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Dont Hope Decide

Don’t hope ,Decide!

“The only thing stronger than fear is hope” Eris stopped; she was scrolling her Facebook post she looked outside the window it was raining. She was alone in her room and it was dark. After she read this quote she was lost in thoughts “Fear or hope! Fear has conquered me” “It is almost 1:00 pm and you haven’t eaten anything”. Her mother said to her. “I am not hungry mom”, she replied. She left while Eris was lost in her thoughts “From where will I get my lost hope and get rid of this fear? I wish I could buy some hope from market” she laughed. She got up from her bed and found her phone ringing she picked it up. It was Abby her friend’s call, she received the call. Abby:” Hi, why you didn’t come today? Oh! Are you coming tomorrow‘s party? Off course you are if you will not I will kill you and bury you in university. Why are you silent? Say something!” Eris replied “I will if you stop for a second! Why party? I don’t like them.” Abby insisted “I don’t care you like them or not, you are coming and that’s final!” Eris put down her arms “I will see.. Abby I will see you tomorrow bye”. She saw her mom who bought her something to eat. “I will eat it later mom, I need a favor! I want you not to give me permission for the party” said Eris. “What!! What you do you want? Why? By the way which party?” said her mom. “Mom it is Welcome party in the university. I don’t want to go, please! .Don’t give me permission please please!” Eris begged. “My dear sweetheart it’s been days you didn’t leave your room. It’s time to move on. You can’t live in fear of that forever. Let’s go for shopping”, said her mom. “No, no! I don’t want to go anywhere.” Said Eris. Her mom was disappointed and she left. She sat in front of the window thinking “Maybe mom is right its time to move on, let go of things, I can’t live in fear but it isn’t that easy “, lost in this conflict she fell asleep. She woke up at 9:16 pm. She watched T.V. Eris and her mom was alone at home. Her dad was out of city and siblings went to their uncle house she loved the silence at home. She was walking in the garden enjoying herself. At last she got tired and went to her room and slept. Next morning she heard her mom saying “Get up you will get late”. “5mins mom only 5” urged Eris. After 15min her mom said “Eris I hope your 5 mins are over”. “Maybe” Eris said in a sleepy voice. “Get up Eris” shouted her mom. She jumped from her bed and went to washroom in her zombie walk and got ready. She came outside and saw breakfast was ready on her side table. Her mom was waiting for her. “Looking pretty Eris” said her mom. “Thanks mom” said Eris. She had breakfast. After breakfast her mom dropped her to university. While she walked towards the ground she heard someone calling her “Eris, Eris, and Eris” She turned around and it was Abby with other friends. They came to her “Hey I thought you will not come but glad you did” said Abby “Yup I did” said Eris. And they went to the ground they were taking snaps Eris was irritated and she was thinking “Why have I come? How can I run from them?” Eris to Abby “let’s go and sit somewhere quiet” “Are you ok?” said Abby. “Very much, let’s go” said Eris. Both of them went to lecture hall which was the only empty place in university. Eris sat on desk “Now tell me what’s wrong with you, why are you behaving like this? Are you ok?” Abby seemed concerned. “Nothing! I am just tired” said Eris “Really! I don’t think so” said Abby “Abby I don’t know what to say I lost my hope due to my fear!” said Eris “You lost what! Hope” said Abby. Eris was embarrassed “I will buy you a new one .Don’t worry” said Abby. Eris started laughing. She hugged her “Hey you can take mine I don’t need it and tell your fear about me, trust me, it will leave.” She winked at her joyously. Both giggled. Eris was having fun. It was then she saw her old friend Elsa. Elsa waved to her, she did not really want to meet her but she did. Elsa was not a student of this university. “May be she came with some other friends Eris was thinking. “Hey, how are you? What you are doing here?” Said Elsa. “Fine, I am student here”. Said Eris, she introduced her to her friends. “Wow you are having fun I am bored” said Elsa. Both started walking along while her friends stood apart. Elsa said, “So you have lots of new friends it must be nice. This is what you wanted” said Elsa “It’s nice! But I don’t want this” said Eris. “What do you want?” Elsa was curious “I want to die as I failed MOS test thrice”, Eris started crying. “Die then what you are waiting for?” said Elsa, “You know what! I thought you changed that’s why I came with you. I thought we can be friends again but no! Stay in your box and die. You are weird, crazy and psycho” said Elsa to Eris “Wow bye!” Said Eris. Eris left her. She was so angry and wanted to say so much to her but it was useless. she texted her mother to pick her up while she wanted to kill Elsa but then her attention was diverted to the notice board on which she saw the last date of MOS exam. She failed this test 3 times and tomorrow will be her final attempt to pass, “I will pass it with good marks” she decided. She received her mom’s text. Her mother was waiting outside for her. Elsa went outside and sat in the car. She did not say anything she got home and went straight to her room and closed the door and turned on her laptop. Her test was scheduled tomorrow at 12 noon .She was determined to beat her fear of not getting through this time once and for all. So she started preparing for the test and remembered Elsa’s words and ignored everything else. “Live inside the box, die! I will show you how to live!” Said Eris to herself she studied all day and night she didn’t sleep all night. In the morning she came from her room and requested her mom to pray for her. Her mother dropped her and she went straight to the computer lab for test. It was one hour test. She was so confused and her eyes were burning due to lack of sleep. But she kept on doing her best, the clock was ticking .She hurriedly did all the questions. And managed to submit it within the stipulated time. In a few minutes her result will appear on the screen. As soon as her result flashed on the screen she shouted with excitement .She got 875 out of 1000 .She passed her MOS exam. She has finally conquered her fear of failure. Her teachers congratulated her. She called Abby and Abby was overjoyed and said, “Now you have found it”, Eris said “Yes my friend thank you for standing up for me and for telling me.’ “Telling you what?” Eris chuckled that “Don’t hope. Decide it”.

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© 2018 tayyabanaeem1996

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