Ballet of Emotions

Updated on July 19, 2017

Broken mirrors and rolled dollar bills

It’s another serene, summer night and yet again, the world is at my feet

I’m faced with the reflection of a swan with every dip I take into the broke mirrors scattered all over the table

My eyes are red with euphoria

And my heart is racing a rapture of emotions

One stride across the table and my toes pointed spontaneously; my arms gestured gracefully - as though inviting me to dance

The night fell silent, and I could feel the spotlight befall me; a subdued, somber instrumental playing in the background

I opened my mouth to ask if the universe was trying to communicate something or if the content on the broken mirrors had caught on to me

And out sprung the beautiful black swan - dancing life into the emotions suppressed in my subconscious mind 

From the corners of the darkness, I heard a familiar hushed voice of a little boy I assume lives inside my thoughts whisper

“I’m a ballet of emotions; wearing a happy face to keep the gruesome realities carried through my art, out of sight”

He said “like the butterfly I’ve grown into, my beauty - my becoming - was my death and through you, I live to share my wrath”

So I tried to write a sad poem on love and tragedy, but the night took away the pieces of my heart that carried all the pain

I'm a ballet of emotions - my heart dances uncontrollably to the dead silence of night

Today I was the sun and the moon I shall be tomorrow

Just when you think I have endless love to give, I will become the wind

Poison Wine


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