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Autobiography of College Building

Prithviraj is empathetic towards the non-living things & wants to express their feelings. Here is an autobiography of his college building.


We all miss our college days a lot. These were the days which won't come again. The learning, the friendship, and the fun that every one of us had in college have given us a lot of beautiful memories to remember forever.

Won't you get all happy and excited about receiving the letter of invitation for Alumni Meets?

Isn't it really a great day to meet your old friends, teachers and all of the college staff?

But did you know that your college building also gets all happy and excited to meet you?

Alumni meets are one of those days to relieve the beautiful and crazy college days, Where the college building itself gets happy and excited to meet his alumnus friends.

Here are the happiness and the emotions that the college building named PCMRD feels when he hears the news of the alumnus coming to meet him.


Emotions of the College Building

Hello, Greetings to you all Alumnus!

I, The College Building would like to first thank you all for coming to meet me. I hope you are having an amazing evening. Now I would love to express my gratitude to all of you for your presence in a few words.

So, a few days ago, It was just a normal day, but then I heard some murmurs as walls have ears. The murmurs were of the teachers and the students discussing the plans of organizing a remarkable Alumni Meet for you all. As soon as I heard this, I got extremely excited about the news of you coming to meet me.

Suddenly, a sea of memories of the days we lived together, the days we shared together, the days we studied together, the fest we enjoyed together with Joy, Enthusiasm, and love were flooded In my brain which is the library.

College Library

College Library

The emotions of those beautiful memories were flooded in my heart which is the canteen. And the zeal of those charming reminiscences was sparked through my entire soul, especially the classrooms. It was all nostalgic and beautiful!

Every memory of yours is stored in me, like the excitement which you had when it was your first day and the emotional goodbyes which you had when you left.



I also know some of your secrets, because you know, as my walls have ears but not hands to put on them. So I was unable to be deaf. But there is no need for you to worry because I'll not tell your secrets to anyone.

There is so much to tell you all but I can't find words to express.

But one thing for sure, no matter how far you are, some things like these sweet memories will always be there with you wherever you go. And do remember, I will always be there to welcome you all home!

© 2020 Prithviraj Shirole