset and says -what?! - Then she reacts and screams surprised - you wake up! - Garen sees her with a terrifying look and says

-just and you realize, look you're stupid! - Karma had stuck and baffled just say -p .. but how?! - Garen with annoyance answer "be quiet!" The castle was destroyed by some call the black dragon or something! - Those stupid woke me up! - Then saburo says - with your permission I retreat! - After Karma comes to Garen and finishes putting the clothes while saying - I still can not believe you're awake! - Garen laughs saying -I suppose no one expected it! - I'm a little weak, wearing angel hair after so long, it was not a good idea! - My body lost condition- that's not good! - Karma among rizas says - that happens to you as a sleeper! -

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