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Essay On Creativity


What does creativity truly mean to the human spirit? Creativity is a fundamental feature of being human.

Creativity is not unique to artists, musicians, photographers or writers. Creativity is unique to all of us. Our individual creativity is what makes us unique.

I'm a firm believer in exploring our creativity. It doesn't matter whether you can write or not. Whether you can draw or not. As long as you pursue your creativity, you are on a path to finding your humanity.

Creativity Is Personal

Exploring one's creativity is one of the most personal of journey's you can pursue. There are no rules. That is the beauty of creativity. You make your own rules. Sure, you can do what others do. You can follow a path others have tread before.

But your creativity is something that is inherently unique. So why follow a path already followed? Make your own path. Think about what you want to create. It can be anything.

Draw a circle.

Write a poem.

Sing a song you just made up.

Let it out. Express yourself in a way that is inherently unique. You don't have to share this expression either. You can keep it all to yourself. Of course if you want to share it, you can. I give you permission.

Creativity Is Selfish

I'm all about giving. It is good to receive, but it's better to give. But when it comes to creativity, be selfish. This is all about you. This is your pursuit of happiness. Don't you want to be happy?

I'm going to give you more permission. You can be selfish. Go ahead. Do it. It's OK.

Very few times in life can you be selfish and not be considered, well, selfish. The beauty of creativity is it's your personal gift to yourself. Reward yourself with expressing your inner creative.

Creativity Is Healthy

Expressing your creativity leads to happiness. I speak from personal experience. A a few years ago I decided to pick up the pencil again. Reignited my creative passion, I felt happier and healthier.

What a great stress relief.

You're health will improve. I guarantee this. I have no empirical evidence, but I'm sure you can find some.

What is your happiness worth?

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