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A Thing Of Beauty

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It was just her and the moon that day. Both of them staring at each other. The rest of the world was still. The water under the bridge where she sat was as quiet as a river could hope to be. Not even a single leaf moved. There she sat with nothing but her thoughts to keep her company. Her mind was blank. She didn't know what to think. Was it her fault? Or was she blaming herself as usual? She had no answers. She didn't know where to start. She looked up and saw nothing but the the cloudy sky.

She took out her phone and saw that it was pretty late. Still there were no missed calls, no messages, nothing. It had nothing of interest to present her. Yet she kept on looking at it every now and then. She was expecting something, but a voice in her head kept telling her that it was a fruitless wait. She had enough reason to believe the voice, but as always, she hoped. It was this hope alone that drove her into this mess. A mess from which she was not yet ready to walk out of. What keeps her there remained a mystery, even to her.

How she ended up with him still eluded her reasoning. She never imagined that she would end up being in a relationship with such a man. But this guy had something different about him. He was not like the rest of the flock. Yes he did look like them, act like them, even talked their tongue. But still some key feature about him was different. He didn't quite fit into that group of people whom society would generally define as radical, yet he was one. He was not a revolutionary. He had big ideas which sounded radical to the core but he was a sensible man who knew reality well enough. He knew the way of the world. He has seen and done more than most men of his age, or so she believed. What she didn't realize was that all these qualities were not quite enough for a relationship to work. She knew that to an extent. She understood that if they were ever to be in something that may be defined by the term relationship, it wouldn't be a normal one. But still something drove her to him.

A cold wind brushed through her hair, gently caressing it. It brought back memories that were hurting within. It was pain alright, but she kind of liked it. She thought of how it all began. The internship, the constant fights, everything came to her in a flash. He never really gave her much attention. He never inquired about her, never wanted to know where she was or who she was with. It was the kind of freedom she longed for. Being from a family with restrictions at every turn this was heaven for her. But even then they were far from a relationship. He was a good friend, a companion. But trust? Not so much. He was a completely free being. No one or nothing could contain him. He asked for permissions from no one. It was his life and he did as he pleased. No one, literally no one mattered to him as much as him. He had things to do and that was all that mattered. She knew that very well and that was why she kept a safe distance from him. But every single brick she put up in her wall was shattered with those three magical words. She fell into pieces like she could've never imagined. The words came out of the blue, she never expected it. She was literally taken by surprise.

Well her fall wasn't as quick as that. Those three words were more than enough to crack the defense she put up. Obviously No was her first response. But that was not a very convincing no and he knew it very well. From that moment on wards he stopped being a friend. She was unable to put a label on what they were. Even though she insisted on keeping it as was, she knew that it wouldn't do. But she kept it together. She was a pro about all this and acted normal with him. Nothing more nothing less. Everything was normal, or so she pretended. But then came the cliche twist. Like in every other love story in the world the hero and his soon to be girlfriend had to split just so they could start their relationship. In this scenario it was education that came in the way. It was time for both of them to choose a college. When it came to a point were it was almost sure that they wouldn't end up together she started to fall apart. I don't have to tell you anymore of what happened because there is no one who doesn't know what would've happened next. She professes her love for him, he accepts it, they still can't be together, they plan on a long distance relationship, just the usual course.

But from that point on wards things took a slightly different course. And they lived happily ever after doesn't apply to them. They had a different path set for them, not entirely unpredictable but still there was a variation from the stereotypical plot line. They never changed. The only thing that was different was the label. It was rewritten to read "in a relationship" from "friends". Everything else remained oblivious to change. He still didn't care about her, or he was completely incapable of showing it. He didn't call her, never remembered her birthday, didn't notice anything that was happening in her life. He still remained contained with himself. He was not yet ready to completely accept another person into his life. But still, for a man who was self contained for so long, he did improve. He did call her once a while. But every single one of those calls ending up in a fight was a whole other matter. But time forced her into a change. She became more and more accepting, thought of excuses for his actions, reasoned out his fights for him, always thought of some reason for him being angry, all this because of his reluctance to do so. But even though these were the facts she did truly love him. Every time she told her friends that it would never work out her heart became unbearably heavy for a second. He too changed, reluctantly it seemed, in baby steps as time passed on. He probably did love her, but in his own special way.

Suddenly she heard her name being called out. From the darkness a familiar face walked towards her, smiling. It was her friend, her confidant. That bright face drove out all the dark clouds of doubt that was haunting her within. She felt at ease. The lights from the university suddenly reached her eyes too. The crackling sound of the leaves came to her ears, so did the sound of the river gently beating against the rocks, and the lone migratory bird which appeared as though it was a shadow on the moon caught her eye. She realized that she was not alone. People where walking past her towards the temple from where sweet music was playing on the loudspeaker She came back to reality, forgot all about the call, the fight and everything was suddenly normal.