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The Fable of Sakura

Rhona is a mother of two teens, both are creative in her own way. This has inspired to become a writer herself and inspire others thru words


The chilling wind blew as I clutched to my jacket. Sleets on the tree branches were melting away with the zephyr shuddering the nerves in my body. I looked around trying to decipher where I was.

Seasons are changing. And so was my life. As trickles of strength melted together with icicles of winter, my heart sunk with every stride and whoosh from the arctic wind. I was walking through a chapter of my life with profound sadness and fear. Slowly falling into the abyss.

“Why are you so sad?” whispered a soft voice from behind.

“My life is meaningless. I just want to be swept away by the breeze and all my problems dissipated with the dew,” responding in profound longingness for the unknown.

"Look around you, my dear." As soon as she spoke, thousands of cherry blossom petals exploded in the air, like small birds wiping all remnants of the winter day that was. Where the petals fell on ground sprung new existence of life - different types of flowers, shrubs, grass, and trees emerged. Flocks of birds and flutter of butterflies came flying in the western sky.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I am Sakura, the guardian of this forest.”

The mysterious explosion brought me out from the abyss. I looked at her, “But your beauty is ephemeral. Why stay happy?”

“That is why I am mysteriously beautiful.” Her voice vanishing into thin air. From the west, the sun blazed brightly against the deep blue sky.

The wind whispered, "Life is beautiful. Beauty is ephemeral. Whatever you are going through, it will pass. Each ending brings forth a start of beautiful beginnings. There is a season for everything – a season for planting, sowing, and harvesting. Remember you harvest what you sow. Keep planting. Choose the right seeds."

Cherry Blossom

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